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  1. Hi Bonita; Nice to see you back. Menno
  2. Hi Alina; I have always had the belief that there is a connection or a pattern between what Lucifer promoted and carried out; and how cancer starts within the human body. Example: in a perfectly normal body there are somewhere around 66 trillion cells working in harmony and unified with a common goal ...the well being of the "Whole" and then one day...one cell gets the idea to do "his own thing" the heck with the whole body.. and then some cells around this "rebel cell" say: "look at Joe. He is doing his own thing and the heck with the others. Let's do what he is doing" And so it goes from there. Now comes the interesting part. In a normal healthy body, with a healthy mind (not affected by various types of stress) The "Command and Control" part of the subconscious mind becomes aware of the rebellious cells and sends out the order to isolate that part of the body. No food delivered to that area.. No waste products picked up. This fact has been discovered by medical researchers who have performed autopsies on people who have lived a long life and died of old age. They discovered these small encapsulated areas in various parts of the body and have surmised that this is what had happened. Just something that I thought would fit in with your thread topic here. Menno
  3. Hi Rick; I am a day late with this comment (as it pertains to yesterday's OPAD) as it is in regards to Jesus and the Book of Enoch. We have a friend who is a fundamental Christian lady, and she sends us emails with attachments and videos from various Evangelists and I happened to view one of these people sharing his connections with God; and he said that he received a "message from God" where he was told to read the "Book of Enoch". This greatly surprised the evangelist as the Book of Enoch wasn't in his Bible. But he followed his directions "from God" and found such a book and found a passage which helped him with his search for Truth. Just thought that it was interesting that this particular book (Book of Enoch) played a part in the studies and research of a fundamental Christian. Menno.
  4. Hi Rick and Carolyn; There is another way to view this; Instead of the hand of Providence swooping down and killing Joseph; maybe the hand of Providence simply held back any attempts being made to spare Joseph from this life ending accident. And maybe this "accident" (which killed his earth father) was foreseen by Michael before he came to Urantia and incarnated as a baby born to Joseph and Mary. The Urantia Book tells us that it was known for many thousands of years, before Jesus was born here, that Michael would be coming here for his 7th Bestowal. And in the part where the UB shares "Morantia Mota" there is a piece which says; "the are no unforeseen accidents in the cosmos" Menno
  5. .. That quote that you provided from Dr. Sadler doesn't make any sense when you take a close look at Paper 193 and 194.
  6. Howard; here is the answer to both of your most recent posts above: Last line of Paper 193 (193:6.6) "Just about noon the apostles returned to their brethren in the upper chamber and announced that Matthias has been chosen as the new apostle.And then Peter called all of the believers to engage in prayer, prayer that they might be prepared to receive the gift of the spirit which the Master had promised to send. Note: here it is explained as to when the new replacement apostle arrived to bring the total back up to twelve. (this occurred 40 days after Judas left the twelve and before the writer of 1st Corinthians chapter 15 wrote his account. First Line of Paper 194 (194:0.1) "About one o'clock, as the one hundred and twenty believers were engaged in prayer, they all became aware of a strange presence in the room." Do you notice how the end of Paper 193 flows beautifully together with the beginning of Paper 194. Seamless connection. It was about noon at the end of 193 and it was about one o'clock at the beginning of 194. If you count up all of the days between Jesus' arrest and the time of his ascension , you will get forty days; so the apostles weren't in hiding between his ascension and the day of Pentecost.
  7. Howard; After you have finished wrestling with this Pentecost mystery; you may want to have a look at the "Last Supper" mystery. In the original first printing Urantia Book 1955 version Paper 179:5.9 "When Jesus had thus established the supper of remembrance, he said to the twelve...." In later printings of the Urantia Book. you can find that the word twelve was replaced with "apostles" currently if you look at the "Online versions of the UB you will find: UB Foundation Online says "eleven" the Truthbook version says "apostles" One of the UB Fellowship versions says "eleven" And the other UB Fellowship version says "twelve" Why did this come about ? all of these different attempts at changing this one word. ? Well if you read the entire paper 179 "The Last Supper" you will find that part way through the supper Judas left the room after a few words from Jesus. So, then we come to the last paragraph of this paper and we find in the original printing the reference made to "twelve" which was spotted by some eagle-eyed individuals, one of them being Rev. Benjamin Adams, who brought it to the attention of Dr. Sadler who changed the word twelve to apostles in the second printing. Questions: Was the word "twelve" contained within the original manuscript delivered to the Contact Commission in 1935 ? If so, Why ? By the mere fact that Dr. Sadler changed it in the second printing, gives one the impression that it was a clerical error along the way. How come currently there are so many versions? All the way from the original "twelve", to the revised "apostles"...to the "eleven" ? And how come the UB Fellowship has two versions eleven and twelve ?
  8. Alina How about this comment made by the Chief of Seraphim stationed on Urantia: 114:1.4 "Some believe that Machiventa will not come to take personal direction of Urantian affairs until the end of the current dispensation. Others hold that the vicegerent Prince may not come, as such, until Michael sometime returns to Urantia as he promised when still in the flesh. Still others, including this narrator, look for Melchizedek's appearance any day or hour.
  9. Howard; Dr. William Sadler's explanation doesn't really explain it. See Paper 194:1.1 "The apostles had been in hiding for forty days. This day happened to be the Jewish festival of Pentecost......." If there was a missing section between the end of paper 193 and the beginning of paper 194 , then this opening statement of the second paragraph of 194 rules out any missing piece, and in fact ties together 193 and 194. Menno
  10. Howard; Ultimately you may have to wait until you get the chance to speak with the midwayers who wrote Part Four of the UB to get an explanation as to this apparent discrepancy. Many a learned Urantia Book scholar has failed to solve this mystery..
  11. Alina; You posted my favorite quote concerning the Melchizedeks; (385.5) 35:2.2 Thank You Menno
  12. The mystery continues: so, according to 36:2.11 the number ten -- the decimal system -- is inherent in the physical universe, which would mean that the number forty (which is part of the decimal system) would be confined to the physical universe. And just how does this fit in with the statement in the Foreward "Pattern is a master design from which copies are made. Eternal Paradise is the absolute of patterns"
  13. This might be one of the last Topic entered onto the old UB Forum; but here it is anyways. Last week while commenting on Rick's OPAD Topic; I remarked about seeing the pattern concerning forty days, forty years, etc.. and then it evolved over to where that would have come from. Well, I believe that the answer is given within the UB at the very beginning in the FOREWORD if you look at page 10 at the last paragraph of section VI "Energy and Pattern" the first sentence says it all. "Pattern is a master design from which copies are made. Eternal Paradise is the absolute of patterns;......." That should settle the matter once and for all. Good Bye Old Forum Menno
  14. Dear Carolyn, I tend to break things down to a very basic and simple level; so, when a human being is on their path to becoming one with their Thought Adjuster, I believe they are transferring their "will" over to the Spirit of God within...(their Thought Adjuster,) as per the saying: "Not my will, but Thy Will be Done" So when this mortal human being has shifted through the various morontia levels and reached the ultimate goal of Adjuster fusion...handed over all of his own personal will, and then is "granted" a rest for a period of forty days; my understanding is that it is the TA who is "granting" this time off..this break from the normal routine. I might be overlooking some other explanation; but that is how my mind sees it. Hope that this gives you some idea of how my thinking process works. I am interested in how you view what is being presented within that paper, particularly 47:8.5 ? Menno
  15. Hi Carolyn; Are you referring to the Thought Adjusters ? If so; I got the impression that they were connected with the time period of "Forty Days" from the following paragraph taken from Paper 47:8.5 "Immediately upon the confirmation of Adjuster fusion the new morontia being is introduced to his fellows for the first time by his new name and is granted the forty days of spiritual retirement from all routine activities wherein to commune with himself and to choose some of the optional routes to Havona and to select from the differential techniques of Paradise attainment. The way I interpret this, is that it was a common practice for the Thought Adjusters to grant the forty days of spiritual retirement, and that this would have been done, long before Urantia ever became an inhabited planet and had produced it's first "crop of fusion candidates" (thereby ruling out the possibility of morontia beings from earth Urantia, bringing along the "forty day" rest period clause in their fusion contracts.) Also with affection Menno
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