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  1. well im back. ive been gone since august. i joined the US Army, HOOAH!! 74Delta. Chemical Corps. joining the army, u meet all types of people from all walks of life. some u make friends with and some its just better to walk away and let time deal with them. in BCT(Basic Combat Training) u find yourself encountering lots of adversity, not only from the drill sergeants but from your battle buddies in your platoon and from the whole company. well i managed or rather got my mother to mail me a copy of the urantia book while i was in BCT. i tell ya i turned some people on to that book. they were friggin amazed at the clarity and the subject matter of the book, especially those topics they could relate to. the only thing is i gave that copy away while i was in AIT(Advanced Indiviual Training) to a friend that i introduced to the book. he really took intrest in it and it seemed to agree with what he was seeking and answered those unaswered questions he had for some time. i tell the military is the last place i thought i could share or introduce people to the urantia book but ive had good luck. just stopping by to share some expereince that ive engaged in since i last posted any topics. currently, i finally made it out of TRADOC and im at my duty station at Ft. Polk, LA. which is a JRTC(Joint Readiness Training Center) basically a readiness fort to train u for deployments in Iraq. so at some point during my 2 years here i will deploy to Iraq. HOOAH!! well Peace out, im hungry
  2. hello everyone. Three ways of contending with evil. 1. To return evil for evil---- the positive but unrighteous method. 2. To suffer evil without complaint and without resistance---- the purely negative method. 3. To return good for evil, to assert the will so as to become master of the situation, to overcome evil with good---- the positive and righteous method. One of the apostles once asked: " Master, what should I do if a stranger forced me to carry his pack for a mile?" Jesus answered: "Do not sit down and sigh for relief while you berate the stranger under your breath. Righteousness comes not from such passive attitudes. If you can think of nothing more effectively positive to do, you can at least carry the pack a second mile. That will of a certainty challenge the righteous and ungodly stranger." p.1770
  3. Whats hard for me is that I dont have any close friends that I went to high school with or any person my age or younger than me, that reads the book! I have tried to share and show anyone who listens to what I have learned since I started reading such a short time ago. The person who introduced me to the book was at the time 55 yrs. old (and I was actually 19). He came down from Tennesse to help out my nieghboor with cleaning debrie from hurricane Opal in 1996. Whata mess that was Well I didnt meet the guy then but it was several years later that I meet him. Geno is his name(I only do this cause im tired of refering to Geno as He,Him & the person). My cousin got acquainted with Geno first and consequently my cousin also found The Urantia Book before me. And of course my cousin precceeds me by 13 years. I had heard my cousin talking about this book that blew his mind away. How this book described the evolution of this planet and lots more that he had no clue about. Im only giving dates and some sort of time frame because, it was at my cousins house one night in late 1996. Me and a friend of mine (we were both 16 yrs. old). The three of us got on the subject about where we come from, where do we go when we die, lots bunches of questions like these. Funny thing is none of us knew nothing or even suspected anything of what this gigantic book talked about. So my cousin got it out and that was the *first time I had ever seen the book. *(My cousin showed the book to me, but Geno is the one that introduced me to its teachings and became more familiar with its information. My cousin for some reason liked to look and think of the book as hard to Understand? Blows your hair back? Kinda like a show and tell for friends or what have ya).* Something about the book and the way it looked, automatically I was drawn to it. I had to borrow it and read through it, especially the index. And the chapters/papers with all this information about things a young lad like me couldnt possibly try to understand. My cousin had clouded it. Made it sound like you was suppose to be a genius to read it. Thats one reason my curiosity was running wild, he formed a kinda hype around it. But see im very open minded and im the type when I find something such as The Urantia Book. I will find out as much as I can! I will discover what all the hype is about! So I took the book home read some of the index, couldnt find any topic at the time I could relate to, as far a subject matter. But the Jesus papers were huge, with Jesus's whole life year by year accounted for. I quickly turned to the cruxcifition of Jesus, I could relate to that! Kinda knew something about it. It was hard to finish it I say! I had never cried like that reading the same thing in the Holy Bible(although it dont matter if it is the Holy Bible, im not saying the Holy Bible wont move or touch either, if thats all one's got to read). It was like The Urantia Book put me right there when Christ died, the thorough account of what happened!! See during this time im a Baptist in South Alabama and in the bible belt region of the U.S.A. I have a religion!!! I kept the book for several weeks and only read the cruxcifition of Jesus and nothing else. I was just amazed that this big blue book could answer questions I always wanted answered. How it puts the text in a logical manner that makes perfect sense to me. Well couple years roll around I completely forgot about The Urantia Book. I had just got out of trouble and returned home from this christian retreat. Where one has to memorize and recite out loud loads of bible versus. At least we got to pick what versus from what ever chapter we wanted too and the teacher would discuss what the verse/s means and what have ya). Its winter 1999. Me and Geno are relaxing in his bedroom watching T.V... When I happened to notice this thick book on his book shelf, I asked him what that thick book was? Geno replied its "The Urantia Book". I told him that I had seen and read a little of The Urantia Book a couple years back. Thats when I found where my cousin had learned of it, from Geno! Im sitting with the man that for the most part brought The Urantia Book to the South! I mean deep South, 40 miles below the Captiol of Montgomery in the small college town of Troy, Alabama. Anyways I ask him what is The Urantia Book? What does Urantia mean? He tells me its the 5th epochal revelation of this planet. Ahhh Ok I replied, lol(didnt have a clue what that meant). He didnt get into that very much. Told me Urantia was the name of this planet, not earth(clarified that we(humans) call this planet Earth, the Spiritual side or the other side, its known as Urantia. Which is basically "The Earth Book" and went on to tell me its the complete spiritual history of this planet. Of course now im asking Geno so many questions he cant answer them all. The more he keeps telling me the more Im interested. It wasnt soon that we started reading it together. He would read some paragraphs then I would read some, then Geno would explain to me what we just read. Untill one gets the feel and knows some basic truths of what the Urantia Book is and tells you, the more one gets aquainted with it. Sometime in 2000 Im at a Barnes & Noble book store and just happened to browse through the New Age section, in hopes of finding a copy of The Urantia Book. Happiness with excitement fills me up real quick, I finially found it!! The small softbound edition of the larger hardback Urantia Book for ONLY $20.00 U.S. dollars! As soon as I got home off to Geno's I go, to tell/show him that I found the book. When I got my own copy I dove immediatly into reading as much as I could possibly absorb. Reading so many topics!! I would stay in bed all day and read this huge book. Of course I would have to share what I read with Geno. There was always something that I didnt quite understand or I would misunderstand!! Without Geno's help in the begining of me finding this book and trying to understand its truths,ideology,philosphy, and its mandate- that we should love our brother/sister like we would want to be treated and loved(which is what the Jesus papers and Jesus's teachings are all about) I would have been like a lost sheep in a endless forest with only one way that leads out. In turn its The Universal Fathers mandate for everything thats a free will creature of space and time. Come on NOW!!! HOW much MORE cheaper can One pay for a book of PROFOUND SPIRITUAL INFORMATION that will evenually lead One to the Isle of Paradise--the Center of Everything, the living abode of the Universal Father!!! I think its the most ultimate and rewarding investment of the last century to the present, and on to the far flung future that ever will be!!!! Thats a cheap amount for spiritual progression that no one esle will tell ya or share with ya for that fact!! Hope I havent ranted to much this morning. Thought I would share how it came to be that this huge 5th epochol revelation found me. Glad to have the chains of religion unshackled from me and am shining bright in the System of Satania!
  4. rainy night in the south nice to meet you guys/ladies!!
  5. Hi all! My name is Chris. Im from Troy, Alabama USA. Im 27 yrs old and have been reading the Urantia Book since 1999. Just found this website by clicking different links. Cool though )
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