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  1. I cannot speak for the authors of the Urantia Book, I can only speculate. More than likely they did not include information about Bahá'u'lláh and The Baha'i concepts for the same reason they did not include information about Joseph Smith and Mormonism.
  2. Perhaps they are referring to the parable in Paper 159. Both parables are about kings, their stewards and money.
  3. So . . . he inspires confidence in yourself (self-respect) and confidence in Jesus' dependability as a friend who will stick with you through it all. Isn't that the crux of faith-trust? It is really beautiful, I have to agree.
  4. What do you suppose Jesus' smile did/does for people that enabled them to solve their own problems? I try to imagine Jesus smiling on me when I'm perplexed and something real does happen. I'm thinking it's some kind of confidence, a recognition of the powers within the soul. What do you think?
  5. Do you mean Jesus smiling on a man today? Absolutely! Isn't that the meaning of this quote: 100:7.18 Jesus was the perfectly unified human personality. And today, as in Galilee, he continues to unify mortal experience and to co-ordinate human endeavors. He unifies life, ennobles character, and simplifies experience. He enters the human mind to elevate, transform, and transfigure it. It is literally true: "If any man has Christ Jesus within him, he is a new creature; old things are passing away; behold, all things are becoming new." As for a fellow creature smiling on another creature and increasing their capacity to solve problems, I also think is absolutely possible if they have Jesus in them. Isn't that the meaning of this quote: 194:3.1 When man yields the "fruits of the spirit" in his life, he is simply showing forth the traits which the Master manifested in his own earthly life. When Jesus was on earth, he lived his life as one personality--Jesus of Nazareth. As the indwelling spirit of the "new teacher," the Master has, since Pentecost, been able to live his life anew in the experience of every truth-taught believer.
  6. Do you really think true goodness has negative qualities? I would think that goodness is always gracious, otherwise it would not be true goodness. It would be something else, an affectation, an act of propriety, a societal duty, a self-righteous and well-meaning person trying to reform others, any number of things people commonly define as good but do not necessarily flow from God in the heart of the soul. True goodness is unconscious (140:8.26) and therefore unaffected by any attitude which might interfere with its inherent graciousness. I don't think the two can be separated. I think the quote is more about attractiveness and effectiveness. Anything other than true goodness is not attractive or effective, and perhaps that can be construed as negative. Here is a companion quote: p40:4 2:5.12 When man loses sight of the love of a personal God, the kingdom of God becomes merely the kingdom of good.
  7. It's also an Islam history lesson. Muslims believe that they are descendants of the first born.
  8. The problem with the favored wife is that she generally was the unloved one. She was picked strictly for inheritance and power purposes, not necessarily love. Then you have the problem of Isaac and Ishmael. Ishmael was the first born, but God asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac. There's a huge amount of significance to that because it was a major change in customs, signifying that the covenant with Abraham would be through his favored wife's son making monogamy and family a more prominent feature of the jewish religion. The story of Jewish inheritance laws began with the notion that God gave land to the Jews through a covenant with Abraham. The land of Canaan was given to him and his descendants through Isaac as an eternal possession. They were the chosen people. Therefore land and property were a gift from God and in order to maintain the covenant had to be passed to the sons as an irrevocable gift just as God had given the land to the father and his father before him. It was a sacred duty of the first born because it was still believed that God had a claim on the first offspring of both man and beast. In regards to animals, firstlings were considered to be the best for sacrifice because of God's claim on them. This principal is also at the root of the festival of first fruits which is the time between Passover and Pentecost when the first fruits of the harvest were given to the priests as an offering to God.
  9. The eldest son gets a double portion according to Jewish law.
  10. Yeah, more or less. It's the only way to learn the Father's way, at least the only way that I know of. But that benefits God too. The act is ours, the consequences God's. Isn't that how it goes? The whole business of life is learning God's will. How else are you going to learn what it is, and how else is God going to have his will done on earth? Seems like a win-win situation to me. God does know everything we need before we ask, but we still have to strive for it. Laziness and entitlement mentality don't cut the mustard. Besides, he can't give us what we need until we create the capacity to receive it, and soul capacity is increased by prayer. Ask and you shall receive means you have to ask first because the asking helps create the capacity. It's all about the striving, a pint can't hold a quart. You gotta stretch it with striving and asking and asking and asking. Persistence pays off. 144:2.3 If, then, persistence will win favors even from mortal man, how much more will your persistence in the spirit win the bread of life for you from the willing hands of the Father in heaven. 144:2.5 These stories I tell you to encourage you to persist in praying and not to intimate that your petitions will change the just and righteous Father above. Your persistence, however, is not to win favor with God but to change your earth attitude and to enlarge your soul's capacity for spirit receptivity.
  11. I think the soul satisfaction they are speaking of comes from the humbleness and child-like trust of asking for help and believing it will come. That sort of attitude is very healthy nutrition for the soul. As I pointed out in the thread on the Holy Spirit, it's about the attitude of striving. It's really not so much what you pray for but the attitude of the soul praying. 91:8.12 God answers the soul's attitude, not the words.
  12. I think what they are saying is that the universe never observes a break in the continuity between the prayer and its answer. The fact that time must elapse before recognition of the answer is immaterial to the fact that it has been answered. All sincere prayers are answered, but they are answered spiritually, not materially. So if the individual is waiting for a material answer time must pass between the asking of the prayer and the ability to recognize the spiritual answer. But the continuity between the two is never broken. It will happen as long as the individual progresses spiritually to the point where they have the capacity to recognize the answer. The rest of that quote says that prayers are limited by the finite knowledge and wisdom of the one who prays. Therefore the answer, being spiritual, must wait until the individual gains enough knowledge and wisdom to accept the answer which is conditioned by the ideals of the Infinite. Therefore, the most effective prayers are prayers in the spirit (as explained in my thread on the Holy Spirit). As for #2. Lazarus was only dead in concerns his physical energy systems. His soul had not been released for judgment, so Jesus spoke the truth when he said his illness was not to the death. The prayer from his family to avoid his death was answered, but God decided to wait four days for other reasons, namely the culture. At the time it was not uncommon for people to be put in the tomb when they were still alive. People did not understand deep comas in those days and pronounced people dead when they weren't. It was one of the reasons why they were put into tombs and not in the ground. It happened too often. But it was extremely rare to find anyone alive after three days. Therefore, to enhance the understanding that this was a true miracle, that Jesus had power over death, he had to wait until coming out of the tomb alive was obviously beyond any natural explanation. The prayer was answered according to the superior viewpoint of the spiritual world. 146:2.6 The sincerity of any prayer is the assurance of its being heard; the spiritual wisdom and universe consistency of any petition is the determiner of the time, manner, and degree of the answer. A wise father does not literally answer the foolish prayers of his ignorant and inexperienced children, albeit the children may derive much pleasure and real soul satisfaction from the making of such absurd petitions. In talmudic times, while the burial was not delayed, graves were "watched" for a period of three days to avoid all possibility of pseudo-death (Sem. 8:1). Source: Jewish Virtual Library
  13. Thanks for reading everybody. This thread consists of a rough draft for an e-book I hope to publish some day. But what it needs right now is peer review. If anyone has the desire to criticize please feel free. Your ideas and opinions are very welcome.
  14. Yeah, the Pharisees and Sadducees were actually two different parties, and although they were religious parties, they didn't really separate religion and politics back then. Religion was political. So yes, its the same today just flipped around. Our modern day (U.S.) political parties have become religions. So, if Jesus showed up today each political party, being disguised religions, would claim that their social views are in line with his. And he would promptly deny them both and get everyone P.O'd. Good news for Jesus, we don't hang people on trees anymore because we're so humane (ahem); but, he'd get crucified one way or another no doubt. Nothing's changed. 137:7.7 The Pharisees and Sadducees were really religious parties, rather than sects. 140:8.10 But never make the mistake of identifying Jesus' teachings with any political or economic theory, with any social or industrial system. 140:8.17 And if Jesus were on earth today, living his life in the flesh, he would be a great disappointment to the majority of good men and women for the simple reason that he would not take sides in present-day political, social, or economic disputes. He would remain grandly aloof while teaching you how to perfect your inner spiritual life so as to render you manyfold more competent to attack the solution of your purely human problems.
  15. Don't forget that the Sanhedrin was made up of both Sadducees and Pharisees. Most of the members of the Sanhedrin who accepted Jesus were Pharisees. 184.1.1 Annas wanted to make sure that the Master’s trial was kept in the hands of the Sadducees; he feared the possible sympathy of some of the Pharisees, seeing that practically all of those members of the Sanhedrin who had espoused the cause of Jesus were Pharisees. The Sadducees could not accept him for several reasons. 1.) They believed in the literal Torah. Unlike the Pharisees, they allowed absolutely no interpretation of the Torah, especially no oral explanations. 2.) The Sadducees did not believe that God had individual relationships with people, therefore Jesus' message about the Fatherhood of God would have been blasphemy to them. 3.)The Sadducees made up the hereditary priesthood which was centered solely in the Temple. They did not believe that God existed outside of the Temple therefore, they were the sole intermediaries for God. There's absolutely no way that they would ever accept Jesus' teaching about God being a part of each individual. That would destroy their entire reason for living. Plus, they were the wealthy ones and politically powerful. It was bad enough that people called Jesus a king, but when he said something about the Temple being torn down . . . that did it. His fate was toast. He had to go.
  16. I've often wondered what sentiments of morontia and emotions of divinity are. I would think that they have to do with attitudes of friendship, loyalty, fatherly devotion and brotherly love. I would think that such sentiments and emotions are like the fruits of the spirit and would be worth enhancing and preserving here on earth too. I guess the authors tell us about these lofty things so we can set goals for the future, but I'm sure there is a version of those sentiments and emotions here on earth that we can also aspire to in order to make our lives more artistic: true, good and beautiful.
  17. Being that the Paper is about things that happen on headquarter worlds, places I won't get to for many, many millennia, I'm always wondering why the authors bother to tell us about them when there is so much to know about life on earth. So, I'm sure that there must be some corollary to all of this that relates to our lives here on lowly little Urantia. Mention of the divine rest and replenishment of spiritual energy reminded me that these celestial artisans minister to the morontia and spiritual levels of the universe. Our souls are morontial and they too require spiritual energy and also benefit from divine rest. Jesus said once in describing the kingdom of God: 137:8.14 "I have come to preach the glad tidings of the kingdom. I have not come to add to the heavy burdens of those who would enter this kingdom. I proclaim the new and better way, and those who are able to enter the coming kingdom shall enjoy the divine rest. Initially it might seem that he is referring to a future divine rest, but I believe he was referring to the soul and it's desire for worship, the ideal soul rest. 143:7.7 Worship is effortless attention, true and ideal soul rest, a form of restful spiritual exertion. 143:7.3 Worship - contemplation of the spiritual - must alternate with service, contact with material reality. Work should alternate with play; religion should be balanced by humor. Profound philosophy should be relieved by rhythmic poetry. The strain of living - the time tension of personality - should be relaxed by the restfulness of worship. The feelings of insecurity arising from the fear of personality isolation in the universe should be antidoted by the faith contemplation of the Father and by the attempted realization of the Supreme. Another observation is that the Eternal Son is the secret of spiritual energy. His Creator Son, our sovereign Michael, also shares that secret and his Spirit of Truth sojourns with our souls, spiritually energizing them. 0:5.5 The Eternal Son is the absolute personality, the secret of spiritual energy, morontia spirits, and perfected spirits. 194:3.19 The joy of this outpoured spirit, when it is consciously experienced in human life, is a tonic for health, a stimulus for mind, and an unfailing energy for the soul. And, did you know that the angels, who feed on spiritual energy, also are nourished by wisdom and knowledge. The Holy Spirit is the source of mindal energy and our souls are dependent upon the Holy Spirit for intellect and reasoning. But I'm wondering knowledge and wisdom are capable of energizing the soul. I'm guessing it has something to do with turning mental chaos into harmony, not unlike the artisans. 26:1.17 These brilliant creatures of light are sustained directly by the intake of the spiritual energy of the primary circuits of the universe. Urantia mortals must obtain light-energy through the vegetative incarnation, but the angelic hosts are encircuited; they "have food that you know not." They also partake of the circulating teachings of the marvelous Trinity Teacher Sons; they have a reception of knowledge and an intake of wisdom much resembling their technique of assimilating the life energies.
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