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  1. Thank you for sending these posts to me. I always read and enjoy. Carolyn
  2. Dear Rick, "...Even a good religion could not save a great empire from the sure results of lack of individual participation in the affairs of government, from overmuch paternalism, overtaxation and gross collection abuses, unbalanced trade with the Levant which drained away the gold, amusement madness, Roman standardization, the degradation of woman, slavery and race decadence, physical plagues, and a state church which became institutionalized nearly to the point of spiritual barrenness.... P.2074 - 4" I could be reading a sorry newspaper, watching same kind of news, or listening to U.S.A. excuses for news and this quote would be their mantra...many mortals involved in doing nothing...collecting the check.. or playing...and even "a state church" of atheists/materialists is emerging? IMO Rather negative for a another "good day" on Urantia??? ...putting head in sand has never been my strong suit... With love, Carolyn
  3. Dear Rick, ..Never once did he attack their errors or even mention the flaws in their teachings. In each case he would select the truth in what they taught and then proceed so to embellish and illuminate this truth in their minds that in a very short time this enhancement of the truth effectively crowded out the associated error.... P.1455 - 4 Try that! Yes...if only... Kindred Spirit, Carolyn
  4. Dear Rick, Amazing research today concerning Taoism. I made a note when I was reading this Paper on "The World Religions" that all religions of that Ginid summarized, only Shinto did not reference "the golden rule." Of course if Islam had been known at this time it, too has reference to TGR as well. I enjoyed the this read very much. Kindred Spirit, Carolyn
  5. Dear Rick, Lots of good information today! I share this experience of living for many years in a USMC town: Many Marines stationed in Okinawa have married Japanese nationals and brought their wives to the USA. Our neighbors were such a family and their faith was in Buddhism.There were meetings at their home once of month and many followers attended. It was not unusual to have these folks bow to us in their sincere manner of greeting. We learned much, over the years, of their beliefs and their love for all. Kindred Spirit, Carolyn
  6. Dear Rick, ...The search for beauty is a part of religion only in so far as it is ethical and to the extent that it enriches the concept of the moral. Art is only religious when it becomes diffused with purpose which has been derived from high spiritual motivation.... (1115:5) 101:9.4 ...But spirit communion is not promoted by mere massive ornateness and overmuch embellishment with man's elaborate and ostentatious art. Beauty is most religious when it is most simple and naturelike....(1840:5) 167:6.6 When I first read these quotes in TUB, I was touched by the truth. AS an artist I know all this to be true...I also know that the artist behind the work must be in communion with the spirit as well. Some of art today is not ethical nor beautiful but often that which sells for high prices. I share with you my theory of selling your art work: IMO"If you sell your art work it is only worth what was paid. If you give your art away it becomes "priceless." Kindred Spirit, Carolyn
  7. Dear Rick, These quotes from The Big Blue Book are inspiring. Since the "new" UAI Forum opened, I have viewed both sites and continued to read, and sometimes post, here AND there. Having many years of experience with visual presentations, both for education and for my commercial art business which was mostly for advertising. (How to make all art work sell a product) I know that in education you are selling the product of "learning." On some levels, I taught, that was a hard sell! In the commercial endeavors there were "tricks to the trade." Sell the visual in order to sell the product? I see The Urantia Book (UAI) Forums as both. Good, God-seeking, Truth wanting, folks use the internet to GET THE ANSWERS. They want all the truth. They are searching for others who want the same, as well. I found this Forum by "hunt and peck" I knew little about TUB and even less about the internet. I found the answers but one of the answers was that only by READING and much study from the Forward to the last page of TUB could I, or any individual, progress in finding the "BIG" answers. So...What are the forums selling? IMO It is the Truth of the Life and Teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. From where did he come? What did he "actually" do here on earth? Where was he going that would make us want a profound "FAITH" in living by the WILL of HIS, and our, Father in Heaven? For those coming to the forums for answers the sites must be "friendly." So the visuals of the sites must be so catching to the eye (that is everything) that the shy, quiet, seekers will return again and again. Most will never post. Many have come and gone here and on the new forum. Thousands more simply read TUB. Social media sites have become "VOGUE." Some so silly that ignorant folks jump on, post, but have nothing to offer. The UAI is serious business. It has a goal: WHAT IS IT? and Why is it not stated at the very top, beginning page, in BOLD colors and catching FONTS...why not??? If you can not sell a product with less words on a billboard while the cars rush by, then how can we hope to sell the art of reading the precious truths written in The Urantia Book while folks rush by on the internet? LOVE needs no SELL...mortals just do...refer to Jesus's words in the temple...Paper 174,p. 1898, last two sentences: Jesus said, ..."LOVE IS THE OUTWORKING OF THE DEVINE AND INNER URGE OF LIFE. IT IS FOUNDED ON UNDERSTANDING, NURTURED BY UNSELFISH SERVICE, AND PERFECTED IN WISDOM." I think that here on this site LOVE happens. The new site has some interesting but correctible faults. Perhaps, Rick, we could talk about that OFF the floor of the forums? In humility and as a kindred spirit, Carolyn
  8. Dear Rick, Really loved the visuals in Sundays lesson. I had to get caught up today as was busy with being "the mother" of our gang...includes the grown Grands. What a sweet day of LOVE! Thanks for still being here! Kindred Spirit, Carolyn
  9. Dear Rick, More pearls to enrich my day. Thank you for still being HERE!!!!!!! Kindred Spirit, Carolyn
  10. Yes, Rick, Words often create a painting in our minds? ...Jesus loved these Cretans, notwithstanding the harsh words which Paul later spoke concerning them.... P.1436 - 2 When I read this quote it brought another picture to mind, but not a happy one. We often hear the word "Cretans" referred to someone who acts like an idiot or is arrogant. This idea has come from Paul???? Kindred Spirit, Carolyn
  11. Yes...I am counting on those pictures. Carolyn
  12. Dear Rick, It is still more pleasant visually to read here on this forum. The openness of the space around the text is what makes it so. I enjoy Paper 130, a great deal. There is so much information condensed there, but yet understandable for the layman. The Republic by Plato was once required reading for the "educated" man after the Age of Enlightenment. [You can get a free copy of this book on Amazon.com Kindle, as well as other ancient books.] Remembering reading Plato in1959, I decided to read it again in 2009 because of its connection to the United States Constitution and the Founding Fathers. (Not a quick read) Much of our government is based on the philosophies of the Greeks and Romans. But to hear Jesus refer to Plato and then for Jesus to be able to analyze Plato for the young Ganid, while connecting that to the religious truth of the Father of us all, is remarkable. There is no doubt that Jesus was the Son of Man and the Son of God. No mortal could have accomplished that feat. IMO Thank you, again, for your work, Kindred Spirit, Carolyn
  13. Dear Rick, Same message here to you...so simple to get to read your thread. Log in...scroll...1 click and voila! The "new" may not always be the best after all????? Kindred Spirit, Carolyn
  14. Dear Rick, No matter how I try to be positive about the "new" Forum, it simply is not as user friendly as this site. It takes more time to find where you want to go and how you want to view it? I do realize that I might be in the minority but then I usually am? Sending this with laughter you can not hear! Too bad, because most of the time I am laughing. Kindred Spirit, Carolyn
  15. Dear Bonita, Many thanks for your most informative post. Good reading! I have noted the location in TUB of your quotes so that I might review all myself. Kindred Spirit, Carolyn
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