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    1. bonnie


      Your writing is awsome. Thankyou for putting the exact words in your post that I wish I could do. They sure make so much sense to a very humble individual. I hope you will continue writing posts as it is very uplifting

      to read what you have in your mind and heart.


      Love, bonnie/Carola

    2. JR  Sherrod

      JR Sherrod

      Thank you very much, Bonnie! I really enjoy writing, almost as much as I enjoy talking - which is quite alot. I will continue to write. Say... Would you like to read more of my writing? I am writing an entire book, and I have about half written already. The book is titled: "SUCCESS... In The School of Mortality"


      "JR" Sherrod

    3. bonnie


      Hi JR Just happened to check this. It's terrific that you are writing a book called "SUCCESS" I spend a lot of time on the UB book and the Forum

      and I would like to be able to read your new book but I have a big problem with a desease of my eyes and have to preserve them as much as I can. So far I take a supplement called New Eyes and it is working some. Thank you for all your posts.




      December 23, 2012. 8:20AM

  2. Dear Nigel, I have not been able to get on dthe Urantia Book Forum-

  3. Dear Sir (Son of God.) I was so surprised to read much of your info on your website. Thankyou for doing all that you are doing. I will visit your website again for more knowledge.

    Bless you my friend. Carola

  4. Hi Jessica, I believe you'v got a great sense of humor. What's a Midsoniter woman

  5. Thanks Bill

    1. bonnie


      I don't know why you still have my e-mail listed improperly.

      Please change my listed e-mail to my new e-mail address

      which is now bonnie5328@live.com I have moved from Racine

      to West Allis and am now living in a low income apartment

      which is nicer than any of the expensive apartments that I

      have had the last 14 years. Carola/bonnie

    2. bonnie


      I am still a resident of Wisconsin, USA

  6. I'm new at this. Am very happy to be a part of the Urantia friends.

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