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I am 54 years old, and have been reading the Urantia Book for about half that time. It was this book that pulled me out of being a stalwart atheist which I fell into out of disappointment with the organized religions of the day, none of which made any sense to me on the bottom line.


When I finally came upon the Urantia Book it all made sense. At last!


Today I am one of the working poor, living in rural Alabama in a 25 foot 5th wheel trailer amongst a lot of cows with my big sweet doggie Buddy. I work stocking groceries 3 days a week, hours were cut back two months ago and it's been a serious struggle. The Urantia Book sustains me in this. I've been focusing on the Jesus papers as I want to learn about the human Jesus, and the life he lived. So little of it was available in the Bible.


I am very much wanting to find another UB reader here somewhere in Alabama for spiritual fellowship.

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