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    1. bonnie


      Your writing is awsome. Thankyou for putting the exact words in your post that I wish I could do. They sure make so much sense to a very humble individual. I hope you will continue writing posts as it is very uplifting

      to read what you have in your mind and heart.


      Love, bonnie/Carola

    2. JR  Sherrod

      JR Sherrod

      Thank you very much, Bonnie! I really enjoy writing, almost as much as I enjoy talking - which is quite alot. I will continue to write. Say... Would you like to read more of my writing? I am writing an entire book, and I have about half written already. The book is titled: "SUCCESS... In The School of Mortality"


      "JR" Sherrod

    3. bonnie


      Hi JR Just happened to check this. It's terrific that you are writing a book called "SUCCESS" I spend a lot of time on the UB book and the Forum

      and I would like to be able to read your new book but I have a big problem with a desease of my eyes and have to preserve them as much as I can. So far I take a supplement called New Eyes and it is working some. Thank you for all your posts.




      December 23, 2012. 8:20AM

  2. Dear Nigel, I have not been able to get on dthe Urantia Book Forum-

  3. Dear M'm,

    Thanks for posting your comment after reading my website. I too have read the content on your page in this forum. Hope these small efforts help us to spread the message of love to all in our world.

    Thanks once again.


  4. Dear Sir (Son of God.) I was so surprised to read much of your info on your website. Thankyou for doing all that you are doing. I will visit your website again for more knowledge.

    Bless you my friend. Carola

  5. Thanks, Bonnie. Welcome. My name is Jessica. I'm just being silly because a midsoniter woman would live on the midsoniter worlds, not here. LOL

  6. Hi Jessica, I believe you'v got a great sense of humor. What's a Midsoniter woman

  7. Thanks Bill

    1. bonnie


      I don't know why you still have my e-mail listed improperly.

      Please change my listed e-mail to my new e-mail address

      which is now bonnie5328@live.com I have moved from Racine

      to West Allis and am now living in a low income apartment

      which is nicer than any of the expensive apartments that I

      have had the last 14 years. Carola/bonnie

    2. bonnie


      I am still a resident of Wisconsin, USA

  8. Welcome Bonnie,

    I am so glad you are here. We can use more sweetness and light. Dive right in and dan't be bashful!

  9. I'm new at this. Am very happy to be a part of the Urantia friends.

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