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  1. Thanks Carolyn, You are such a positive influence. The younger composers should always remember that "musical harmonies soothe the soul..." Lou Nicksic
  2. Nice to hear from you again Rick, I loved that song by the Little Savages. You're right on... But, then again, I liked all their music. I'd be excited to have a CD of their greatest hits..!! Didn't know Lee, but I will someday...! One of my goals in this musician's compilation list is to get musicians together that would never have met each other to create some new music. With all of the affordable computer programs on the market, these musicians can email a partially completed song to another instrument player and then that person could lay down a new track and email it back to the first person completing the song. And... these two people would have never physically met each other... Just like the Universe, the possibilities are endless.,,,,, Tell your UB reading musician friends to send me their info. May we all, one by one and hour by hour, grow ever so closer to Our Father, Lou
  3. Hello fellow Urantia Musicians, I'm sure that there have to be hundreds, if not thousands, of Urantia Book readers that are musicians. How about we all start communicating with each other...? I would like to volunteer to start a list of us musicians so that we can access each other to further enhance our musical efforts for the betterment of Urantia's musical future. We can make a difference if we unite... "Melody has power a whole world to transform." Feel free to leave replies on this posting for everyone to read, but it would also be best to contact me directly through my email address: lunick@comcast.net with the title "Urantia Musician". Please give your preferred style of music as well as the instruments that you play. I will do my best to compile a master list and make it accessible to all... You can also leave a posting at my music webpage: http://www.myspace.com/lounicksic where I have 4 original songs about Jesus that are FREE mp3 downloads. I hope that this can catch on, and I am excited for the opportunity to serve our brethren... Be of good cheer, Lou Nicksic - UB reader of 36 years
  4. Congratulations William on you getting more into the Urantia Book! Please read it cover to cover so that you may digest its revelatory content and spread our Fathers knowledge and Love to our ever so needy brethren... Be of good cheer, Lou Nicksic
  5. Hello to all of my Urantia brothers and sisters. Please feel free to listen to and download these four songs about our beautiful brother and creator Jesus. They are FREE downloads and were given to us by our Father to be shared. Go to: http://www.myspace.com/lounicksic I feel so very fortunate that our Unseen Friends used me as a tool to make these songs a reality... Be of good cheer, Lou Nicksic UB reader of 36 years
  6. Got your CD (from the Ub7 Conference) on right now . . . good stuff! like those

    -oo oo's- especially!

  7. Hi Claude, Simple is wonderful... Complex is wonderful... As long as we all try to be like Jesus, we will all end up on the same highway to heaven waving to each other as we pass...!! Teach your children to love, and all will be well. Be of good cheer, Lou Nicksic
  8. ?It begins with Giving?.? Never pass up the opportunity to give of yourself. For the act of Giving creates both pleasure and Joy. And to observe someone benefiting from your gift is truly a treasure worth remembering. Then, to see that look of appreciation from something that you?ve given, fills your heart with happiness allowing your Spiritual Presence to shine through. And with every new gift of kindness, this light gets a little brighter, permitting Love to penetrate through the curtains of doubt helping to illuminate your difficult path. Then, with Love now at the forefront, GOD is given the chance to embrace your Soul, and draw your very Spirit ever closer to His presence. Therefore, never pass up the opportunity to give of yourself. For, ?It begins with Giving?.? Lou Nicksic - Urantia Book reader of 36 Years
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