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  1. In his book Field Propulsion by Control of Gravity Stoyan Sarg (Sargoytchev, actually) explained that the Big Bang theory cannot be right, because our absolute velocity through space has been repeatedly measured and that velocity is far too small to be compatible with the Big Bang. In that book there is Appendix 1 on page 127, showing a table of many measurements, and relevant references listed on page 128. I quote Sargoytchev: Page 19: Page 82: In the quoted text CL means Cosmic Lattice and BSM-SG means Basic Structures of Matter – Supergravitation Unified Theory.
  2. What The New Testament says about antichrists? 1. John 2:18 1. John 2:22 1. John 4:3 2. John 1:7 I found that much about antichrist.
  3. Do not. Instead of that, if you have something else to say, start a new thread.
  4. Basically the same argument has been used against eugenics many times, only names have changed: this time Abraham Lincoln, some other time Stephen Hawking, and so on. But if we continue with the same logic and method, picking more and more such examples, we would end up with a statement that only unfit parents produce children who may eventually become geniuses, great leaders, etc. – a statement which clearly is not true. I think that here we have an example of a fallacy, but which one?
  5. I refer to Wikipedia this time. Maybe mankind does not need accelerated genetic evolution. Instead backwards evolution should be prevented. Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eugenics#Dysgenics However, according to The Urantia Book, backwards evolution of intelligence may not be the main worry. Source: The Urantia Book 110:4.6
  6. There is some instrumental value for the existence of nation states and partial national sovereignty that they usually have. As long as you don't have a better instrument for reaching the maximum good (intrinsic value) you know, then you'd better to keep what you have. Once you get a hold of the really better one, let the old and inferior go, but not earlier. You may remind me of the United Nations. But is that really a better instrument?
  7. Did Jesus eat fish? If Jesus ate fish, then I don't have strong reasons to reject fish food. How about you?
  8. I would call that a premise. That looks like an association. A potentially true premise developed with problematic logic lead to a problematic conclusion. Do you see a problem there?
  9. No it is not selfishness. You cannot help or improve yourself with eugenics. Love is a desire to do good unto others. Therefore eugenics is an example of love. "Though no agreement could be reached as to absolute morality, the essentials of eugenics may be easily defined. All creatures would agree that it was better to be healthy than sick, vigorous than weak, well-fitted than ill-fitted for their part in life; in short, that it was better to be good rather than bad specimens of their kind, whatever that kind might be. So with men." http://www.galton.org/essays/1900-1911/gal...-scope-aims.htm It is all about care of future generations.
  10. I think eugenics is easy to understand and accept, the way Francis Galton defined it as the science which deals with all influences that improve the inborn qualities of a race; also with those that develop them to the utmost advantage. You may think that some toughest methods of eugenics include forcing against someone's free will. You may think that it is suspicious. But think about this question: Would there be anything wrong if an adult human being, who was not suitable for the child's custody because of some incurable mental tendencies and characteristics, was sterilized against his/her free will? To be more clear I emphasize: Our jails are filled with such mentally problematic individuals. They were most certainly forced to move in jail, against their free will.
  11. What I actually wanted to say: A real prophet of true God would not leave a bloody trail of human corpses behind him. He would not preach for slaying disbelievers or anyone who stood against him. He would not teach his followers to lie in some situations in purpose of spreading his teachings. He would not teach his followers that God's will has recently changed and it is a time for a new truth. Jesus was the highest kind of real prophet and teacher who has ever appeared in this world. He would have never done any of those deeds I described above. Christ does not do evil. On the other hand: an anti-christ would do any or all of the evils that Christ would never do. In a nutshell: Some of the fruits are very obvious. That is why the advice that Jesus gave is so useful. Mostly false prophets are easy to spot. Their evil fruits are visible and ugly. I am quite sure that I don't have to name any false prophet. Anyone could do that by Jesus' advice.
  12. Any time you meet a person who clearly is not mentally fit to take care of any children, then you know that the same person is not fit to reproduce. Hey, doesn't that sound like eugenics?
  13. rock

    Urantia Church?

    There are also good examples of priesthood in The Urantia Book. Page 747: Page 850: Page 1015: The Part IV of The Urantia Book was devoted to the greatest example of all. Jesus continued the same mission that Melchizedek left behind after his mission. While teaching his followers spiritual truths, mainly about God, Jesus gave us a perfect example of good priesthood.
  14. Then Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CCR5#CCR5-.CE.9432
  15. That is a good point and can be found also in the Gospel of Mark 9:38–41.
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