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  1. When I have the opportunity to make a painting, or take a beautiful picture I always think of the possibility of beauty (I call perfection) over whether or not I "imperfect." If I stay with this idea of ​​imperfection even anything I can do, for more simple will be, would have many errors, It would really ugly and it would be anything but pleasant. The idea is always from the base of the positive ... Positive! ... As Life itself as well! There is beauty in the actuality… We are sons and daughters of God! The Beauty is inside us… “God within us” as the Bible says... As Jesus says!. It’s a wonderful and eternal reality. My question is... Is potential more than Actuality?. Or why sometimes we focus only in a potential more than Actuality? I thought everything is important. Not only potentiality, but also do not forget.... Actuality.
  2. For me The Urantia Book, the revelation, let us hope to grow even more. Even in our heart comes a thirst to grow, to learn more, to be part of this wonderful universal plan, to spread the good news. To know more about our Creator, even our own history... I always try to visualize our growth as if it were a flower, to grow and survive, and progress and be fruitful it needs some important ingredients...And all they are important! The Sun is important, land, the water is important, even oxygen itself is important ...Everything is very important!. No one part is more and other less.What would be the point if the land was more than just the water?. In fact everything has a balance... Good day, Jose Alberto
  3. One beautiful quote that inspire me very much and give me strength even in the difficult times is this one: "We proclaim a message of good news which is infectious in its transforming power. Our religion is throbbing with new life and new meanings. Those who accept this teaching are filled with joy and in their hearts are constrained to rejoice evermore." ( 159:3.10 )
  4. Hi Nigel, thanks to you Also I was thinking about a nice quote that say... «Always make a difference» That sounds to me like a challenge, isn't it? not only at the begining but rather for every single day.... Always means always! What are those things that sets us to make a difference to do better things? Or we do the almost the samethings in our meetings and study groups? What kind of new things can bring into study groups to consider really new and refreshing. Even in study groups could be so easy to standardization and crystallize in routine, in mutual believes, even of socialization, is so easy. Is our study groups become crystallize by the same rutine?... The challenge for us is re-novate, to introduce New features, to BE and always make a difference! =) It remember me a wonderful new that was introduced by John the Babtist... There was still another and a new feature about the work of this Nazarite preacher: He baptized every one of his believers in the Jordan "for the remission of sins. Although baptism was not a new ceremony among the Jews, they had never seen it employed as John now made use of it. It had long been the practice thus to baptize the gentile proselytes into the fellowship of the outer court of the temple, but never had the Jews themselves been asked to submit to the baptism of repentance." UB 135:6.4
  5. How beautiful are the Study Groups and how important is it, is one of the most wonderful and effective way to learn together, to share with others, to growth up, to socialize, to express our own opinions - even when someone is desagree with us - to armonizate our thoughts and prayers with others... Anyway, to be better. And I was thinking about few interesting points that I found throught The Urantia Book. The first point the I was thinking is why is so important the study groups? Why like a strong feeling of share with others has sprung up inside us? And I found this interesting quote: «Mortals come from races that are very social. The Creators well know that it is "not good for man to be alone," and provision is accordingly made for companionship, even on Paradise.» The Urantia Book teachings, Document 25:8.4 We are not just only "social"... We are very social!, and one important thing is to take advantage of this, isn't it?
  6. Hi dear moderators and administrators, of course :-) Personally I agree to move... The Art and graphics would be a more appropriate place. Don't you think? But at the same time I was tought will be great, of course if you are agree to create another subforum with could be titled «Recreation» or «Recreative» or something like that... A place where we can post some poems and perhaps could be great to move Quotes with art there too. The other day I was looking a beautiful poem that Rick post. Was amazing and beautiful but I though would be great create a specific place for that specific things who is also periodicals with constantly participation but with the purpose to Recreation and at the same time to allow the study. That balance between study and recreation. Could be nice. Just a though! Jose Alberto
  7. Interesting... We also can remember Kosher food has begin with what is «pure» food, or animals in this case, and what is not. Purificated with also a religios ceremony. At the beginning was important because helps a lot to prevent illness. Remember at this ancient moments there no had have an Official Department for Health or even the hygienic procedure was conditioned by laws. And remember as many others laws was at the begining in negative aspect «do not do it», or, «do not eat...» But how happened with so many things throughout the years - even in the Jesus' time - extent this search of what is «pure» and impure not only for food but also for many things too. Almost as an obsession. The Jordan river, for example, was considerate a impure river, because attains death animals, and many others things... And probably the inmersion - Baptism of Jesus - was probably in not «the main river» but perhaps and most probably in one of his affluent of the Jordan river. But that is another story. Personaly I don't eat Kosher food at this moment, as traditional Jewish eat establish. But the most important is fell good with what are everyone do it. Is important search that things who is of benefits. Of course as we have human bodies, not as the most inmediatly sons of Adan and Even, we don't have a dual nutrition, would be great, but we don't have it and we could eat so many kind of foods... But the thing is «eat well». And certainly feel well what everybody does. And of corse if is possible as healthy as we can. That is the key. But enjoy it!. And remember a little escape to food another things would be more easy recuperable when we have the costums of live a healthy life... It's a scientific fact. Always enjoy it. With measure sometime is better. And with love even more. As the wisely proverb said: «Better is a dinner of herbs where love is than a fatted ox and hatred therewith.» The Urantia Book, document 149:5.2
  8. Hi Bonita!... interest what you said, the question about "Why have faith to yourself?. Well, I think I can have confidence. Something as Jesus said about Self-mastery: “Verily, verily, I say to you, he who rules his own self is greater than he who captures a city. Self-mastery is the measure of man’s moral nature and the indicator of his spiritual development. In the old order you fasted and prayed; as the new creature of the rebirth of the spirit, you are taught to believe and rejoice. In the Father’s kingdom you are to become new creatures; old things are to pass away; behold I show you how all things are to become new. 1609.4 “Salvation is by the regeneration of the spirit and not by the self-righteous deeds of the flesh. You are justified by faith and fellowshipped by grace, not by fear and the self-denial of the flesh, albeit the Father’s children who have been born of the spirit are ever and always masters of the self and all that pertains to the desires of the flesh. When you know that you are saved by faith, you have real peace with God. 1610.1 But about Faith, to me is a communion, a relationship... I love that quote said "Let the term "faith" stand for the individual's relation to God" (1091.6) And I was thinking that maybe the creedal formulation needs interpretations, but maybe the faith doesn't need this kind of intepretations. Maybe that is why there are too many religions of authority, because there are many interpretations. And one day I was thinking that maybe Faith does't need any kind of interpretations, there is something that I can live it, we can experience too. I keep reading the fallowing quote that said: That faith is concerned only with the grasp of ideal values is shown by the New Testament definition which declares that faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. 1091.7 We can observe that our own interpretations are finite, with limits... But when we embrace that values, that amazing adventure all our life change for better. That is like this story about a one man who wanted to develop all through by intellectual understanding. And only trust in reason and was locked in his own cage of its logic and visiting his mentor asked - Forgive me but I have a question, I would like to know who holds the world? And the mentor said, eight white elephants. The visitor said - That may not be possible, scientifically inconsistent. And then, who holds the eight white elephants? - Other eight white elephants. The story is interesting, our interpretations will always be limited and sometimes always the same answers. But when we embrace these high ideals, those supreme values, that spiritual reality we can grow up. We can sustain by our own interpretations or give the next step. Good day!. Jose Alberto Wonsover
  9. Hi moderators and dear friends... I am appologize for my absence this days, the main rason is my computer is totally dead. Personal I think as I do the work, paint and others things and is an old computer, well it arraive to the total capacity, and right now don't work any more. do not switch on. I will try to do something but maybe it take some time. I appologize with you, and I hope that as quicky I can do sometime to get another computer or any solution. Before, as you know perphaps, I have problems with my computer, but now is dead. I hope to get a solution as well as I can and return to share in the forum again. I miss you dear moderators friends and miss share again in the forum and share with my work too. Greetings!. Jose Alberto Wonsover
  10. Yes it is, with care, dedication and love give us that family basis. Who promote those essential values. Who give us all her love. Mother's love is someting real, instinctive, someting that have a deep roots. And certainly we can give thanks for all her love. Jose Alberto
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