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    Barranquilla, Colombia
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    Main Hobbies: Traveling, Alternative Music, Gym, Religion, Internet, beach and sun. <br /><br />My profession: Computers, Web Design, Web Development, Database design and management.<br /><br />Movies: My favorite movie from all times is the trilogy of "The lord of the Rings". I also liked: Matrix, Star Wars, Harry Potter. <br /><br />Music Groups: Coldplay, Incubus, Enya, Sting, Soda Stereo, Jon Bon Jovi, U2, Savage Garden, The Calling, Linkin park. <br /><br />My favorite color: Blue. <br /><br />My favorite time of the year: Christmas and New Year's Eve.<br /><br />Been reader of the Urantia book since 1996. <br /><br />Member of Association Urantia Barranquilla.<br /><br />Participant of Sydney 2006 Conference. <br />The best experience I've lived so far!!
  1. Hi there Cassandra, I see you've made it to this Forum. So glad to meet you here after our beautiful meeting in Sydney. I hope to hear from you soon! Cheers, Oscar.
  2. Hello everyone, It's been very difficult to re-engage in our daily activities after the intense emotional experience we just lived in Sydney. It was a splendid Conference, and I just wanted to drop this note of gratitude to Merindi, Kathleen, Trevor, Andrew and Daniel Swadling, Vern Verass, Rita Schadd, William Wentworth, and so many other "mates" from ANZURA who made it possible. From the bottom of my heart: Thank you!! I've been feeling sort of blue and down these last days since I arrived home back from Australia. I wonder, is that normal? Has it happened to you as well? I try to explain to myself....well...I just went trough the best experience of my entire life, and now everything is over, so I guess it must be normal to feel nostalgic and blue. The truth is that I miss everything, I miss all of my friends. It was really hard to say good bye. See you soon my "mates".... Love, from Colombia, Oscar Morales.
  3. Ey Jorge, great idea! I will put this amazing picture as my PC Wallpaper as well. It is superb!! Shirley: I am so proud of you. First, I never expected that you had such a hobbie as sky diving. All my life I have always been lover of the air, the sky, and that's why I enjoy so much when I have to travel by plane...but you have managed to take your fantasy to the higher limit.....I am so envious and proud, in all the good sense. Shirley I just wanted to thank you for sharing this experience with us. Te simbolism of the 3 concentric circles represented in this sky diving performance is just breath taking!!! Cheers, Oscar.
  4. Gracias Olguita [Thanks Olguita] Interesante publicaci?n!! [A very interesting publication!!] Cheers, Oscar.
  5. Hello everyone. Since this tool is for strengthening our bonds as a Community, it would be great if we learn more from each other. This forum has a section called "My controls" where you can customize your profile, and write a little bit about yourself, about your likings. etc.. and you can also publish a picture of yourself, and choose an avatar. For those of you who don't know what an avatar is, Avatar is a picture or an image that will identify your member account. Everytime you post a message your avatar will be posted as well next to your username. In my case I chose Superman logo as my avatar, since he is my favorite superhero, and I'm also huge fan of Smallville series on TV. You might choose any avatar of your choice, selecting one that really suits your personality. You can edit you signature, send private messages to members, and customize your subscriptions to the different forums. Suscribtions are like a kind of an alert system, they will tell you when there are new messages in a given forum, or a given topic of your choice. Whenever a new message is posted in a topic you are subscribed to, the system will email you alerting you about the new message, so you can go to the forum and read it. Cool, isn't it? I invite all members to also adjust their birthday dates. This way, the Forum will inform dayly whose birthday we are celebrating. If you see on the front page, there is a section called "Today's Birthdays", which is great for never forgetting to congratulate our dearest friends. All this changes can be made clicking on the link "My Controls" in the top of the page, and then selecting the different options on the left menu. Cheers, Oscar.
  6. The moderator names are kept in privacy. Following the suggestions from Gaetan, no member can know that you are moderartors. Therefore, whenever you are to use the moderation functions (banning a message, deleting a message), you will first discuss it in the moderator area, and then proceed without explaining anything to the membership, in order to avoid unnecesary confrontations. Also, you are entitled to participate in all the discussions with your points of view. Your member information will indicate that you belong to the Member group, no one will have to suspect that you are also a moderator. Tha's the way the ISB wanted it. Cheers, Oscar
  7. Hello Jorge, Yes, it was bad configured, but I alredy corrected the situation. Now all moderators have their moderation options available. Thanks for the info, I wouldn't have noticed if you don't tell me. See you around, Oscar.
  8. I am glad to welcome all new members of the forums. Let this be a tool for joining efforts and making new friendships!! Warm regards, Oscar.
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