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    What???? name='Mario' date='Aug 5 2008, 11:05 AM' post='4524'] 5Aug08-- U-rantian will be taking some time off from the forum. He has been in charge of validating forum applicants. Bill and Joe, you will have to do that task since I no longer have access to the admin panel. Mario Mario!! I can't believe they took away your "baby" altogether! Stripped you of your ability to maintain your integrity! This is BAD. I want OUT. I want my stuff Deleted. mod1Ellen
  2. Bill, and to Joe who must cooperate with this bad idea, You have decided that : Bill: " Forum identities ID's will be modified to better utilize the "IP" security protocols. No one will have two ID's and all your past posts and mail will appear under your sole remaining name." and that is UNACCEPTABLE BECAUSE my posts were sent with the understanding that I was ordered to be anonymous at the time. I DON'T WANT MY POSTS TO BE FOUND that I wrote as mod1, under the name Ellen Gaynor. I don't have anything particular to hide, but if you can walk in here and violate ALL pre-held principles as you work with all new people, I must insist you eradicate ALL my posts and accept my resignation. Ellen/mod1
  3. Forum Rules AS OF: AUGUST 1, 2008 (BOLD font added~e) Welcome to the Urantia Book Forum! Visitors can view posts but only those registered can initiate a topic and reply to posts. Moderators visit the forum often to keep it free of spam. The Urantia Book forum started out as a private forum in late 2005 for members of Urantia Association International (UAI). We opened our doors to the public last December 2006. There were many new subscribers who have been known to be spammers and those accounts had to be deleted. Subscription is no longer automatic and requires two validations--by the subscriber and by the administrators. If you tried to subscribe unsuccessfully (that is, your account was deleted) and have a legitimate interest in the Urantia teachings, send an email to the forum moderators or administrators. E-mail: Forum Moderator forum_moderator@urantia-uai.org or, Forum Admin forum_admin@urantia-uai.org This bulletin board is provided as a service by: Urantia Association International, Chicago, Illinois Phone: (773) 572-1180 Please read the following Guidelines carefully: URANTIA BOOK FORUM GUIDELINES (15 March 2007) PURPOSE The Urantia Book Forum was created for study, discussion and dissemination of the teachings of The Urantia Book, and to foster contact between readers. The Forum is also intended to be an information resource for UAI activities and projects. Some Forum categories are open to the public, and some are open only to members of Urantia Association International (UAI). UAI member-subscribers wanting access to the private section of the Urantia Book Forum should contact the forum moderator or admin (see above). Please include your real full name and association membership. Forum moderators affirm the obvious need to maintain the utmost in responsible, on-topic, and cordial communication among subscribers for the mutual benefit of all. We sincerely hope that all that transpires on the Urantia Book Forum will clearly relate to and be reflective of the overall caliber and tone of The Urantia Book. RULES 1. Civility. Dialogue is expected to be civil and respectful. Profanity is not permitted. Since we are communicating with diverse people of different cultural backgrounds, civility can be subjective and a common standard for civility may be difficult to define. However, if each forum member acts as a son or daughter of God, he/she will not present a problem to the forum moderators. 2. Personal attacks. Attacks upon the character, personality, heritage, beliefs, motives, or actions of any persons are unacceptable. 3. Group attacks. Attacks upon the purposes, policies, plans or . procedures of any group or organization are unacceptable. 4. Disallowed Material. Posting of material unrelated to the PURPOSE of Forumnot permitted. Humorous anecdotes (in good taste) and poetry are allowed. Petitions for donations to a group or a person not in immediate danger and/or advertising of products are not permitted. 5. Material not in The Urantia Book. Material not found in The Urantia Book, but relevant to the topic under consideration, may be quoted. Human authorship is assumed and referencing should include the published source where the quote may be found in context. Posting of any content which implies direct or explicit communication with celestials or former mortals; or, which presumes to contain exact knowledge about the survival potential or the post-mortal status of specific individuals; or, which presents specific factual information concerning extra-terrestrial or spiritual realms which cannot be referenced in The Urantia Book, is not allowed. Presenting examples of such activities and materials is permitted exclusively for example pursuant to discussion of the effect that such materials, expressions and/or associated individuals, groups and organizations may have on matters related to the Fifth Epochal Revelation. 6. Proselytizing. Personal experiences and information from sources other than The Urantia Book may be presented, provided they are presented in the spirit of study and not with the intent to convert list members to a particular practice or belief system. This prohibition includes church type sermons and channeled experiences. 7. Ditto Posts. There is a 50 message per day limit on each list. Short posts that echo sentiments of agreement/kudos without adding substance thereto are discouraged. Forum members are asked to consider a private acknowledgementclarify or add ideas and information to a previous post are encouraged! 8. Long posts. It is recommended, as a courtesy to others, that forum members endeavor to constrain the length of their posts to one or two thousand words (less than 13 K-bytes) in deference to those who would like to know the points being made but are limited by time, equipment, or inclination. Warnings will not be issued for posts exceeding the recommended courtesy limit. 9. Re-posting. Posting for non-members or suspended members is not allowed. PROCEDURES By subscribing to the forum, each forum member agrees to abide by the guidelines and rules of the forum. If you are uncertain about a potential violation, get clearance from a Moderator forum_moderator@urantia-uai.org in advance, and it is likely to reduce the number of surprise warnings. 1. For a first violation in any six month period, unless the violation is blatant, the violator shall be issued a reminder OR warning based upon the type of infraction. 2. For the second violation or the first blatant violation in any six month period the violator shall be suspended for one month. 3. A third violation or a second blatant violation within any six month period shall result in a six month suspension. 4. The fact that a warning has been issued to a specific person, along with the reason therefore, will be made public on the forum. A private reminder may be sent directly to a forum member without public notice. 5. If a forum member is suspended for one month, he/she is automatically reinstated 30 days later. If a forum member is suspended for six months, he or she must request to be reinstated. Please contact a Forum Moderator forum_moderator@urantia-uai.org or, Forum Admin forum_admin@urantia-uai.org The request may or may not be granted. DISCLAIMER: Any interpretations, opinions, conclusions or representations, whether stated or implied, are solely the responsibility of that individual and do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of the Forum membership in general nor do they necessarily represent the views, opinions and policies of Urantia Association International. Urantia Book Forum Guidelines in portable document format (PDF). Click here. ~ ~ ~ AUGUST 1, 2008 ~ ~ ~ is the purposes of to a fellow member. Brief posts that
  4. Hello modAdmins, I am concerned about the .. TONE "NuF" aka "nameless until fused" is using, so think she bears watching, if not immediate, kind-gentle WARNING. Also, I notice in my attempt to copy her post to here for discussion, it loses the color, and therefore it is not clear who is speaking in her post by the time it is copied to here. For clarities sake, i am putting her words in her post in quotes so you can differentiate who is speaking. THANKS! Ellen/mod1 SEE Science & Cosmology > Genes and Ethical/Moral Behavior, Links to Violence IP: | Post #27 Specifically, here is a line: from her post addressing Rick W: When it does people will want to choose good genes, for themselves and their progeny. The authors said this, rather omniously, but honestly too. ...For many thousands of years, so the records of Jerusem show, in each generation there have lived fewer and fewer beings who could function safely with self-acting Adjusters. This is an alarming picture, and the supervising personalities of Satania look with favor upon the proposals of some of your more immediate planetary supervisors who advocate the inauguration of measures designed to foster and conserve the higher spiritual types of the Urantia races.... P.1207 - ยง6 Do you believe this alarm is over genetics, or spirit progress? Aren't they linked? One day, Rick SO................... modAdmins, Please let me know what you think, before i or we warn her, (which, i nearly did when i first read her stuff, especially this last post. Ellen/mod1
  5. mod1

    MOVING posts

    modAdmin take note: this was an experiment in moving posts (that are redundant.) This one was third on the thread: "Useful LINKs for URANTIA Students" under the TOPIC: "Dissemination: The Text and the Teachings" IN "Urantia Community" I see the #s on the remaining posts changed to be as if this post was never there. UNFORTUNATLY this post entered THIS thread as if it is #1. I don't know if that always holds true, or if there is a mechanism for CHANGING THE ORDER AND NUMBERS, is there?? U-rantian, DO YOU KNOW? Joe? Mario? I think it is time for moving the innappropriate thread developing under "Useful LINKs for URANTIA Students" to Study Groups as Rick suggests, or to some place that we can discuss eligibility for joining the Urantia Book Forum AS WELL AS for joining the URANTIA Assoc. International. el/mod1 ~~~~~~MOVED THIS POST:~~~~~~~ Rita! ..new word for vocabProj:"FOREWORD"!!! Here's the post again, w/spellcheck; & so GLAD you mentioned this.. Useful Resources for URANTIA Students(ACTIVATED LINKS LISTED BELOW)Recent URANTIA related developments include: * New Interent URANTIA Radio Show at http://www.blogtalkradio.com where the URANTIA revelation is "being introduced". Saturday morning 7/12/8 they had James Woodward LIVE as a guest, and last Saturday 7/19/8 Chris Halverson discussed the FOREWORD. You can call in when it's LIVE on Saturday mornings (9am Pacific Time) and it is available as a download to listen to ever after. With registration you can comment, too. * The UAUS has found a great way for UA members to Conference Call (see below) and everyone is encouraged to update their contact information at the Urantia Foundation, and/or at their Local UA (URANTIA Association) level. * UA Members have permission, and will be crucial, to improving communication by downloading, printing, copying and s'mailing UA Publication, "Tidings" to their Local URANTIA students, with thanks! "The Journal" can be regularly mailed to you for a nominal subscription fee. * All UA members and potential* members are also encouraged to familiarize yourselves with the Charter & Bylaws of the UAI, and especially the Declaration of Trust (DOT) of the URANTIA Foundation. (*It is required that all potential UAI members thoroughly read the entire URANTIA Revelation, preferably straight through front to back, for full voting UAI Membership status.) * The UAI Forum is settling down into a new attitude and will be soon accepting UA Member candidates for the position of Moderator. All potential moderators must first "show your stuff" as a participant for a certain span of time, but as you do, you have a growing opportunity for personal, positive interaction with new students of the URANTIA Revelation! * Here are INTERNET RESOURCES for everyone interested in finding out "what is going on??" The URANTIA Book http://www.urantia.org/papers/index.html The Titles of the Papers http://www.urantia.org/papers/toc.html URANTIA Foundation http://www.urantia.org Declaration of Trust (DOT) http://urantia.org/declaration.html URANTIA Association International http://urantia-uai.org UAI Membership application http://www.urantia-uai.org/membership/index.html UAI Charter http://urantia-uai.org/charter/charterENG.htm UAI Bylaws http://urantia-uai.org/bylaws/bylawsENG.htm UAI Projects http://urantia-uai.org/projects.html UAI 2009 International Conference http://librodeurantia.es/uai2009/?q=en URANTIA Book Forum http://www.urantia-uai.org/forums FREE Conference Calling http://www.freeconferencecall.com URANTIA Assoc. of the U.S. http://www.urantiausa.com History, Origin, and Destiny Urantia Kansas City 2008 The true perspective of any reality problem -- human or divine, terrestrial or cosmic -- can be had only by the full and unprejudiced study and correlation of three phases of universe reality: origin, history, and destiny. - The Urantia Book Page 215 paragraph 3 (Paper 19, Section 1) * Little Movies: "Our own" UAI film maker's (UB2097) URANTIA interviews http://www.youtube.com/UB2097 * Jose Alberto Wonsover's "URANTIA Quotes with Art" http://www.urantia-uai.org/forums/index.php?showforum=24 http://youtube.com/JoseAlbertoWonsover and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owTvdKTL0-c * "TRAIL TALES" Halbert Katzen's pictures and diary of URANTIA students as he travels the U.S. showing how modern science is catching up with the URANTIA Revelation http://www.ubthenews.com/trail_tales.htm Ellen 7/23/8 mod1
  6. Dear Meredith and all our mod/admin, The "Sunday Meeting" came about due to a series of events and decisive moves by individuals. I think we should NOT establish a traditional "Sunday Meeting" because it immediately "rings" of "christian VS other" traditions, and causes "knee-jerk" reaction in many otherwise inquisitive people. (also it is a family/community day for people) I'm hoping this next one will be the other "bookend" bringing some definitive resolution to our recent upheaval. We could formulate a "help wanted" that would specify the skills we're looking for, and email that TOPIC from our UAI Forum to the UAI List. Bill's designating a specific DAY AND TIME for us to be "LIVE" interacting here is very good, I think. It is in keeping with an eventual goal of being simultaneously "wired for sound" which is what my 3 children do all the time as they interact amongst themselves on the Internet. What do you think of emailing a "TOPIC" (using "OPTIONS") to the "UAI List" (on a regular basis) of each PUBLIC catagory? (We could carefully write, even collaborate, on a TOPIC specifically designed to illustrate a great conversation.) Thanks, Mario, for setting up my mod1 password! I'm leaving in a few minutes (earlier than expected) and will be back tonight, late. I love all yoU, OUR Crew! Ellen/mod1
  7. Hi Meredith, I think Admin needs us to be unanimous, if he hasn't added it to the page showing "the rules" yet. Also, we need to put this and your question under a new title in X-ZONE for a VOTE, since the discussion is IN PUBLIC at this time. mod1
  8. Phil, In any case, public posting of people's private letters, even discussion of persons who cannot speak on their own behalf, is in need of sincere case-by-case consideration, and warrents their prior approval or inclusion, don't you agree? mod1
  9. "urantiasister"/mod1 FRIDAY 01-31-08 Later on in this letter from another to someone else entirely that you have presented for ALL THE PUBLIC TO SEE is mention of many people and contacts who just might not appreciate what a blabbermouth you are here. i HOPE YOU think about how you have demonstrated WHY people shouldn't expose themselves to your lack of good judgment. mod1
  10. You are gracious, and thank you much for your answers to this. mod1
  11. mod1


    geeezamageeza!!!! I am "a dolt" and failed to realize I hadn't stated "Copy to Staff of URANTIA FORUM" ON THE PRIVATE MESSAGES I SENT, today. SO i NOW put that "sign-off" on my "profile" as "mod1" NOW, WHEN i SEND A MESSAGE AS "mod1" it WILL CLEARLY STATE THAT it will be seen by the "Staff of URANTIA FORUM" (but iS NOT SUPPOSED to BE SEEN PUBLICLY, ever, RIGHT?!! Isn't that right?!) What I regard as being my grave error is: DOLTISHLY BLATANTLY, DIRECTLY VIOLATING the RULE I was RECOMMENDING. Well!! Please take the LIBERTY of being CO-VOLUNTEER HERE who will TELL ME STRAIGHT the "bad stuff" I do... GLAD GOD's grace preVailed, this time! i SAW what i just did, thank God. I'm informing those who have been now published here that they are copied here for you to see. ONE added thought.. what i've done is "copy/paste" then fiddle around with before you've seen it. That is NOT actually a "CC" which means "carbon copy" nearly EXACT. It occurs to me that unless we "CC" NOTHING remains the same as it goes from person to person. Thanks! mod1
  12. Phil, Due to the development of this thread, at this time I am taking action asking for a new plainly stated RULE to ban posting of letters from other websites or email Lists not explicitly authorized by the original author, such as your posting here of the letter from Alex to you. You began this thread and now there is a free-for-all showing blatant disregard for people's privacy and anonymity. If THEY WANT to be known here, they can come here to speak for themselves. GOSSIP IS INSIDIOUS and DESTRUCTIVE OF a PERSON'S "GOOD NAME" and can be equivalent to character assault. Please consider how your posting of people's business from other sites or lists discourages anyone from trusting y/our judgment as to how to exercise ETHICS within our NEW opportunity for communication via the Internet. mod1
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