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  1. I purchased the book UFO RELIGIONS primarily because I knew that Lewis had a chapter therein on the Urantia Book. I found her chapter to be rather poorly done. Unless I misread it, all she does is tell the basic story of the Papers, and offers very little in the way of interaction or reflection on the implication of the Papers, etc.
  2. I have heard and read for sometime now that Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry was directly influenced by the Urantia Papers in his creation of the TV series. But, all I have ever seen of this are assertions that it was so, and not much evidence to support it. Please understand that I am NOT implying that these claims are false! Rather, I would very much like to have concrete evidence for it, and also, if anyone knows of specific episodes of Star Trek with obvious UB themes? (PS: I have searched this topic in the Forum, but have not found what I am wanting to find) ---Charles
  3. Bill: I agree with you about the problem of Block's ignoraing the fact that the Papers acknowledge the use of human sources. Having read a few examples of his researches on this subject, I must say that I am less than impressed with the examples I have read. IMHO, it requires a real imagination to see how certain passages in the Papers are supposedly similar in wording to a sentence or two from some obscure book on philosophy. However, as someone who very regularly deals with the challenges of both the written and spoken word, and as someone who has read a lot of books in religion and philosophy over the years, I believe that if we take into account the vast amount of wisdom of just the ancient Greeks in their writings on philosophy and science and mathematics (e.g. Plato, Aristotle, Pythagoras, Parmenides. Anaxagoras, Aristarchus, to name only a few), and then add to that the religious traditions and the written and spoken wisdom of the world's religions, it seems to me, at least, that it is inevitable that if anyone, human or Morontial, seeks to communicate words of knowledge and wisdom in our time, then they are bound to say a few words, or use a few phrases that are similar in content to what someone in the past has already said! How could it be otherwise? If someone wanted to speak to humanity about a totally new revelation, using words, ideas, concepts and phrases that were absolutely unique, then most likely, no one would understand a word of what they said. Charles Roberts
  4. Forum members may be interested to know that Martin Gardner, author of the malodorous "Urantia: The Great Cult Mystery," has published a paperback edition of his 1995 book. It is identical in all details with the original hardback edition, save for one. It has a new (2008) postscript. The postscript attempts to update readers of the doings, comings, and goings in the Urantia movement since he published the first edition of his sad book. For any who may be interested, here is a very brief summary of his postscript: 1. He severely attacks Ernest Moyer and Norm Du Val 2. He lavishes high praise on Matthew Block, and is very pleased with the continued publication of The Sherman Diaries. 3. He has a few passing comments about other well known leaders and readers, but nothing noteworthy. For what its worth, Charles
  5. I would like to strongly encourage all readers to purchase the latest paperback and hardcover editions of the Urantia Book published by the Foundation. These new covers are stunning, and they will significantly increase interest in the Book by non-readers. If you can afford it, buy several and give them away or donate them to libraries. They can be easily ordered from the Foundation or through Amazon.com. If you've not yet seen the new cover art, simply go to Amazon and do a search for The Urantia Book.
  6. Hi Rick I recently purchased the new cover paperback version from Amazon. It looks and feels great and I love the slightly larger size from the previous paperback edition. A job well done by the Foundation. Everyone should buy several of these new editions and give them to friends! Peace Charles
  7. Greetings to All! I found the Urantia Book in 1967, at age 14. Did not begin to seriously read it until early 2007. Finished reading the whole book in about 4 months. I appreciate the mature guidance of those who've been reading far longer than me! Peace, and Good Will, to All Beings, Charles
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