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  1. Hi Nelson! I think these quotes speak better than me, very clear.
  2. Nooo Nelson, I think in the Age of Light and Life, just started ... (630.7) 55:6.4 The Adjusters continue to come as in former evolutionary eras, and as the epochs pass, these mortals are increasingly able to commune with the indwelling Father fragment. During the embryonic and prespiritual stages of development the adjutant mind-spirits are still functioning. The Holy Spirit and the ministry of angels are even more effective as the successive epochs of settled life are experienced. In the fourth stage of light and life the advanced mortals seem to experience considerable conscious contact with the spirit presence of the Master Spirit of superuniverse jurisdiction, while the philosophy of such a world is focused upon the attempt to comprehend the new revelations of God the Supreme. More than one half of the human inhabitants on planets of this advanced status experience translation to the morontia state from among the living. Even so, “old things are passing away; behold, all things are becoming new.” Greetings, Alina ***
  3. No provision for spiritual self-examination? I think it is not necessary, if this refers to ancient beliefs. It's best to live life as best you can, morals, ethics derived from religious and spiritual experience, for me the best proof that consciousness can exist. If we pay attention, day by day, minute by minute ... What better examination of conscience, to live as well as possible and take advantage of our successes and our mistakes and act accordingly? Of course, this is more difficult, requires effort as wrote Bonita Grandfanda topic. I was thinking about the value of experience. I can I watch? -Yes, I can see my growth, my awareness of the progress or static, also from the error. Then he asked me; Should I remove all memory of my previous experiences to grow? - No, no way, because all of them, good and evil, right andwrong, have formed the basis for what I am today. This serves in my mental file for me to grow? - Definitely, Yes! All experience is valuable, because they are the steps by which we ascends, the important fact is to realize and acknowledge to separate the good from the bad, not as criticism, but to enhance future experiences. I think that only destroys the unwanted, ie what is useless, which lacks the value, which is too shallow. How will I grow if I delete my experiences and I do not take it as part of learning in this planet decimal? The answer is very simple: -If it did, there is no growth, only a continued ... start again from 0. The Supreme walking with us, together we can grow for growth of everything, but if we stop, or walk back, we lose everything. When a new experience in life, should in my opinion, always have a connection, a door to the past, to be able to open it, from time to time to see if I'm really making progress. Everyone is the architect of itself, each is a pioneer in life, because we are learning... But of course, as Jesus said "...would not destroy the door but rather would seek for the key wherewith to unlock it.” For me, this means that we try very gently and discretion when evaluating our past, present and future.For me, this is a good examination. Greetings to all! Alina ***
  4. Hi! After all, the greatest human achievement, it is part of the Supreme the synthesis is the result of the union of personality-Adjuster. But the effort, our decisions, faith, ideals... guide us on the path of righteousness. As Jesus had lived Extraordinary both human and divine capacity, experienced the reality of the Supreme and this was the cause to achieve the Supreme Sovereignty of the local universe.
  5. Yes, it is wonderful Bonita! The Spirit of Truth is with us! "This is the way" Something to remember about the divine synthesis to take account, with the purpose absonite reaching. And this begins from here. (135.10) 12:5.11 The human personality is not merely a concomitant of time-and-space events; the human personality can also act as the cosmic cause of such events. (1287.2) 117:5.11 Even the experience of man and Adjuster must find echo in the divinity of God the Supreme, for, as the Adjusters experience, they are like the Supreme, and the evolving soul of mortal man is created out of the pre-existent possibility for such experience within the Supreme. (1287.3) 117:5.12 In this manner do the manifold experiences of all creation become a part of the evolution of Supremacy. Creatures merely utilize the qualities and quantities of the finite as they ascend to the Father; the impersonal consequences of such utilization remain forever a part of the living cosmos, the Supreme person. (1287.4) 117:5.13 What man himself takes with him as a personality possession are the character consequences of the experience of having used the mind and spirit circuits of the grand universe in his Paradise ascent. When man decides, and when he consummates this decision in action, man experiences, and the meanings and the values of this experience are forever a part of his eternal character on all levels, from the finite to the final. Cosmically moral and divinely spiritual character represents the creature’s capital accumulation of personal decisions which have been illuminated by sincere worship, glorified by intelligent love, and consummated in brotherly service.
  6. Yes, the choice is ours, between these cosmic tensions we must find the balance needed to learn to know how to choose, between truth and error. (1300.6) 118:7.2 Even the supreme correlation of all past, present, and future choice does not invalidate the authenticity of such choosings. It rather indicates the foreordained trend of the cosmos and suggests foreknowledge of those volitional beings who may, or may not, elect to become contributory parts of the experiential actualization of all reality. (1300.7) 118:7.3 Error in finite choosing is time bound and time limited. It can exist only in time and within the evolving presence of the Supreme Being. Such mistaken choosing is time possible and indicates (besides the incompleteness of the Supreme) that certain range of choice with which immature creatures must be endowed in order to enjoy universe progression by making freewill contact with reality. (1301.1) 118:7.4 Sin in time-conditioned space clearly proves the temporal liberty — even license — of the finite will. Sin depicts immaturity dazzled by the freedom of the relatively sovereign will of personality while failing to perceive the supreme obligations and duties of cosmic citizenship.
  7. True, For me Jesus is an example on how to live the Supreme. HE revealed the creatures to God of Time. (1291.9) 117:7.5 3. The Supreme is not completely real to universe creatures, but there are many reasons for deducing that he is quite real to the Sevenfold Deity, extending from the Universal Father on Paradise to the Creator Sons and the Creative Spirits of the local universes. (1279.2) 117:1.4 The will of the Creator and the will of the creature are qualitatively different, but they are also experientially akin, for creature and Creator can collaborate in the achievement of universe perfection. Man can work in liaison with God and thereby cocreate an eternal finaliter. God can work even as humanity in the incarnations of his Sons, who thereby achieve the supremacy of creature experience. (1279.3) 117:1.5 In the Supreme Being, Creator and creature are united in one Deity whose will is expressive of one divine personality. And this will of the Supreme is something more than the will of either creature or Creator, even as the sovereign will of the Master Son of Nebadon is now something more than a combination of the will of divinity and humanity. The union of Paradise perfection and time-space experience yields a new meaning value on deity levels of reality.
  8. Yeah, the "big brother" the companion on the way up! also the Supreme "the God of time"
  9. Thanks Bonita! Yes... "infinitesimal" I think it's this, although I know that there is another that is similar. I was just reading that! Since I'm here I copy that and add one more. Interesting. Greetings, Alina ***
  10. Thanks Bonita, but it is not I seek, the one I have in mind is the word infradecimal or similar. The most probable, as often happens, is that it is within the pages of another Paper. But keep looking! Not the first time through with that quote, hides, I had copied and kept apart long ago, but not now find it!
  11. Hi to all! In my words, we evolve and contribute to the evolution of the Supreme, while the evolution of the Supreme helps us in our own evolution. There is a quote that I can not encounter, which says the percentage that is minimal, infradecimal, which is what the Supreme lost, or rather, not win when the mortal rejects survival. (If any of you remember where is , please be copied here?) Alina ***
  12. http://urantia.invis...t/page__st__440 #460
  13. Hello Nelson, Scott! It seems to me that these quotes can also be used: Greetings, Alina ***
  14. Hello Bonita! Thank you Meredith! mmm... I think, because I'm remembering an old - new project... Perhaps this is why, Congrats if so! Well, we're going to find! Much love to you too! Alina ***
  15. Yes, Dear Meredith! "Individually" values ​​are not lost, never, neither I nor anyone else we will lose our contributions, we will not lose anything of real value because they do not appear anywhere else, but what is lost is the history of the forum, mainly miss lot of study material for new students of UB, students come and there is much work already done, This value is lost, although that is not permanent it? depends on how you look. because aid, support for study is reflected in numerous threads, here. I honestly do not care about my own posts, but I can not help but notice the many issues, many pages, so much work, hours and hours of esudio and dedication to write, reply ... lost ... not useful in the future, I also understand your point of view, maybe you know something I do not know, because for some very important, but, very important reason must have decided to do this. Right now, so many people need to have a word of hope? if it is true, all are the same book, but the testimony of so many people, their understandings and insights, help a lot, one way or help, even from the discrepancies between students. But ... everything to be by and for the good. For Truth, Beauty, Goodness, for our Father in heaven and on Urantia . So be it ... Love... Thanks You Merediht! All the best to you! Alina ***
  16. Hi Rick! I started writing on this topic OPAD, I knew almost nothing of the English language, only copying additional quotes. Well, now something I improve and I can write on almost any topic. not as I would like but I can intervene.Thanks friend! Thank you very much for your perseverance and good will! Much love... Alina ***
  17. Bradly. Me too, I am very grateful to the Administrators and Moderators. Moreover, because I know it's not easy work, certainly, and do not receive money for it, is a service provided by the desire to serve, I appreciate it at heart, to each and every one of them, for the work done to keep the forum! THANK YOU... LOVE... Alina ***
  18. Hi Rick, all! Pike, Bradly: Of course you can keep the files, it does not cost anything; here we lack data. but to us. Here are thousands of post since many years ago, so are removing value to the contributions of many readers of the UB. Too bad. Love. Alina ***
  19. Hello Raymond, all! For me, is so: The Deity sevenfold is who accompanies us on our journey up from here to Paradise. We begin by recognizing our Sovereign, Michael of Nebadon and his divinity, and we then ascend the Ancients of Days, we also recognize one of the Seven Master Spirits. All this with the guidance of our Spirit Adjuster, either here on earth or fused as individuality. Greetings, Alina ***
  20. Hi Raymond! I think the fusion with the Father or the Spirit would be linked to the deity, but the godlikeness can be achieved step by step, through the Thought Adjusters. But first we must ascend the seven psychic circles, in the mansion worlds achieve fusion. Unless exceptions in which the fusion takes place here. Also remember God the Sevenfold: Alina ***
  21. Let's see if this what you mean, But the realm of the whole (totality) can not be perceived by a human ... ( Alina ***
  22. Hello Raymond! I do not understand exactly you question Raymond, but our being divine, can not be in cotradistinction with Deity, I think that is the Eternal Son who through his spiritual gravity attracts to itself all personalities and spiritual realities. That answer your question, or something else? (4.7) 0:2.13 2. God the Son — Co-ordinate Creator, Spirit Controller, and Spiritual Administrator. The Eternal Son, the Second Person of Deity. Greetings! Alina ***
  23. Hello and thanks... Bradly. The bridge, first we build, we must have a genuine desire to do so, the strength of true love. The Spirit of the Father in our inner self is who guides us, Because the Father is Love, but First is Universal Spirit, eternal Truth, infinite Reality, and Personality. Greetings, Alina ***
  24. Absonite, The answer is my today post #52 ... but please read and think... God is more, much more than a simple, merely human concept! This does not mean that we do not use "concepts" to try to understand, but will always be too partial ... more, even when it comes to God. I do not know why you want write to me if UB. is full of concepts ... or you do not know ... Foreword
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