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  1. Hi! Please you could explain what mean New Ageism, age discrimination? I have no idea what you're talking about, so I ask and investigate for myself. You say: One is God,You mean the material self is God?- No, it's just a Recognition that we Really are a Spirit whose temple is the body. It is a way of recognizing the indwelling spirit.It seems that some do not interpret what this mean. There are always people who have trouble understanding this, but not all. So we must be patient and tolerant because we can not rest to something without being able to give something better in return, If some do not understand the concept of the new age, the less they will understand the UB. not easy, certainly. The concepts are twisted, as so sometimes happens to us about the interpretation of the UB. Sometimes this concept is misunderstood and confused the meanings, what is ego, our small self, with the inner self our own Spirit Adjuster. God in us. But not ... This would be: And what means, Do the Will of the Father? Greetings, Alina ***
  2. I agree with you Raymond! The Spirit Adjuster is a wise guide and makes free ourselves of many prejudices, much disorientation and confusion. And so... we progress and grow, step by step ... Greetings, Alina ***
  3. There will be no Peace on Earth until we raise our eyes to heaven and we dive into its depths. When the true religion in place to enable the practice of Ethics, Hard to imagine in these times! This will bring a new world, unrecognizable to our current conditions. When this value is identified by humanity, anything is possible! Looking to the future, to our delight:
  4. Hello all! According to what I've been wondering, the New Age religion takes the meaning of religion, respecting the concept from its roots (from the Latin religare or re-legere) which means gather, unite what is separate, but Gather what? - Say it's finding the relationship between the lower and the higher self, it would be for us, seek unification with Spirit Thought Adjuster. Joining our material mind, with the Spirit resides in us, Ajustador Thought. The term religion is used by them, but in this sense is not as commonly accepted as if it were synonymous with religion or need an institution as intermediary. No, in that I totally agree. We speak of a personal religion, and means that, as Jesus taught us, the Religion of the Spirit ... Then, according to new concepts, there is no difference between saying religious or spiritual. It is the same.Surely, when people ask they respond that they are spiritual but not religious, so there is no confusion of people who do not know. Moreover, it is understandable that people link a religion with a prescribed institution or dogma. It is the heritage of the centuries! that is not actualized. For me, when the UB uses the term religion, if not specified, refers to the religion of the spirit, a personal religion. Also, I think you noticed that in the UB. appears a new term: religionist. Personal religion is the religion of the Spirit: (1729.6) 155:5.11 The religion of the spirit means effort, struggle, conflict, faith, determination, love, loyalty, and progress... (1729.7) 155:5.12 And Jesus went on to say: “At Jerusalem the religious leaders have formulated the various doctrines of their traditional teachers and the prophets of other days into an established system of intellectual beliefs, a religion of authority. The appeal of all such religions is largely to the mind. And now are we about to enter upon a deadly conflict with such a religion since we will so shortly begin the bold proclamation of a new religion — a religion which is not a religion in the present-day meaning of that word, a religion that makes its chief appeal to the divine spirit of my Father which resides in the mind of man; a religion which shall derive its authority from the fruits of its acceptance that will so certainly appear in the personal experience of all who really and truly become believers in the truths of this higher spiritual communion.” (1730.6) 155:6.2... . My Father is no respecter of races or generations in that the word of truth is vouchsafed one age and withheld from another. Commit not the folly of calling that divine which is wholly human, and fail not to discern the words of truth which come not through the traditional oracles of supposed inspiration. (1100.4) 100:6.2 The accepted supreme value of the religionist may be base or even false, but it is nevertheless religious. A religion is genuine to just the extent that the value which is held to be supreme is truly a cosmic reality of genuine spiritual worth. I'm more interested in addressing the issue from the coincidence, it seems more constructive.No since the differences, because the difference will always be reconciled, later... Greetings, Alina ***
  5. We are all women on strike! known word around here! I believe that women are more sensitive to affect us a vision, may be by a female faculty. Mary and Elizabeth, Mother would ... Here there is a very important factor because they presented Gabriel! But still would like to know the truth... Well, a quick response just because recently I see. Menno's question! Hope that is useful! Greetings, Rick and menno! Alina ***
  6. FanofVan, How I understand you! "There benign forms regarding the mystical" I think UB, has carefully mystical concept, by misuse, too often indiscriminate. We seek a religious experience, that moves us, encourage us, to show us, in a way, another reality. But such experiences or events in our lives can never be forced. Those who have a journey, wearing the soles of shoes, searching and searching .. know that the effort is worth, because we realized ... but after a long way ... we will not find a treasure, just around the corner, it could happen, but most likely it will not. Everything serves, we are making our capital, even when we were wrong, if we learn to use and maintain the property, we have already won. But not, kept in a box, sitting ...That's it! I have nothing more to do.No, every step, every stretch, costly, sometimes it is very difficult,While looking back at the road from where we started to where we are now, joy flows smoothly. because we realize that it has not been in vain so many sacrifices, so many disappointments. No one gives us anything, we have what belongs to us, and our ideal, to the front.Nobody can do anything for us, except ourselves. We will not get what we want from the bustle of the words, themselves or others, from the bustle of modern life.Is very close to what we want. but need a little quiet, be with yourself, listening to our inner being, so perhaps it may happen a connection with the Credit Bank, and the mystery is no more. You will not need to go, to and fro. I see people with their momentum, I see people believe, naively, that has information related to the spiritual and thus believes that there is nothing more to do. But the reality is difficult ... difficult to achieve. Credits are! we just have to learn to make good use of them, then find them. We are immensely rich, but often we forget. Love... Alina ***
  7. Absonite, it's not that I do not want to participate, I am interested in the concepts and their comparison with both the new and the old, but what I do not like it, attack those who might be new Readers of the UB. and I think this is not the way, it is not compatible with the teachings of the UB. Unless, with what Jesus taught us. Sorry. I already gave my opinion, here:
  8. Absonite, yes, maybe I did not quite understand well this point but I meant that you wrote: "And there are consequences for not getting it right: because whatever mistakes one makes determines the challenges and circumstances faced the next time around to"learn the lesson"." Anyway, it does not seem very wise to make such comparisons, it does not attract people and encourages discussions that lead nowhere. For what? What is the goal here? Everyone has their ideas. Whoever wants to come, come ...! Greetings, Alina ***
  9. Hello Absonite! It is not my interest to discuss the ideas of the New Age movement, I have answered about what I think. But, so that you can follow and as you asked me, I answered something; As far as I know, they do not think that God has no body, or that lacks personality. It's true God is all, this is also in the UB. and accepted by the New Age movement. To my knowledge, I have not seen, pantheism as you show it.. God the tree, tomato ... nooo But actually if we think of the Life Carriers life, eg some God is in everything: (396.2) 36:1.1...The Life Carriers are the offspring of three pre-existent personalities: the Creator Son, the Universe Mother Spirit, and, by designation, one of the three Ancients of Days presiding over the destinies of the superuniverse concerned... Nor do I see how fear, condemnation, and everything mention it, they call it the Universal Father. Yes, there may be remnants of bad experiences, but this is not exclusive members of the New Age ... I do not know about (the Enlightened, the Awakened) that's new for me. They have not associated religions, the contrary, one religion or the union of all. Cosmology What you have written is new to me, the only thing I can say is that nothing of fear. What is one of the poles that use universal laws, but are misunderstanding, I think. In the UB. we talk about levels ...The separation and unity are also in Revelations Process While I do not know the origin of what you say, this process is related to the ascent of the psychic circles.To my knowledge, are clear that the incense is only complement. But no punishment as you mention. They try to be relaxed, for meditations and that is a means to an end, does not seem neither good nor bad. I know the process is more related to practice kindness. I can not give detailed explanations, I've never been in a group of New Age, but I write what I know so has a friend who attends one. If you look, there is information on the web. I know there are other... perhaps you name one of these, under the name of New Age, there is a lot ... I return to the question: What would, or rather, What would Jesus say on this occasion? Greetings, Alina ***
  10. Hi Absonite: I think we should consider that there are many groups and not all the same, as it has no fixed rules. They are very diversified, no unit concepts. What I have seen here from New Age movements, does not fully is coincident with what you say, But of course, I do not doubt what you know, just like you're talking about one of the many currents of thought, but as I said in my previous post, there are many today who call themselves New Age. But many ... Thank you! Alina. ***
  11. Hi all! I agree FanofVan: Yes, with the intention of being fair, since many people who are with the New Age movement, I think it is to despise, would be counterproductive in light of the Urantia Revelations and Teachings of Jesus. I have acquaintances who are in this movement, otherwise very branched, and the truth is as FanofVan said, are seekers of truth. Beyond that many points do not match our philosophy, in other match, indeed, some are also UB, trying ... So instead of making a destructive criticism, on the other hand, not for us, it would be better to attract those people, who after all are fighting for a better world. The false prejudices do not help here, we know, They are brothers who fight for something better, moreover is other, and come to realize that at some points. they are going wrong, as we are wrong to try to understand ourselves, understand and recognize many new concepts that brings the UB. Those belonging New Age movement read this forum,Then, they are welcome, and it will, when making real consciousness that sometimes, how easy or illusory, not last, I say this because I know some little confidence in their own interpretation of the Universal Laws, in their experimentation. while it is true that the laws exist, they are not always well understood and applied. I know someone who has felt seriously frustrated because his decrees were not met, you should not go to such extremes. I tell you, the members of the New Age, which are very pleasing, seekers of true love, I recognize all their well-intentioned efforts to improve, have taken an important turn on the way up, have helped many people, but also invite you to read and study in depth the Fifth Revelation, you will realize that some ideas are related and some not, then everyone has free will. I also know that many of those belonging to a movement called New Age, this step, helps them to gain a better understanding Urantia Revelation. Yes, verily I say. because the base has an open mind, an interest in the search and the great desire to bring about positive change and look for love among men. God grant that all together, pioneers of a better world, we obtain our goal; Peace on earth and goodwill among men. This is what counts, at least as I see it. How had acted Master Jesus, at the light of the teachings of the UB. on this occasion? Do you think you? Goodness-Beauty-Truth Love... Alina ***
  12. Hi Nigel ! also for me is one of my favorites! The evolution of concepts, coordination (and evolution) of vocabularies! updating ideas lift us to higher planes. And then come on others... but at least for me I have much work to do with what we have here! Thanks... Alina *** Interesting quotes:
  13. Yes, it is true, it sure is more comfortable, and this is sometimes a trap.No evolves, in the deepest meaning of this word.This makes it dangerous, in my opinion, the person stagnates instead of progressing. For me what happens is that the philosophy of UB. is "the highest human philosophy" then it is logical that we find fragments of ancient philosophical schools. If is the highest levels of Human philosophy! (Not all, of course!)
  14. All schools in ancient or modern thought always contains some truth, but in reality I can create my own thinking if I get concepts with which to work, such as the UB. Creationism, is theological, and sees the world as God's creation.Emanacionism, the world emanates or flows of One. Surely if we find that some parts of Revelations tells us about creation and other about emanation. For me the big, big difference, is that we find clear concepts, much broader and more comprehensive and well defined and unified than at any other philosophy. Here two quotes, as an example, which express very well what I mean: Greetings, Alina ***
  15. Yes, well of a great honored, also resulting in becoming aware of the great responsibility It is a joy, but sometimes difficult, the realization that we who must carry forward to Urantia, beyond which are the Most those who govern us. Govern us, but let us do, meanwhile, It will be for small humans learn? In fact I think it is. The compensation is great, only contemplate the vastness of creation, and know by the Revelations that we are part of the Whole, is priceless. Urantia is unique but we are part of the Divine Plan. Alina ***
  16. Good day Rick, all! In this I was thinking, if it's a homómino? At some points seem to be coincidences, I have my doubts in others, but apparently could be! Understandably, since everything is mixed well! Yes...there are still mysteries to know actually, the fascinating story of the Immaculate Conception! The appearance of the angel, John name! I think, in fact, there are interventions in very Special cases. no? Wonders to learn about this "other world" Love... Alina ***
  17. Yes Scott, I think the same love I told you about, has a mother who lost a son to meet him, wherever he/she is. Love is the most powerful force of the Universe! Some quotes from Jesus: (1574.7) 140:5.14 It is easy to teach this admonition even to a child. Children are naturally trustful, and parents should see to it that they do not lose that simple faith. In dealing with children, avoid all deception and refrain from suggesting suspicion. Wisely help them to choose their heroes and select their lifework. (1575.4) 140:5.19 Children can easily be taught to function as peacemakers. They enjoy team activities; they like to play together. Said the Master at another time: “Whosoever will save his life shall lose it, but whosoever will lose his life shall find it.” (1241.3) 113:1.1 The teaching about guardian angels is not a myth; certain groups of human beings do actually have personal angels. It was in recognition of this that Jesus, in speaking of the children of the heavenly kingdom, said: “Take heed that you despise not one of these little ones, for I say to you, their angels do always behold the presence of the spirit of my Father.” Alina ***
  18. Yes, I do not know if all... the potential is much, but they understand and know more than we think, I'm sure. There is also the issue hereditary rather how they are raised, education ... They are also very sensitive and intuitive enough to recognize and respond to love, although it is not their biological parents.Such is the case of adopted children, who often do not even want to know who their parents are or were. Because, after all, is it easier to have them, the issue is to raise them, educate them, love them ... I do not know Scott, there's a lot to think about, but actually I trusted God and his Plans, Jesus loves them! Do not come into my head and in my heart, the idea that life can be extinguished by the inefficiency of their parents. I tell you the truth, I can not think that, knowing what we know! So, somehow, if it's not what I believe, surely be another, but not the extinction of an innocent life. You have children, nephews, or friends that have them? If so, watch them and laugh with them, as Jesus did! Love... Alina ***
  19. Dear Scott, I would like to clarify something, though it would be almost unnecessary, but just in case. Okay? I am not the owner of the Absolute truth, I write what is the product of my current understanding, For me there is no contradiction, I'm thinking, studying, trying to understand; one thing is the register of the universe, before birth, apparently there is a pre-register.Remember that the pattern, the original model is in Paradise, and the other is the register of Salvigton, from birth in the flesh, to departure,death. Obviously, who has rejected survival is deleting files in order of the Ancients of Days, as one quote (not textual) "Like it never existed" It is logical to consider and care for children until the arrival of their parents, whether these biological or parents who will take care of them to experience of raising children(-This is a deduction mine, no quotes-) While waiting "are under the protection of their Guardian Angels, who become their Masters and supervised by a Mequisedek"(531.6) Meanwhile they continue to learn, because do not forget that in the mansion worlds learning is resumed at the point at which we left here, on Urantia, and this has also happened with the children. As you know, children, before the arrival of the Spirit Adjuster, have learned many things, even as it is common to read before age five, read and reason, sometimes better than adults.The chidren have learned lot of things! Further according to the quote (below) also states that:"Those attaining the third circle, regardless of the status of their parents, are accorded personal guardians" (570.2) 49:6.13 In due course Thought Adjusters come to indwell these little ones, while the seraphic ministry to both groups of the probationary-dependent orders of survival is in general similar to that of the more advanced parent or is equivalent to that of the parent in case only one survives. Those attaining the third circle, regardless of the status of their parents, are accorded personal guardians. A guardian angel must be different to another personal guardians.who has been personalized, no? Greetings, Alina ***
  20. Thank you Rick! that's interesting I did not know the story. And she was almost ignored! Ruth was the youngest andthe only one who was always loyal to Jesus, who understood more, being his own family, even Mary, failed to fully understand the mission, much less the extraordinary message that in all his life Jesus left us. ...His mother constantly wavered between attitudes of fluctuating faith and hope, and increasing emotions of disappointment, humiliation, and despair. Only Ruth, the youngest, remained unswervingly loyal to her father-brother.(1538.1) 138:0.1 Not only were these months of quiet work a great test to the apostles, a test which they survived, but this season of public inactivity was a great trial to Jesus’ family. By the time Jesus was prepared to launch forth on his public work, his entire family (except Ruth) had practically deserted him. On only a few occasions did they attempt to make subsequent contact with him, and then it was to persuade him to return home with them, for they came near to believing that he was beside himself. They simply could not fathom his philosophy nor grasp his teaching; it was all too much for those of his own flesh and blood.(1546.4) 138:9.2 Thanks... Alina ***
  21. “The power of this kingdom shall consist, not in the strength of armies nor in the might of riches, but rather in the glory of the divine spirit that shall come to teach the minds and rule the hearts of the reborn citizens of this heavenly kingdom, the sons of God. This is the brotherhood of love wherein righteousness reigns, and whose battle cry shall be: Peace on earth and good will to all men. This kingdom, which you are so soon to go forth proclaiming, is the desire of the good men of all ages, the hope of all the earth, and the fulfillment of the wise promises of all the prophets. (140:1.3) *******
  22. Good Sunday Rick, all! Certainly Jesus' earthly parents were ordinary people, but still were ideal for the upbringing and education of Jesus. (1317.3) 119:7.7 Jesus’ human parents were average people of their day and generation, and this incarnated Son of God was thus born of woman and was reared in the ordinary manner of the children of that race and age. But not everyone possessed cultural conditions so favorable to give him an education so complete which was very beneficial for Jesus: Greetings, Alina ***
  23. The superb technique of the spiritual world
  24. Thanks Raymond! You gave me an interesting idea on the issue of people who have not been able or unwilling to raise children on Urantia since, according to Revelations, both men and women, should have the experience of raising at least three children. If not here, in the mansion worlds. (Is the quote but, at this moment, I have no time to search) Therefore, there arises a question - Where are they from, who are this children who are raised in the mansion worlds for those who have not here? It seems to me that the answer is not very difficult to answer. Thank you! Greetings. Alina ***
  25. Hi all! There is life, there is personality, then there is hope. I write this because the personality, is donated to the creature as a gift is received at the time of his/her birth. Recall that the pattern, the original model is in Paradise. And the models are strictly controlled. "...But the presence phenomenon of a personality or the pattern of an identity, as such, is not a manifestation of energy, either physical, mindal, or spiritual. The personality form is the pattern aspect of a living being; it connotes the arrangement of energies, and this, plus life and motion, is the mechanism of creature existence"(42:12.9) So if the child dies before receiving his Spirit Adjuster, bears his personality and is received in the mansion worlds, and continues to evolve assisted by Masters Mansion World in nursery probationary morontia worlds. ( Also Here we are in world probationary, we are in this experimental planet!) They, the children are under the protection of their Guardian Angels, who become their Masters! and supervised by a Mequisedek!(531.6) Not so important, All-important if parents come or not, of course that is emotionally better, and otherwise, but if that were the case, the child, as Raymond says, could be raised by couples who have not had children in Urantia, something that seems very logic! Do not forget that here too there are "adopted" children. Anyway, for me, the child has ample chances of survival. Both as the one we live on Urantia. If children receive their Adjusters five years, as if they were living on Urantia! (532.1) 47:2.3 On the nursery world, probationary creatures are grouped according to whether or not they have Adjusters, for the Adjusters come to indwell these material children just as on the worlds of time. Children of pre-Adjuster ages are cared for in families of five, ranging in ages from one year and under up to approximately five years, or that age when the Adjuster arrives. This issue is serious, very sensitive and as such should be treated gently. Greetings, Alina ***
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