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  1. Hi all, I'm totally surprised abaout what Rick writes about his conversation about the UB with Stockhausen in 1997. I can only say that - Stockhausen ordered several copies of the German UB translation at me to have it as a present - that he talked about the UB to other people he told me when we met the last time in July 2007 in Kürten and - that he was lucky about the German translation!! Greetings from Christian
  2. Hi Rick, thanks for your nice posting - Tagungsraum means conference room. In this hotel where we met they are named by composer's names... Greetings and merry x-mas from Christian
  3. Dear friends, just in case you haven’t heard it yet, I must inform you that the famous German composer Karlheinz Stockhausen died in his 79th age. I guess he was one of the first Germans, or even Europeans, who got – in 1971 – in contact with the UB. The book influenced very much his opera LICHT (Light) where a lot of topics of the UB can be found (especially the Lucifer rebellion). So I think that many people got in touch with the UB by his music and he therefore is to be honoured as one of the great pioneers to promote the Fifth Revelation. A memorial could be found here: http://www.stockhausen.org/Stockhausen_memorial.pdf As I knew Mr. Stockhausen personally quite well, I’m very, very sad. Thanks and best wishes, yours Christian
  4. Dear friends, we had a wonderful first meeting for German speaking UB readers the last weekend in Frankfurt. Pictures can be seen at http://www.urantiabuch.org/Bilder/Frankfurt07/index.htm. The meeting had more than 30 participants from Germany, Switzerland and Austria and all are enthusiastic to meet again next year. Our special guest was Mr. Seppo Kanerva, president of the Urantia Foundation. A more detailed report in the "Tidings" and the Newsletter of the Foundation will follow. Greetings and best wishes from Christian
  5. Dear all, at the weekend 10th/11th november 2007, the first conference for German speaking UB readers will take place in Francfort/Germany. So if you know readers who like to meet other German speaking UB readers please tell them to contact me at nebadon@gmx.ch or give me their adress for further information. Thanks and best wishes to you all from Christian
  6. Hi Rick, yeah that's Jay in the second photo... Greetings from Christian
  7. ...in the German speaking countries... Hi, I'm Christian, I am 38 years old and I'm living in Switzerland. Since the Urantia Book has been translated and the German version has been published, me and my friends are trying to promote it. What has happened in the last months, and what is planned, can be seen at http://www.urantia-iua.org/photos/germany2006/index.htm I'm glad to be here and I hope to get in contact with a lot of people. And I ask you: if you know any German speaking readers of the Urantia Book please send me their names and addresses. Thanks a lot and may God bless you all. Yours Christian (chruch@gmx.ch)
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