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  1. I agree with Urantian. Rob Reno always demonstrated that he is willing to clarify doubts and to unmask these TM followers.
  2. I totallly agree, what are those links? Very strange links. I searched for Urantia: http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/search...p;sa=Search+ATS also this http://www.godlikeproductions.com/search.php search for urantia. Conspiracy forums :s .I don't like them, really. Make the topic invisible? wait for her return? watch reactions?
  3. Hi, Mario. He also participates in the Spanish forum. Under the same nickname. He has written 58 mensajes (An avergae of 3 Messages per day) and not problems so far. Cheers!
  4. Jorge Castillo


    Hello. Suspension or Ban, then.
  5. Instad of "advanced" we can use another title. "forum user" "new user of the forum" etc. we can get good things from it.
  6. hi everybody, If Claude wants to unsubscribe from this "lovely forum" [tee-hee!] i guess there's nothing we can do. unless we say.."please don't leave and etc?tera." it seems like everyone votes yes. I like this "FURTHERMORE you are monopolizing this list by dominating topics all throughout. " that's true and quite annoying. It happens from time to time maybe we can give him "holidays" suspending him for 30 days with no posting, for him to re-think his exile from this forum. I dunno if that's possible (at least in the Spanish forum it is). I don't see this as something positive, though. But if he wants to leave...
  7. there is a venezuelan guy that had a website and he did a comprehensive study related to that. I may someday put the link (if I find it )
  8. Hi,there I believe that "by the time the book was written" caligastia was still on Earth (or Urantia, if you prefer.) Today...We don't know. Even if it is still here we don't know, We just know that by the time the book was written Caligastia was still on Urantia. See ya!
  9. Hi, U-rantian. Not at all. I view it as Fetishism.
  10. so you think that the 12-12, or 11-11 midwayer signs are for real?
  11. yes meredith, I saw it. and i'm still thinking about it. what's your opinion about it?
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