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  1. Hi Joe D. Thank you for looking out to try and make sure that a newcomer to this forum gets accurate information concerning TUB's main thoughts as an organized movement. I'm daring to guess that spin-off groups based on the book's material might be unavoidable. In my own life I am still taking what makes sense to me so far as a conremplative life and by and large remaining an outside observer. Thanks and hope you had a great Thanksgiving! William
  2. Urantia musicians. Laugh. Includes everyone from habbyists, serious hobbyists, Kieth Richands, to friggin; Mozart. LOL. Anyway... Glad to hear someone bring the topic up. It can be a great subject, art, and practice. William
  3. Hi Carolyn... Was good to see you. I am only on this board a week or so. Is there a high rate to turnover so far as members are concerned? That might make the type of dialogue that you are looking for more difficult. Hope you are feeling well and having a good evening. William
  4. Agreed. Laugh. I tend to lean towards those goals/ideals; goodness, beauty, and truth. Does the type matter to God? Having never met am going to say that I'm entirely unsure. I've heard some very pretty stuff come from some fairly strange places though. Laugh. William William
  5. Hi Cordelia, thank you for asking the question that you did concerning before and after perspectives on Hesus. Looking back I'd say that the central monotheistic belief system basically stayed however my questions grew and I became more curious, inspired and even excited about the the newer descriptions of an ultimate faith-based God of the universe. I am basically a new student to the book with some understanding of it. Thus far some of the descriptions of God are what I've found most attractive. William
  6. Hi Reed ... Just passing the time of day and wound up reading the above quoted post of yours. Wanted to thank you for the reminder of a more disciplined, beginning to end reading style. As for the origin of the Midwayers... They traveled out of a small Australian suburb in 1930 AD upon discovering a buried spaceship 20 feet down during an archeological dig in the Australian Outback. (No, no... Laugh. Just fanciful humor on my part. I know practically nothing about the Midwayers. I'll have to wait until I get to that part of the text! ) William
  7. William hanging out and writing again on an Autumn night on the East Coast. I was just on the phone talking to a friend telling her about my recent conversations here. She mentioned that I might be coming across as overly critical and even disparaging of the Urantia Book. My jaw hung in mild shock though upon it being pointed out can see where this might be true. Laugh. I laugh because I love the friggin' thing. It has in my life, and still does, broach the God issue in a wonderful and inspiring manner. My opinion based on curiosity and subjective experience. It's just that darn resemblence to... Questionable writing techniques. Apart from that, I almost adore how it has described God and our relation to such a reality. I'm already a believer by formal definition however still find room for critical analysis and healthy skepticism. Hope everyone is having a good evening and day depending on time and geographic location! Laugh. William
  8. Thank you Bill Urantia. The darn book can kinda grow on a person as you mentioned, my experience with it to some degree. I think part of the attraction has to do with novelty of presentation and attractiveness of statement. I guess I'm just in a position of weighing the veracity and usefulness of the book's thoughts in my life no matter the truth of its origin. It still sounds like the writing genre of allowing an external entity or entities to use the individual as a tool of communicating. This does meet the automatic writing and channeling model. Nothing wrong with healthy skepticism. Belief in God sure and yes... But there are hundreds of pages of statements in the book's pages where skepticism may actually help the reader. Just an approach that I'm utilizing. Have a great day! Still trying to get over to an old guitar practice hobby of mine. I should go and spend at least twenty minutes with it. William
  9. Hi! Just got here. Laugh. I can't help but think that the real nature of religion is... Open to discovery and interpretation by the individual interested in such a thing with a wealth of world scripture, techniques, and books attempting to guide the individual. It can be such a hot-button topic. Geesh... I'm going to go do a couple of guitar exercises to hone up on that hobby of mine! William
  10. Hi Carolyn, Reed, Bill, and anyone who may wind up looking at this post o' mine and discussion thread conversation! Well, I spent some time with the audio download of the opening pages of the Urantia Book last night before going to sleep. Listening, rewinding, listening again, etc? Some of the thoughts on God were beautiful to listen to. There is still the darn area of Dr. Sandler's "Contact" experiences that lead eventually to the Urantia Book. I still feel a bit suspicious of the entire literary genre of, "Channeling" however feel comfortable and inspired by parts of the text nonetheless. One guy's experience and thoughts, that's all. Happy reading everyone and hope the upcoming week goes well for you' all! William
  11. Thanks for your feedback and thoughts Reed. jcl, and Bill,! I was a touch put off by the maybe unwitting tone of, "Do it this way, do it that way" that was subtly present, however, constructive sriticism can be misinterpreted by me in that manner unfortunately! Laugh. I will be trying to adopt the beginning to end approach with passages taken in very small pieces for contemplation, analysis, and absorption. It's an old scriptual reading technique called Lectio Divina I believe. I still feel a bit suspicious of the entire literary genre of, "Channeling" however feel comfortable and inspired by the text nonetheless. Thanks again all for your time, words, and suggestions! William
  12. Thank you Bill. Your words depict you as an individual who understands the hopes and objectives of The Urantia Book... An inspired and God seeking person of benefit to the world around him or her. My personal opinion. You noticed the interesting sequence of syllables in my first name?! LOL. You are the first person that I've ever heard comment on that! The only reason I refer to taking the book in small pieces here and there over the years along with my grain of salt caution is simply due to a slight suspiciousness over any texts born from what is sometimes called automatic writing and at other times, "channeling" spirit world entities. That's all. That siad, the concepts that I have absorbed have truly been an inspiation! And... Your elevated wishes for me and my life were taken very much to heart. They were a pleasure to read and am grateful for them. William
  13. Hi Reed and other forum members that may stop by. I am an off again, on again reader of the Urantia book that has been taking it a paragraph or two here and a paragraph or two there for years and years. I'm still very much a newcomer to the book given its length and depth of topic areas. I wanted to thank Reed for starting this discussion thread. I also get a feeling of liberation from reading and contemplating some of the Urantia Book perspectives that I've happened upon. It was nice to hear someone echo a similar experience with the text. I'm looking at it with the take-it-with-a-grain-of-salt approach at this point in my life but hope to spend a period of time reading and writing here to assist my understanding and possibly even critical analysis skills. Tend to very much enjoy what I've seen of the text and look forward to conversations here! William
  14. Thank you Lou. Nice to be here. Going to go do a few guitar exercises then check back in here later in the evening, Eastern Standard Time. Hope you are feeling well over ther in your part of the world. William
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