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  1. HI Hellen, It would be a pleasure for me to know that kind of information, so I can have an idea of the "social-religious" situations in those two countries. Them , when I have some time, I going to write, my point of view, abouth the Argentinian and South American "social-religious" situation. Well, now I going to sleep . greetings.
  2. Hello Excuse me for being so heavy but I would appreciate if some one can tell me, what is actual situation of the Urantia asociations in the USA and in Canada. I have and idea of the Latin american asociations, but abouth our friends of the north I'm outdated. greetings. Rodrigo
  3. Hello Mario, Meredith, querido Carlos R , and others readers. Some times I ask to myself, the same things that you, abouth what is going on in "the other side" ( "ours invisibles friends ), what they thinks abouth us and our world, the situation that we are living today doesn?t seems to be the better, but besides all the ugly things that happens daily, I always says that this world is not as bad as many people thinks. I have a friend who always tell me, that the human race wil never change because the human history is always the same, he says that you will see the same kind of things (bad ones) repeating themselves. I can't understand how a person could think that , "nothigs is going to change" , is true that there are a lot of problem but is also true that there are many peoples helping each other, and in a "way" that we can not perceive, our invisibles friends are also helping us. That is my opinion . Hugs
  4. Hi, my name is Rodrigo, I'm from Santa Fe a small town of Argentina, and I use to participate in the Spanish forums. I'm 21 years old, and I've been reading the book for many years, but I still have many questi?n and doubts to resolve and and to ask. I'm very insterested in participating here, and knows the diferents points of view and opini?ns that you have, I'm sure that it would be a pleasure. Before I left, how can I put an emoticon in the text. ? PD: My english is very poor, so excuse me if i make any mistake in my writting.
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