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  1. .About this fantastic symbolic myth of the grape vine:


    "...the earth will yield its fruits ten thousandfold, and on one vine there will be a thousand branches, and each branch will produce a thousand clusters, and each cluster will produce a thousand grapes, and each grape will produce a gallon of wine...." P.1518 - 6


    No sources outside the UB were found.











    I think it relates to the mind and the mind of the spirit associated, yield its fruits.

    This has a multiplier power because if we progress we leave that legacy to our descendants and thus, growth and abundance of these goods, will extend ...


    It is a service for ourselves and for posterity.



    (1930.3) 178:1.6...In the gospel of the kingdom there resides the mighty Spirit of Truth, and presently I will pour out this same spirit upon all flesh. The fruits of the spirit, your sincere and loving service, are the mighty social lever to uplift the races of darkness, and this Spirit of Truth will become your power-multiplying fulcrum.


    Much Love...




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    Hi Alina,


    Agree, it was a wonderful event, a positive sign of God's benign over-control mixed with mercy and finally justice. Hope we can someday learn all that transpired up there at his campsite. You get the sense that Jesus' perspective on his mission and his former life ballooned enormously while on Mt Hermon, don't you? And his old self just dropped away, scaffolding that is was.


    Those are perfect quotes to go with this. Thank you.

    Yes Rick! For me, absolutely amazing, awesome event in the life of the Master.

    For once and forever, in one action Superhuman Jesus accomplished overcome evil.

    Something that costs us... step ... by ... step ...


    To think that we

    have shown a Jesus of miracles!

    But... How small! are those



    Thank You!


    Alina :)


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  3. Rick Warren, on 18 Jun 2013 - 07:59 AM, said:


    How rare this achievement?:


    ...Jesus became absolutely assured of his nature and of the certainty of his triumph over the material levels of time-space personality manifestation.... P.1493 - 4


    We must here ask if everyone has this potential? And should we each one set aside a time, at some point in life, to go alone to be with our Adjuster and attempt to ascend the final circles?



    Hello Rick! :)


    I believe that in fact, we have that potential, that of overcoming evil. in its many manifestations and triumph over the material levels

    The achievement of Jesus on Mount Hermon shows, to me, that there are possibilities of struggle and choice.

    There are tests, there are opportunities ...

    For Jesus was the greatest test for the final achievement, for it he said, “The period of rest is over; I must return to my Father’s business.He was a silent and much changed man..." 134:8.10


    Of course he had changed...

    Of course, he felt this change and was silent ... if Jesus was a new man probably many new thoughts hovered in his mind.


    A Wonderful event!


    Some quotes reminders:


    (616.1) 54:4.2 Parents, those who have borne and reared children,are better able to understand why Michael, a Creator-father,might be slow to condemn and destroy his own Sons. Jesus’ story of the prodigal son well illustrates how a loving father can long wait for the repentance of an erring child.


    (617.6) 54:5.6 5. Regardless of Michael’s attitude toward Lucifer, notwithstanding his being Lucifer’s Creator-father, it was not in the province of the Creator Son to exercise summary jurisdiction over the apostate System Sovereign because he had not then completed his bestowal career, thereby attaining unqualified sovereignty of Nebadon.


    Much Love...




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  4. Good Day Rick! :)



    P.1479 - §6 My son, I have already told you much about the mind of man and the divine spirit that lives therein, but now let me emphasize that self-consciousness is a reality. When any animal becomes self-conscious, it becomes a primitive man. Such an attainment results from a co-ordination of function between impersonal energy and spirit-conceiving mind, and it is this phenomenon which warrants the bestowal of an absolute focal point for the human personality, the spirit of the Father in heaven.


    P.1480 - §2 A human mind, built up solely out of the consciousness of physical sensations, could never attain spiritual levels; this kind of material mind would be utterly lacking in a sense of moral values and would be without a guiding sense of spiritual dominance which is so essential to achieving harmonious personality unity in time, and which is inseparable from personality survival in eternity.



    I am interested in "the mind can conceive the spirit" for itsintimate relationship with the Thought Adjuster. For me there is transcends oneself (ego) to be able to "conceive is the spirit."
    This transcend physical reality through the mind, and therefore gain ever higher levels of consciousness, all of which coincides with the progression of the seven psychic circles of thought.
    More and more truth is obtained, persevere, and get step further, the progressive state of personality unification.The levels of thought and feeling increasingly higher are possible, even on Urantia as Jesus taught. mainly with his example.



    (1216.6)111:1.5 Mortal mind is a temporary intellect system loaned to human beings for use during a material lifetime, and as they use this mind, they are either accepting or rejecting the potential of eternal existence. Mind is about all you have of universe reality that is subject to your will, and the soul — the morontia self — will faithfully portray the harvest of the temporal decisions which the mortal self is making. Human consciousness rests gently upon the electrochemical mechanism below and delicately touches the spirit-morontia energy system above. Of neither of these two systems is the human being ever completely conscious in his mortal life; therefore must he work in mind, of which he is conscious. And it is not so much what mind comprehends as what mind desires to comprehend that insures survival; it is not so much what mind is like as what mind is striving to be like that constitutes spirit identification. It is not so much that man is conscious of God as that man yearns for God that results in universe ascension. What you are today is not so important as what you are becoming day by day and in eternity.


    (1217.1)111:1.6 Mind is the cosmic instrument on which the human will can play the discords of destruction, or upon which this same human will can bring forth the exquisite melodies of God identification and consequent eternal survival. The Adjuster bestowed upon man is, in the last analysis, impervious to evil and incapable of sin, but mortal mind can actually be twisted, distorted, and rendered evil and ugly by the sinful machinations of a perverse and self-seeking human will. Likewise can this mind be made noble, beautiful, true, and good — actually great — in accordance with the spirit-illuminated will of a God-knowing human being.


    (1217.2)111:1.7 Evolutionary mind is only fully stable and dependable when manifesting itself upon the two extremes of cosmic intellectuality — the wholly mechanized and the entirely spiritualized. Between the intellectual extremes of pure mechanical control and true spirit nature there intervenes that enormous group of evolving and ascending minds whose stability and tranquillity are dependent upon personality choice and spirit identification.




    LOVE to All!




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  5. Hello Rick, all!



    1477 - §2 Quantity may be identified as a fact, thus becoming a scientific uniformity. Quality, being a matter of mind interpretation, represents an estimate of values, and must, therefore, remain an experience of the individual. When both science and religion become less dogmatic and more tolerant of criticism, philosophy will then begin to achieve unity in the intelligent comprehension of the universe.

    P.1477 - §3 There is unity in the cosmic universe if you could only discern its workings in actuality. The real universe is friendly to every child of the eternal God. The real problem is: How can the finite mind of man achieve a logical, true, and corresponding unity of thought? This universe-knowing state of mind can be had only by conceiving that the quantitative fact and the qualitative value have a common causation in the Paradise Father. Such a conception of reality yields a broader insight into the purposeful unity of universe phenomena; it even reveals a spiritual goal of progressive personality achievement. And this is a concept of unity which can sense the unchanging background of a living universe of continually changing impersonal relations and evolving personal relationships.


    Much quality in these quotes!
    Would like to write long ... but I think the following quote says a lot, I think the apparent separation between science and religion is a "human invention" because:"Never, then, can either science or religion, in and of themselves, standing alone, hope to gain an adequate understanding of universal truths and relationships without the guidance of human philosophy and the illumination of divine revelation(1135.7)

    (1135.4)103:6.2 When man approaches the study and examination of his universe from the outside, he brings into being the various physical sciences; when he approaches the research of himself and the universe from the inside, he gives origin to theology and metaphysics. The later art of philosophy develops in an effort to harmonize the many discrepancies which are destined at first to appear between the findings and teachings of these two diametrically opposite avenues of approaching the universe of things and beings.


    (1135.5)103:6.3 Religion has to do with the spiritual viewpoint, the awareness of the insideness of human experience. Man’s spiritual nature affords him the opportunity of turning the universe outside in. It is therefore true that, viewed exclusively from the insideness of personality experience, all creation appears to be spiritual in nature.


    (1135.6)103:6.4 When man analytically inspects the universe through the material endowments of his physical senses and associated mind perception, the cosmos appears to be mechanical and energy-material. Such a technique of studying reality consists in turning the universe inside out.


    (1135.7)103:6.5 A logical and consistent philosophic concept of the universe cannot be built up on the postulations of either materialism or spiritism, for both of these systems of thinking, when universally applied, are compelled to view the cosmos in distortion, the former contacting with a universe turned inside out, the latter realizing the nature of a universe turned outside in. Never, then, can either science or religion, in and of themselves, standing alone, hope to gain an adequate understanding of universal truths and relationships without the guidance of human philosophy and the illumination of divine revelation.









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  6. P.1474 - §2 The miller he taught about grinding up the grains of truth in the mill of living experience so as to render the difficult things of divine life readily receivable by even the weak and feeble among one's fellow mortals. Said Jesus: "Give the milk of truth to those who are babes in spiritual perception. In your living and loving ministry serve spiritual food in attractive form and suited to the capacity of receptivity of each of your inquirers."

    Good Day Rick !
    Is so difficult to choose a single teaching! are all very enlightening and embrace many interesting aspects.
    I like this as complement because it helps in the experiences and serve us spiritual food for everyone...


    (552.6)48:6.8 Even on Urantia they counsel the human teachers of truth and righteousness to adhere to the preaching of “the goodness of God, which leads to repentance,” to proclaim “the love of God, which casts out all fear.” Even so have these truths been declared on your world:


    (552.7)48:6.9 The Gods are my caretakers; I shall not stray;

    (552.8)48:6.10 Side by side they lead me in the beautiful paths and glorious refreshing of life everlasting.

    (552.9) 48:6.11 I shall not, in this Divine Presence, want for food nor thirst for water.

    (552.10)48:6.12 Though I go down into the valley of uncertainty or ascend up into the worlds of doubt,

    (552.11)48:6.13 Though I move in loneliness or with the fellows of my kind,

    (552.12)48:6.14 Though I triumph in the choirs of light or falter in the solitary places of the spheres,

    (552.13)48:6.15 Your good spirit shall minister to me, and your glorious angel will comfort me.

    (552.14)48:6.16 Though I descend into the depths of darkness and death itself,

    (552.15)48:6.17 I shall not doubt you nor fear you,

    (552.16)48:6.18 For I know that in the fullness of time and the glory of your name

    (552.17)48:6.19 You will raise me up to sit with you on the battlements on high.


    (553.1)48:6.20 That is the story whispered in the night season to the shepherd boy. He could not retain it word for word, but to the best of his memory he gave it much as it is recorded today.








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  7. Hello Rick!

    Good Day! :)





    ...Thus did Jesus teach the dangers and illustrate the unfairness of sitting in personal judgment upon one's fellows. Discipline must be maintained, justice must be administered, but in all these matters the wisdom of the brotherhood should prevail. Jesus invested legislative and judicial authority in the group, not in the individual. Even this investment of authority in the group must not be exercised as personal authority. There is always danger that the verdict of an individual may be warped by prejudice or distorted by passion. Group judgment is more likely to remove the dangers and eliminate the unfairness of personal bias. Jesus sought always to minimize the elements of unfairness, retaliation, and vengeance.... P.1764 - 1


    Vengeance not good.

    What teaching! be nice the day the brotherhood is revealed in all its splendor.
    We will be more unaccompanied.
    We are learning ... but I wonder if we're not in the time to put in practice the teachings of Jesus.
    Jesus taught that when disputes. between brothers, we must call two or three friends in common, to offer testimony, it is very wise! but true friendship must be free of speculation ...


    (1762.5)159:1.3 “The Father in heaven loves his children, and therefore should you learn to love one another; the Father in heaven forgives you your sins; therefore should you learn to forgive one another. If your brother sins against you, go to him and with tact and patience show him his fault. And do all this between you and him alone. If he will listen to you, then have you won your brother. But if your brother will not hear you, if he persists in the error of his way, go again to him, taking with you one or two mutual friends that you may thus have two or even three witnesses to confirm your testimony and establish the fact that you have dealt justly and mercifully with your offending brother. Now if he refuses to hear your brethren, you may tell the whole story to the congregation, and then, if he refuses to hear the brotherhood, let them take such action as they deem wise; let such an unruly member become an outcast from the kingdom. While you cannot pretend to sit in judgment on the souls of your fellows, and while you may not forgive sins or otherwise presume to usurp the prerogatives of the supervisors of the heavenly hosts, at the same time, it has been committed to your hands that you should maintain temporal order in the kingdom on earth. While you may not meddle with the divine decrees concerning eternal life, you shall determine the issues of conduct as they concern the temporal welfare of the brotherhood on earth. And so, in all these matters connected with the discipline of the brotherhood, whatsoever you shall decree on earth, shall be recognized in heaven. Although you cannot determine the eternal fate of the individual, you may legislate regarding the conduct of the group, for, where two or three of you agree concerning any of these things and ask of me, it shall be done for you if your petition is not inconsistent with the will of my Father in heaven. And all this is ever true, for, where two or three believers are gathered together, there am I in the midst of them.”


    Also there are false witnesses:

    (1982.9) 184:3.8 Although the high priest shouted at Jesus, “Do you not answer any of these charges?” Jesus opened not his mouth.He stood there in silence while all of these false witnesses gave their testimony. Hatred, fanaticism, and unscrupulous exaggeration so characterized the words of these perjurers that their testimony fell in its own entanglements. The very bestrefutation of their false accusations was the Master’s calm and majestic silence.

    Another Magisterial teaching of Jesus: Silence.
    The silence forced by circumstances and people, is a sign of wisdom as demonstrated by Jesus.
    Very good lessons to experience in the life. :)



    Much Love.





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  8. Good Day Dear Rick!

    Thank You... :)


    What a beautiful quote! I can imagine the scene!

    And the Beauty of the meanings of the last paragraphs."And it was, and is, ever thus"


    P.1467 - §5 What a scene for the celestial intelligences to behold, this spectacle of the Indian lad proposing to the Creator of a universe that they make a new religion! And though the young man did not know it, they were making a new and everlasting religion right then and there--this new way of salvation, the revelation of God to man through, and in, Jesus. That which the lad wanted most to do he was unconsciously actually doing. And it was, and is, ever thus. That which the enlightened and reflective human imagination of spiritual teaching and leading wholeheartedly and unselfishly wants to do and be, becomes measurably creative in accordance with the degree of mortal dedication to the divine doing of the Father's will. When man goes in partnership with God, great things may, and do, happen.


    Much Love...




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  9. Hi Rick!


    :) Carolyn, I researched and found this:


    It is believed to Epimenides, Cretan poet who said:

    "Cretans are always liars, injurious wild beasts, idle gluttons."


    Of these concepts is considered that came the word idiot (also "cretino" Spanish language

    :unsure: ) or be referred to the Cretans who were acting as what he described Paul.




    This is all I found... mmm?






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  10. One more! :D


    (1096.6) 100:3.1 Religion is not a technique for attaining a static and blissful peace of mind; it is an impulse for organizing the soul for dynamic service. It is the enlistment of the totality of selfhood in the loyal service of loving God and serving man. Religion pays any price essential to the attainment of the supreme goal, the eternal prize. There is a consecrated completeness in religious loyalty which is superbly sublime. And these loyalties are socially effective and spiritually progressive.

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  11. Rick Warren:There are so many profound and eternally significant threads on this one page. Please do feel free to inject your thoughts and questions to help bring out the inherent magnificence of these highly developed cosmic concepts.


    Today's reading begins with that most fundamental difference between animal and human awareness. Animals don't/can't think about thinking apparently. From today's reading:


    ...The animal mind is only conscious of the objective universe.... P.1435 - 1




    Hello Rick!


    There are so many... :)


    Always must man’s inner spirit depend for its expression and self-realization upon the mechanism and technique of the mind. Likewise must man’s outer experience of material reality be predicated on the mind consciousness of the experiencing personality. Therefore are the spiritual and the material, the inner and the outer, human experiences always correlated with the mind function and conditioned, as to their conscious realization, by the mind activity. Man experiences matter in his mind; he experiences spiritual reality in the soul but becomes conscious of this experience in his mind. The intellect is the harmonizer and the ever-present conditioner and qualifier of the sum total of mortal experience. Both energy-things and spirit values are colored by their interpretation through the mind media of consciousness.(1136.1) 103:6.6








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  12. P.1429 - §2 "Your Father in heaven, by endowing you with the power to choose between truth and error, created the potential negative of the positive way of light and life; but such errors of evil are really nonexistent until such a time as an intelligent creature wills their existence by mischoosing the way of life. And then are such evils later exalted into sin by the knowing and deliberate choice of such a willful and rebellious creature. This is why our Father in heaven permits the good and the evil to go along together until the end of life, just as nature allows the wheat and the tares to grow side by side until the harvest." Gadiah was fully satisfied with Jesus' answer to his question after their subsequent discussion had made clear to his mind the real meaning of these momentous statements.




    Hello Rick, Good Day!


    Thank You! :)


    Complementary Quotes:



    (41.6) 2:6.8 God loves the sinner and hates the sin: such a statement is true philosophically, but God is a transcendent personality, and persons can only love and hate other persons. Sin is not a person. God loves the sinner because he is a personality reality (potentially eternal), while towards sin God strikes no personal attitude, for sin is not a spiritual reality; it is not personal; therefore does only the justice of God take cognizance of its existence. The love of God saves the sinner; the law of God destroys the sin. This attitude of the divine nature would apparently change if the sinner finally identified himself wholly with sin just as the same mortal mind may also fully identify itself with the indwelling spirit Adjuster. Such a sin-identified mortal would then become wholly unspiritual in nature (and therefore personally unreal) and would experience eventual extinction of being. Unreality, even incompleteness of creature nature, cannot exist forever in a progressingly real and increasingly spiritual universe.


    (42.1) 2:6.9 Facing the world of personality, God is discovered to be a loving person; facing the spiritual world, he is a personal love; in religious experience he is both. Love identifies the volitional will of God. The goodness of God rests at the bottom of the divine free-willness — the universal tendency to love, show mercy, manifest patience, and minister forgiveness.






    Alina :)


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    Welcome to UAI Forum's One-Page-A-Day Online Study Session



    Today's Presentation:


    P.1423 - 7 In all your efforts to decipher the meaning of Jesus' life on Urantia, you must be mindful of the motivation of the Michael bestowal. If you would comprehend the meaning of many of his apparently strange doings, you must discern the purpose of his sojourn on your world. He was consistently careful not to build up an overattractive and attention-consuming personal career. He wanted to make no unusual or overpowering appeals to his fellow men. He was dedicated to the work of revealing the heavenly Father to his fellow mortals and at the same time was consecrated to the sublime task of living his mortal earth life all the while subject to the will of the same Paradise Father.


    Hi Rick! :)


    What a smart way! I Think If Jesus had called too much attention to himself, he would have lost many future believers the Kingdom!

    Not only He was born in Nazareth, also,he would have given a striking image, but common, Jesus knew very well, knew the mind of the people! He knew very well about your ideas and thoughts!



    Much Love




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  14. This forum has been so great for me! You are all great contributors. You insights have kept me humble and even more open to absorption. Keep up your great works! Ray




    Dear Raymond!

    For me too this forum will always be unique, and will be in my memory, it's true brother, together, we learned a lot here!


    Much Love...


    Alina :)


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  15. I think you misunderstand my post, Scott. The reference to 'imaginary' is a mathematical one that concerns complex number systems.

    Of course spirit is REAL. But the idea is whether spirit can coexist with our reality by a phase shift relationship. I will officially rename the 'imaginary axes' the 'Super Ultra Real Axes' (aka the Super Ultra Real Plane).



    Hello Louis!


    "But the idea is whether spirit can coexist with the reality by a phase shift relationship"


    For me, in fact can coexist, and in fact I think exist under different conditions, by a phase shift relationship.


    (1164.6) 106:2.3 Spirit, in the last analysis, comes from Paradise through Havona. Energy-matter seemingly evolves in the depths of space and is organized as power by the children of the Infinite Spirit in conjunction with the Creator Sons of God. And all of this is experiential; it is a transaction in time and space involving a wide range of living beings including even Creator divinities and evolutionary creatures. The power mastery of the Creator divinities in the grand universe slowly expands to encompass the evolutionary settling and stabilizing of the time-space creations, and this is the flowering of the experiential power of God the Sevenfold. It encompasses the whole gamut of divinity attainment in time and space from the Adjuster bestowals of the Universal Father to the life bestowals of the Paradise Sons. This is earned power, demonstrated power, experiential power; it stands in contrast to the eternity power, the unfathomable power, the existential power of the Paradise Deities.






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  16. Hello Pike! :)


    Perhaps you serve this quote, which was of extreme test for the followers of Jesus.


    (1708.2) 153:1.3 The Master well knew that many of his followers were slowly but surely preparing their minds finally to reject him. He likewise knew that many of his disciples were slowly but certainly passing through that training of mind and that discipline of soul which would enable them to triumph over doubt and courageously to assert their full-fledged faith in the gospel of the kingdom. Jesus fully understood how men prepare themselves for the decisions of a crisis and the performance of sudden deeds of courageous choosing by the slow process of the reiterated choosing between the recurring situations of good and evil. He subjected his chosen messengers to repeated rehearsals in disappointment and provided them with frequent and testing opportunities for choosing between the right and the wrong way of meeting spiritual trials. He knew he could depend on his followers, when they met the final test, to make their vital decisions in accordance with prior and habitual mental attitudes and spirit reactions.



    Peace and love...




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  17. Yes Scott, I understand very well! what to intellectualize the teachings I said it in genral, I was not referring to you :)


    Really does not matter because f it's yours, better, but it's always your own interpretation that counts, even if you agree with what you hear in the study groups, it's like yours! no?

    Of course groups are important, because we know about the socialization and the dangers of always studying alone.

    After all, the forum is like a study group, too. but lack the personal touch, which is important.

    Also is good study in solitude, thinking, meditating.

    Like when Jesus went to the mountains to talk to your Father in heaven.

    Wouu ... :o I do not like giving advice, but I do not know, is that I want to share with you my own experience, and this will not be the same as yours. or maybe we have something in common.

    While, certainly we have in common our identification with the teachings of the Fifth Revelation. And that's saying a lot.


    (1774.3) 160:1.11 I am deeply impressed with the custom of Jesus in going apart by himself to engage in these seasons of solitary survey of the problems of living; to seek for new stores of wisdom and energy for meeting the manifold demands of social service; to quicken and deepen the supreme purpose of living by actually subjecting the total personality to the consciousness of contacting with divinity; to grasp for possession of new and better methods of adjusting oneself to the ever-changing situations of living existence; to effect those vital reconstructions and readjustments of one’s personal attitudes which are so essential to enhanced insight into everything worth while and real; and to do all of this with an eye single to the glory of God — to breathe in sincerity your Master’s favorite prayer, “Not my will, but yours, be done.”






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  18. Thanks Scott, it's okay to write your insights about what is said in the study groups, Tuesdays.

    well you do me a favor because I miss a little, when I hear talking very fast, because of language :unsure: pronunciation .It's great what you said!


    We sample, you can further study, and this, in my opinion, help to apply to our desire to be better, to grow and progress.I understand, we always consider the sins, the error, we might call common, but it is going further when we explore deeper areas and we deep into other levels of consciousness

    I think because it is precisely the level of our consciousness.

    Things are not as simple as they seem, many times.

    What you're saying is that being spiritual, we can also make errors. I agree that we will not be here "totally spiritual "and we must be careful not to produce, a mixture "watery" and then drag other situations internal conflicts for which are not yet mentally prepared, it would a short-circuit with disastrous consequences.

    How important it is to have this point in mind!


    Now remember the point of morontia mota says:

    " Inherent capacities cannot be exceeded; a pint can never hold a quart. The spirit concept cannot be mechanically forced into the material memory mold.48:7.5 3"


    It can not be forced or in us, because that would use violence against ourselves! and obviously, on the others persons.There is much to discover here.Because, too often, the mistake of giving other thing we know is we want one product of personal brilliance, to show others how much we know! and actually that's no good.

    If anything we have, of course it is to share, but with the sincere hope that it will be useful to someone, and there is no danger of forcing, because if not the time, the words go long or are as a blank paper, when we write. is different to be together with someone, and we insist... insist ... :D for convince of our ideas. Error :)

    It's like spreading of UB.


    (556.8) 48:7.8 6. To enjoy privilege without abuse, to have liberty without license, to possess power and steadfastly refuse to use it for self-aggrandizement — these are the marks of high civilization.


    We, in the space-time we have the possibility to reach an "intermediate" level reaching cosmic ment, but everything is progressive.

    Whoever gets there, must have passed far enough to have a fairly broad view of the difference between reality and "Reality", for possible unify later.


    (104.5) 9:6.7 The greater the spirit-energy divergence, the greater the observable function of mind; the lesser the diversity of energy and spirit, the lesser the observable function of mind. Apparently, the maximum function of the cosmic mind is in the time universes of space. Here mind seems to function in a mid-zone between energy and spirit, but this is not true of the higher levels of mind; on Paradise, energy and spirit are essentially one.


    (1285.3) 117:4.14 God’s gifts — his bestowal of reality — are not divorcements from himself; he does not alienate creation from himself, but he has set up tensions in the creations circling Paradise. God first loves man and confers upon him the potential of immortality — eternal reality. And as man loves God, so does man become eternal in actuality. And here is mystery: The more closely man approaches God through love, the greater the reality — actuality — of that man. The more man withdraws from God, the more nearly he approaches nonreality — cessation of existence. When man consecrates his will to the doing of the Father’s will, when man gives God all that he has, then does God make that man more than he is.





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  19. Yes Scott, when there is nothing ... nothing .... :wub:

    It is the great paradox, as the UB says.

    The duality we always going to find in space-time, but for me, I insist that the issue is decide

    to do the Will of the Father, but this requires having some attitudes and skills as the quote says. Courage to transcend to ourselves, this would neutralize the situation between the two opposite poles; the overvalue our self-awareness and and learn to see the reality of who we are? and where we are going?

    Thus, I think, that we have the possibility of removing the con-fusion that as you say, is to fusion with the conflict of dual loyalty, no?


    Is this what you mean?


    (1221.8) 111:6.1 Many of the temporal troubles of mortal man grow out of his twofold relation to the cosmos. Man is a part of nature — he exists in nature — and yet he is able to transcend nature. Man is finite, but he is indwelt by a spark of infinity. Such a dual situation not only provides the potential for evil but also engenders many social and moral situations fraught with much uncertainty and not a little anxiety.


    (1222.1) 111:6.2 The courage required to effect the conquest of nature and to transcend one’s self is a courage that might succumb to the temptations of self-pride. The mortal who can transcend self might yield to the temptation to deify his own self-consciousness. The mortal dilemma consists in the double fact that man is in bondage to nature while at the same time he possesses a unique liberty — freedom of spiritual choice and action. On material levels man finds himself subservient to nature, while on spiritual levels he is triumphant over nature and over all things temporal and finite. Such a paradox is inseparable from temptation, potential evil, decisional errors, and when self becomes proud and arrogant, sin may evolve.


    (1222.2) 111:6.3 The problem of sin is not self-existent in the finite world. The fact of finiteness is not evil or sinful. The finite world was made by an infinite Creator — it is the handiwork of his divine Sons — and therefore it must be good. It is the misuse, distortion, and perversion of the finite that gives origin to evil and sin.








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  20. Yes, that's true Bonita!


    This is related to a previous post, when a human being is in an unfavorable position and falls victim to a vicious circle, unable to see anything but their wrong beliefs. Scott mentioned to impatience, but for example, there is also fanaticism among other things.

    It is a real problem, but difficult to solve when someone attempts to rescue that person of where he/she are.

    It is clear in the quotes what I mean:


    (1220.10) 111:4.11 This is the problem: If freewill man is endowed with the powers of creativity in the inner man, then must we recognize that freewill creativity embraces the potential of freewill destructivity. And when creativity is turned to destructivity, you are face to face with the devastation of evil and sin — oppression, war, and destruction. Evil is a partiality of creativity which tends toward disintegration and eventual destruction. All conflict is evil in that it inhibits the creative function of the inner life — it is a species of civil war in the personality.


    (1221.1) 111:4.12 Inner creativity contributes to ennoblement of character through personality integration and selfhood unification. It is forever true: The past is unchangeable; only the future can be changed by the ministry of the present creativity of the inner self.




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  21. Hi all! True Bradly, thanks! :)



    Yes, good is stronger than evil. Always,

    Meanwhile we are on Urantia, learning to identify and experience, recognize where is the truth and where the error.

    The gravity spiritual, attraction updrafts are pulling towards higher levels. The Eternal Son is there, but the choice is ours.

    No, there's no need to fear, because we know that like attracts like.



    Bonita, I love this quote!


    56:10.14 Every impulse of every electron, thought, or spirit is an acting unit in the whole universe. Only sin is isolated and evil gravity resisting on the mental and spiritual levels. The universe is a whole; no thing or being exists or lives in isolation. Self-realization is potentially evil if it is antisocial. It is literally true: “No man lives by himself.” Cosmic socialization constitutes the highest form of personality unification. Said Jesus: “He who would be greatest among you, let him become server of all.”


    Thought, as the electron and spirit act in the whole universe!

    But is the origin and nature of our thoughts and feelings, those attract or repel determining the fate of each of us.



    (150.3) 13:4.4 Physical authority, presence, and function are unvarying in all the universes, small or great. The differing factor in spiritual presence, or reaction, is the fluctuating differential in its recognition and reception by will creatures. Whereas the spiritual presence of absolute and existential Deity is in no manner whatever influenced by attitudes of loyalty or disloyalty on the part of created beings, at the same time it is true that the functioning presence of subabsolute and experiential Deity is definitely and directly influenced by the decisions, choices, and will-attitudes of such finite creature beings — by the loyalty and devotion of the individual being, planet, system, constellation, or universe. But this spiritual presence of divinity is not whimsical nor arbitrary; its experiential variance is inherent in the freewill endowment of personal creatures.



    (150.4) 13:4.5 The determiner of the differential of spiritual presence exists in your own hearts and minds and consists in the manner of your own choosing, in the decisions of your minds, and in the determination of your own wills. This differential is inherent in the freewill reactions of intelligent personal beings, beings whom the Universal Father has ordained shall exercise this liberty of choosing. And the Deities are ever true to the ebb and flow of their spirits in meeting and satisfying the conditions and demands of this differential of creature choice, now bestowing more of their presence in response to a sincere desire for the same and again withdrawing themselves from the scene as their creatures decide adversely in the exercise of their divinely bestowed freedom of choice. And thus does the spirit of divinity become humbly obedient to the choosing of the creatures of the realms.







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  22. Anyway always the cause is the rebellion!


    But it is true the opportunities are limitless, we can choose. But to choose also requires

    to know and have faith.

    It's a bit complicated because minds often fall into a vicious circle, in which it becomes almost impossible remove of there. In my opinion, it could be because the person unwittingly, is blocking the thinking and feeling; can be, among other things, the impatience, as you say.


    This is the conflict of Urantians, not to be within "normal worlds"

    With the bestowal of Jesus much has been recovered!



    (382.3) 34:7.3 The mortals of a normal world do not experience constant warfare between their physical and spiritual natures. They are confronted with the necessity of climbing up from the animal levels of existence to the higher planes of spiritual living, but this ascent is more like undergoing an educational training when compared with the intense conflicts of Urantia mortals in this realm of the divergent material and spiritual natures.


    (382.4) 34:7.4 The Urantia peoples are suffering the consequences of a double deprivation of help in this task of progressive planetary spiritual attainment. The Caligastia upheaval precipitated world-wide confusion and robbed all subsequent generations of the moral assistance which a well-ordered society would have provided. But even more disastrous was the Adamic default in that it deprived the races of that superior type of physical nature which would have been more consonant with spiritual aspirations.


    (382.5) 34:7.5 Urantia mortals are compelled to undergo such marked struggling between the spirit and the flesh because their remote ancestors were not more fully Adamized by the Edenic bestowal. It was the divine plan that the mortal races of Urantia should have had physical natures more naturally spirit responsive.


    (382.6) 34:7.6 Notwithstanding this double disaster to man’s nature and his environment, present-day mortals would experience less of this apparent warfare between the flesh and the spirit if they would enter the spirit kingdom, wherein the faith sons of God enjoy comparative deliverance from the slave-bondage of the flesh in the enlightened and liberating service of wholehearted devotion to doing the will of the Father in heaven. Jesus showed mankind the new way of mortal living whereby human beings may very largely escape the dire consequences of the Caligastic rebellion and most effectively compensate for the deprivations resulting from the Adamic default. “The spirit of the life of Christ Jesus has made us free from the law of animal living and the temptations of evil and sin.” “This is the victory that overcomes the flesh, even your faith.”




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  23. P.1401 - 2 By the beginning of this year Jesus had fully won his mother to the acceptance of his methods of child training--the positive injunction to do good in the place of the older Jewish method of forbidding to do evil. In his home and throughout his public-teaching career Jesus invariably employed the positive form of exhortation. Always and everywhere did he say, "You shall do this--you ought to do that." Never did he employ the negative mode of teaching derived from the ancient taboos. He refrained from placing emphasis on evil by forbidding it, while he exalted the good by commanding its performance. Prayer time in this household was the occasion for discussing anything and everything relating to the welfare of the family.


    Hi Rick!

    Yes..."Millions upon millions of children could benefit greatly from having such a father as he. From today's reading"



    This teaching method should be applied in these modern times, it seems incredible, but it is still very little known. Not only should parents know, it would also be useful for educators today.

    I know that some method like that, but I do not remember his name at this time, to specify it here. but still not popular.

    For thousands of years it has been applied education negatively! :huh:


    Also serve the elderly, not only children, because we were raised in the old method. :)



    (1770.3) 159:5.11 When Jesus instructed his apostles that they should, when one unjustly took away the coat, offer the other garment, he referred not so much to a literal second coat as to the idea of doing something positive to save the wrongdoer in the place of the olden advice to retaliate — “an eye for an eye” and so on. Jesus abhorred the idea either of retaliation or of becoming just a passive sufferer or victim of injustice. On this occasion he taught them the three ways of contending with, and resisting, evil:

    1. To return evil for evil — the positive but unrighteous method.

    2. To suffer evil without complaint and without resistance — the purely negative method.

    3. To return good for evil, to assert the will so as to become master of the situation, to overcome evil with good — the positive and righteous method.


    (1770.7) 159:5.15 One of the apostles once asked: “Master, what should I do if a stranger forced me to carry his pack for a mile?” Jesus answered: “Do not sit down and sigh for relief while you berate the stranger under your breath. Righteousness comes not from such passive attitudes. If you can think of nothing more effectively positive to do, you can at least carry the pack a second mile. That will of a certainty challenge the unrighteous and ungodly stranger.”






    Greetings! :)




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