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  1. Jesus’ Teaching about the Kingdom
  2. Both Nelson, both because: (1862.8) 170:3.11 By teaching that the kingdom is within, by exalting the individual, Jesus struck the deathblow of the old society in that he ushered in the new dispensation of true social righteousness. This new order of society the world has little known because it has refused to practice the principles of the gospel of the kingdom of heaven. And when this kingdom of spiritual pre-eminence does come upon the earth, it will not be manifested in mere improved social and material conditions, but rather in the glories of those enhanced and enriched spiritual values which are characteristic of the approaching age of improved human relations and advancing spiritual attainments. Clearly it? without his divinity had not taught the new religion and proclaim that the kingdom is within us! Greetings, Alina ***
  3. Hello to all! It would not be strange that within not too long, requiring the direct intervention of Urantia Melchizedek. It is not difficult to deduce if we look at our world as it is these days. From all angles, there are very marked imbalances, but that would not be anything important if we had with the ability to project the future, but it turns out that this is not in sight, such is the degree of complexity that is submerged Urantia in this time of transition. Still being optimistic, positive, fearless, temporal reality we come to experience and is for those who want to see it. The indifference is pathetic Or is it something else? But my attention as people prefer to remain in the distractions of life, instead of addressing the issues and think about the future to come. Because civilization is at risk if ...three quarters of its youth enter materialistic professions and devote themselves to the pursuit of the sensory activities of the outer world.
  4. Thanks Menno! Also one of mine! Greetings friend! Alina ***
  5. Hello Mary, all! I also got angry when I began to realize that the life of Jesus could not be just what the Bible said, and neither had we. I felt, from very small, it could not be possible that just entered the church, saw the spectacle of Jesus on the cross. I did not like, I was sad and wanted to go how would I be able to love Jesus? At that time it was very sad in the church, I did not like going to church, but I was drawn to see everything, even the beautiful architecture.I did not like, I was sad and wanted to go, how would I be able to love Jesus? So, as you say Mary, reading the Life and teachings of Jesus UB and discover his human and divine personality, filled me with great joy! I thought, of course! Jesus' life was spent not on a cross! But first, there was speculation much impressed with everything, with fear, with the negative. instead of love, of reality, of joy. Jesus showed us. as distant and unattainable, almost unreal. Jesus is joy, "be very happy" Love... Alina ***
  6. Hi TruthFinde, all...What true Bonita- Carolina! What would we do without him, without He and his teachings and example? This world, for me, it would be meaningless for lack of guidance. One may question that we have the Spirit of God within us, and it's True. Wonderful! But Jesus, ours Master, Friend, Brother, provided us with everything we need to live life on this planet, and He have a legacy, the Religion of the Spirit! then left us All! (1729.6) 155:5.11 The religion of the spirit means effort, struggle, conflict, faith, determination, love, loyalty, and progress. The religion of the mind — the theology of authority — requires little or none of these exertions from its formal believers. Tradition is a safe refuge and an easy path for those fearful and halfhearted souls who instinctively shun the spirit struggles and mental uncertainties associated with those faith voyages of daring adventure out upon the high seas of unexplored truth in search for the farther shores of spiritual realities as they may be discovered by the progressive human mind and experienced by the evolving human soul. (1862.8) 170:3.11 By teaching that the kingdom is within, by exalting the individual, Jesus struck the deathblow of the old society in that he ushered in the new dispensation of true social righteousness. This new order of society the world has little known because it has refused to practice the principles of the gospel of the kingdom of heaven. And when this kingdom of spiritual pre-eminence does come upon the earth, it will not be manifested in mere improved social and material conditions, but rather in the glories of those enhanced and enriched spiritual values which are characteristic of the approaching age of improved human relations and advancing spiritual attainments. Love... Alina ***
  7. Agree brother! Patience and time are Good Teachers! Here two quotes about forbearance- patience
  8. Beautiful and very true! Thanks for thisTruthFinde ! Love Alina ***
  9. I understand you dear brother! I do not know, in addition to everything I've written why a forum should be private to deprive persons who read, actually I know, but better do not say nothing more. We will communicate by mail. The moral and ethical values,come when advance, when changing from the inside, when real awareness Maybe must be suddenly? Many people are reading in solitude, on the one hand is good, you think for yourself and the Spirit of Thought guide you to greater understanding. But every so often need to share with others, is very nice, too. Beware of cold. affection to your family! Love and Peace Until Father join us together again. Alina *** PS; I hit my last post below, because it was on the previous page.
  10. Hello all! I'm thinking; Since it appeared the information about these "sudden changes" many doubts, many twists and turns have been avoided if the Committee took out this project, had informed us! details about their plans! (as it does regularly about events, conferences, travel etc) Because transparency in the actions of this nature are extremely important, in order to avoid unnecessary uncertainties. Since early 2007 I am participating very actively in the forums of the IAU and I think with this I am working on maintaining the forum, within my means, to aid in the understanding of Revelation, it is obvious that some people will not match my ideas, but that's my best intentions, every time I talk about a topic does not interest me to always be right, or seek any personal benefit. All together, exchanging ideas and insights. So I think I have and we all have the right to receive information when logic will make profound changes "sudden and unexpected" I must say that all this removes tranquility to my soul and fills me with questions, but mentally I close my door when is necessary. It is desirable that everyone has the right as God gave us free choice, but sometimes do not know if it's just an initial boost in post of curiosity, novelty, or decision is based after serene meditations about the subject. Not good for the for dissemination, we have to reach these limits "spectacular" What would have been different if had explained respecting our right to know the Why? For what? Thus many speculations have been avoided, false and/ or True! Not everything new is always better, nor everything old is dischargeable. Especially when the time is ripe and should not destroy what has value, at least for me. To think. Someone watching us from within and from without. Always. Greetings to all! Alina ***
  11. Agree Bonita, for that reason and others is that I want to know more. Greetings, Alina ***
  12. Dear Meredith, sorry but I still do not understand ... I have a page where everyone can read and write, being registered, of course, and I pay $ 20 for one year. So what is the goal? being that people who work in maintaining the forum (webmaster, administrators, moderators) are volunteers? Adding the chat does not require great expense. Of course, paying $ 20 is not expensive.Here would also be the cost of four kilos of good steer beef. But anyway What is the goal? Another question: payment. is per month, per year, for once? Thank you again! Sorry for the inconvenience, but I have curiosity to understand some points. And also serve for those who are wondering what I, but not write for advice All the best to you too! Alina ***
  13. Dear Merediht! I'm surprised, because I just realized something. Maintaining a website (the Forum Hosting) costs $ 20 a year, at least here. Or is it that I do not quite understand your post? Much love and thanks! Alina ***
  14. Thanks Rick! I know that Moderators and Administrators are not responsible for all decisions. Will history repeat? Here are thousands of post, (Rick has written the amount) of the pioneers of the first students of the Fifth Revelation. What better incentive for those to come? with successes, with errors. Do not think that I am not in favor of renewal, of change, because it is not necessary so, even adapting to these changes.This is evolution at all. But like everything in life think you have to know what is going to change, why and for what. What is the aim? If this is higher, if it is to acquire more goods for our spiritual growth, well, the change should be made. And past experience the'll keep in our memory, as base, but not forgotten to let them file it where no one can see it ... It is very logical and understandable that some day all this should be filed, but someday ... when is the right time and has evolved in higher levels,Compared with current. But for now, how we follow the evolution of thought, the insights of this group (forum) if suddenly we cut? the thread ideas would break.the continuity and evolution in the different topics. How to see if all that growth has been archived and forgotten? And ultimately, does it not ask might expose of all, closed for that no longer can write more, but to serve as a place of consultation? Here is a quote that I use an analogy: Perhaps we will find in the new forum, beings with great experienecia,very enlightened and experts? Returning to the above, for me, is not yet time, lack long way to go from where we are, but what we will leave, after filing an adventure uncertain. The information is scarce, it seems it would be a financial problem, but there are other ways to achieve contributions... But of course, I'm writing from what little I know, no responsible for this desicion we announced anything, do not know their names, I know nothing ... I'm sorry, I'm really sorry. but this is what I can perceive at this time. Sincerely and with my best intentions. What is the Best! Greetings to all! Alina ***
  15. Hello! I am traveling and I can not write as me pleased, but this is an outrage! Looks like a social page, the kind that abound! Delete this forum with all its valuable contents, history, to change this? To whom they may have happened? Where is the judgment, reason, logic ...? I do not think this action is approved "from Above" Just pray to God, so that those responsible, rethink what ... Alina ***
  16. Hello to all! I think this quote helps us a lot. LOVE Alina ***
  17. True, the word comprehend. has a deeper meaning in the UB. not as commonly used.I use it from that perspective. It would be something like as of a small branch that we put into the land. born a new plant... Comprehend is, for example, take a teaching and then, ensure that penetrate our mind until identify with it, until it hits deeper levels of consciousness compared to what we had before. Greetings, Alina ***
  18. Absonite, not deplete the Grand Universe reflexivity in the Age of Light and Life.We will continue on the path upward evolutionary experiences. To fully use the potential is still a long time ... Only in that distant time when all universes will exhaust all possible potential. and.. ...when all creatures attain the final level of finite existence, and after total universe development makes possible their attainment of God the Supreme as an actual divinity presence, then, inherent in the fact of such contact, is contact with total experience. The finite of time contains within itself the seeds of eternity; and we are taught that, when the fullness of evolution witnesses the exhaustion of the capacity for cosmic growth, the total finite will embark upon the absonite phases of the eternal career in quest of the Father as Ultimate. 117.5.14
  19. Of course, the evolutionary experience is to perfect the imperfect beings, but spiritual beings Havoners and Paradise are already perfect. So mortals not be perfect, but improved. For Havoners, we are the adventurers of time and space and like to hear our stories. (this is a quote) Alina ***
  20. I think that's the point Absonite, I do not know if it is exactly the "enlightenment" as we say sometimes, but I think, it is felt that the ideal of light and life, with all that implies, and want to bring it to life. While this clash with the logical limitations of the outside world.
  21. Of course, everything written before. not mean that each individual can for its own development internally be living in the age of light and life, or at any other time, it's personal growth and independently. of the stage is the universe. right?
  22. To continue spinning the thought: For me, this quote means that when all evolutionary possibilities are exhausted,when the entire universe has a chance to reach an understanding of the infinite, by the total experience of the Supreme (since everything is registered in the Supreme) is completed reflexivity of the Reflective Spirits. But as in the time is also eternity, the reality of the "seeds of eternity" and when exhaust all potential cosmic growth, because these are already present and there would be more potential for growth, then, all together, all the finite amount would to the search of the Father Ultimate. Alina ***
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