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  1. Dear Moderators, Admin,


    I looked through the members list to see names of people who have recently signed up, since August. I notice 4 entries on Oct 1, 2008, namely: testadmin, testmember, testmoderator, and testUAImember. Who are these people? I notice that the names were added within one minute of each other. Makes me think it is the same person behind the names.




    They are there for me to validate that access by classes of members are working as they should.

  2. What a great post JR!


    You are performing a great service to your brothers and sisters of this world. Each of us has a "truth-detector" indwelling us (not sure if that falls under the realm of the Thought Adjuster or The Spirit of Truth--probably both) that speaks to each of us in varying degrees of clarity and frequency. When a Christian or any other seeker of truth, who sincerely is looking for better answers, is exposed to cosmic truth, the Father fragment within them "nudges" them in a way that lets them know that "this is the way". The Urantia Book need never be mentioned. Jesus always built on existing foundations and added to them while always correcting erroneous concepts of the Father (P.1543 - §2). You are doing just that and this method, especially among Christians, will sometime allow the religion of Jesus to emerge from the cocoon (p. 1866 - §4). Just don't tell them about Jesus' natural conception or the truth about the crucifixion. They're not ready for that yet! ;-)


    Great to know you are out there!



  3. It seems to me that a lot of people suddenly disappear from this forum. It's a rough group you've got here fella.

    Yes, and it is meant to be. The Urantia Book does not convey the idea that the road to perfection is easy and we do not believe the road to understanding The Urantia Book at its most fundamental levels is easy either. Some do not have the stomach for it and we encourage them to seek that easy path elsewhere. It should also be noted that fewer, higher-quality posts are immeasurably more valuable here than large numbers of posts of lesser-quality. Can anyone tell me how we measure post quality here? There are numerous forums on the internet that value the converse and we fully support participation on those forums by those who aren't ready for whatever reason to take The Urantia Book seriously. (

    Brittany Spears is also a Kabbalist. There are many variants of Kabbalah, some more modern than others.

    All the more reason we don't waste our time here with those things. Perhaps Britney (and Madonna) would benefit from a study of The Urantia Book for the remainder of her life on Urantia. There are many celebrities who are students. (

    I don't feel qualified to lead a discussion on this topic. I'm just curious to know what the experts think on the subject of creative imagination and how one can access or develop it.

    I'm not sure who the "experts" are, but the only way one accesses the superconscious is by becoming increasingly adjuster attuned over the course of one's lifetime and traversing their personal psychic circles (P. 1209). This concept and the processes are clearly defined and described in The Urantia Book though they cannot be clearly understood by simply reading pieces of it and discarding others. The revelation must be taken as a complete work (cover to cover), studied over a period of decades at a minimum, and accepted as 100% error-free and correct. Where other religious texts or other ideas originating in a human mind conflict with it, one must consider those to be in error. The Urantia Book is authentic superhuman revelation and, by definition, it is correct and replete in the revelation of cosmic truth. It is very simply the highest source of truth on the Planet and is the standard against which all other sources are evaluated and gagued.

    In rereading some sections of the Urantia Book, I found that in Paper 5 it states that creative consciousness is a feature of personality, not mind. It also states that personality is self-determinative and self-creative. What do you suppose that means?

    This is an example of attempting to over-intellectualize a piece of the total revelation and is a major factor in the overall confusion that has become so prevalent in the community of Urantia Book "students". I will, however, review that section and attempt to bring some light to the subject while keeping it in context of the larger concepts and ideas present in the book; when I can dedicate some time to it that is. Perhaps yourself or others might challenge yourselves on this task.

  4. Morgan,


    If you feel compelled to lead this discussion in a direction that includes "creative imagination" you are certainly welcome to do that. May your insight into the cosmos be expanded, your vision be increasingly spiritualized, and your mind be opened to the sublime and replete truths present in this unprecedented and newest revelation to humanity from those who care for us so profoundly that it rivals the very comprehension which we are capable of as material creatures.


    I hope that Dr. Shapiro is well. She disappeared very suddenly, in fact, very close to the time you appeared in our midst. I'm not sure about her interest in the Kabbalah, but I've heard Madonna is very much into that. I wonder if Madonna has heard of The Urantia Book and if she likes to "creatively imagine" or "daydream". Anyone know how to contact her?



  5. Isn't this topic about daydreaming and imagination?  Is anyone leading this thread or has it wandered hopelessly off track?


    Trust that the thread is being monitored very closely Morgan and where leading is necessary, we will step in. I can speak to that subject with much credibility.


    By the way, have you ever made the acquaintance of Bonita Shapiro, M.D.? Your minds appear to run in channels of astonishing similarity (P.191 - §6).

  6. Thanks Jose, Bill, and Bill.


    I'm going to post some commentary on this in a few days as well and I'm glad you understand the difficulty of managing this type of venue in a way that is fair to those who wish to use it for its stated purpose as well as for those who may be timid or just new (boomshuka). There were some other reasons I decided to suspend him as well and I think it will be for the overall benefit of the group going forward.


    My available time for the forum will be a bit scarce for the next week, but thank you so much for being patient and sticking with this very important effort that has no time constraints or schedules for completion. The slower it evolves the better and the effects will have more potential for permanence in the end if we proceed in a methodical and consistent manner.



  7. Thanks NUF for those thoughts. We appreciate your candor and deep understanding of the revelation.


    I would like to encourage the motion that Mr. Boomshuka has introduced now as I think the spiritual value of our Political Debate may be expiring quickly.


    Mr. Thomas will be taking an involuntary 30-day hiatus during which time I would like all to offer sincere prayers that he may start to focus his attention on more spiritual endeavors.


    --the management

  8. Did you read the rest of the post, or only the part that you quoted? It seems you are not trying very hard to coexist with others who are trying to help you understand some very important cosmic truths.


    I hope you will give that its due attention after you have let your defenses down and turned your mind toward the superconscious.


    Until then Bonnie. . .please do not post on the other parts of the forum. I am a bit concerned that you are missing some very important ideas both in The Urantia Book and in the intentions of your fellows here.



  9. Joe, I'd love to answer your question, but I have no idea what it is you are asking.
    Now Bonnie, I know that is not true. My question(s) are simple and clearly marked by question marks (?) so I will address what I think may be preventing you from responding:


    This private environment I have created for you, me, Latch, NUF and the moderators is not a Colosseum, they are not lions, you are not a Christian, and I am not Ceasar. It is, however, a place where these discussions can proceed in an honest and candid manner and where the dialogue can continue in the vitriolic, sarcastic, and nasty manner that it began in the public forum. My intent was to let that stuff peter-out in here without giving others on the forum the wrong idea and subsequently make room for more productive dialogue.


    All involved, yourself included, have made some very insightful observations and I hope we are all learning and expanding our understanding of that which we cannot see with our eyes. I have made it very clear to all involved that they are to be gracious and assume each other's best intentions when responding.


    Bill Latch was very much correct here: Thesis, antithesis, synthesis, is the progression of concept development. We have all been reading the book for a very long time and have an understanding of it and a resulting level of spiritual vision and cosmic insight that allows us an understanding of things around us and of each other that is approaching superhuman levels. Let us use that in our favor and continue in this immeasurably important discussion.


    Please start by answering my question.


    Thanks Bonnie,


  10. There is a new category of forums out there where each forum has access limited to Mods, Admins, and Members who have reached a level of argument and vitriol that is not appropriate for the public forum, but may have some value in either resolving the issue or reconciling the personal relationships of those involved by just "having it out".


    I have moved the "Truth About Truth" topic to a forum of the same name in this category and limited access to it to those involved and the staff (you people). Feel free to jump in there and moderate as you see fit.



  11. Welcome Jacob and I hope you will find a place here to engage in mutually fulfilling discussions with other students of The Urantia Book.


    Please also bear with us from an administrative and moderation perspective as we are in transition and doing the best we can with what we have.


    Joe DiMaggio

  12. Thank you for continuing to participate in this Bonita as well as the rest of you who are still able to access this thread. I'm starting to understand where you are coming from on this "Truth is a Person" concept as well as starting to understand who you are as a person and what your method of approach to the Father is. I have respect for all of the above and please interpret my posts, questions, and ideas in that light. I will ask the same of all involved.


    If we could step away from literalism for a moment, how does a soul, at the relatively embryonic level of development we are all at, keep their "compass" pointed in a direction that is not erroneous and potentially evil (as these terms are defined in The Urantia Book). I have always tried to keep my study of the revelation at a level that relies on interpretation of concepts more so than the quotes. One concept that is coming to mind here is that the purpose of revelation is to give us that information that shows us what is truth and what is not. Don't we owe it to ourselves as "little children" to trust that and use revelation to guide us and allow our spiritual vision to evolve and grow and "point" in a direction that is in line with cosmic truth?


    I ask this because it seems, from reading some of your posts, that you tend to put evolutionary information at the same relative "truth" level as revelatory information. If I am mistaken, please explain and also please interpret my questions and this post as well as all others of mine as an effort to understand what you are saying and understand who you are. Not to criticize, argue, or "prove you wrong".


    All that I know of you is what I have come to know since you started posting on this forum as adelfo and please interpret all I say and do as a loving gesture of trying to understand you and who you are as an ascendant fellow creature.



  13. Do you think that it is necessary to practice meditation in order to have a personal relationship with God?

    No, I do not. I think that a personal relationship with God is dependent on traversal of the psychic circles which is facilitated most effectively by true worship and being out amongst our brothers and sisters taking action in service of them.


    Is this something that you think that I am claiming or trying to teach? Possibly. What are your thoughts on the habits of living as a mortal that are intimated in The Urantia Book? I have sort of settled on the idea that meditation is valuable for some, but the above is what truly brings finite and infinite together.


    As far as I understand it, Adjuster attunement has to do with becoming more real or Godlike. In order to become Godlike, one must know God. Right? Yes. Absolutely. The question is: how? It is a personal thing, but a large portion of a direct revelation from those who have that answer, from Divine Counselor to Midwayer, is dedicated to helping us lowly mortals find that answer.

  14. I am listening Bonita. Delusion, as I used the word, implies healthy mind but confused approach and unknowing traversal of a path that leads one in circles.


    My point is that overmuch meditation and self-absorption does not lead God-ward--it leads self-ward. Correct action, service of one's fellows (being out amongst them in service), and true worship foster Adjuster attunement. The former is only a path to the subconscious and imprisonment within the material mind. The latter is the path to realization of the potential of the superconscious. I trust this and have found it to be very productive in my own spiritual growth. Once one attains those circles where the superconscious begins to influence the material mind, unexpected and marvelous insight begins to occur and a sublime peace of mind becomes the norm rather than the exception.


    I'm not sure if I'm on board with your analysis of Jesus' intentions or those of the revelators. Those are some pretty large jumps to conclusions that I have not really been able to make in my study of The Urantia Book. I think Jesus' intentions were to reveal God to man as best as he could given what he had to work with; same for the revelators. To make assumptions about their intentions may be a bit too large a leap.


    Let us discuss these things in the spirit of mutual learning and fellowship as you say. I am not trying to be right, only to share what I have personally experienced and publicly experienced by contact with those who are on a variety of spiritual paths.



  15. You misunderstand my question Mr. Thomas because you lack cosmic insight. Do you know what cosmic insight is? I feel comfortable using this term because it is defined most explicitly in The Urantia Book. Would you care to enlarge the scope of this debate to include perspective beyond a circumscribed, planetary one? I have some of those climatologists waiting so we may want defer to the condescending insults for a later time.


    Do you know what I mean by cosmic insight sir?

  16. Let's expand this into the context of where it occurs in The Urantia Book. The first quote is from the section on Conversion and Mysticism in the religion papers and goes into great detail to explain to us what practices bring real truth to one's mind and what practices do not (and for good reason I should think).


    The other is a quote from the last supper narrative that refers to Jesus' desire to keep that "flame" burning (spiritual imagination) in the minds of the apostles so they would have a better potential for using the tools he gave them to achieve real spiritual growth (adjuster attunement) and not fall into the realm of false growth that is the very common result of the practices described in the first quote from the religion papers.


    How did I do?

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