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  1. Paper 107: Origin and Nature of Thought Adjusters

    One small group's attempt at study. The videos were from last year.


    part 1 of 3...


    part 2 of 3...


    part 3 of 3...


    What are Michael and his Father really up to? What are the Adjusters? What really is man? To help explore this theme, and to get a taste of what a Study Group can be, we plan to spend the Saturday of 21 June studying Paper 107, "the Origin and Nature of Thought Adjusters"

  2. Ended up using 7 miniDV tapes shooting the "Magnificent Synergy of Seven" 2007 UAUS national conference near Seattle. It was a challenge editing the plenary meetings and presentations, as these went on and on and YouTube allows only 10 minutes per video. Especially enjoyed the unrehearsed interviews with readers. There are a dozen of those. Thanks to all the individuals who shared how they found the book and what it means to them.





  3. I have found Esther's realization very similar to my own, and living in Portland, wish I could speak more to her about it. Maybe someday soon, when I don't have to work sundays and can actually manage to attend the study group here.



    Hi Rossco,


    Esther is not a regular at the Portland study group. She and Dennis I believe have their own smaller group down in Mollala



    It all depends on how much you want to meet with other readers. Just click on 'Oregon' -- there are phone numbers you can call...


    best regards,


  4. This group?



    I'd like to ask my questions to them, if not here on the site.


    Yes. They meet Sundays at noon in SE Portland.

    Send me a PM with your phone # and a good time to call you.

    Will hook you up with them if you like. As far as I know not one from the group in the video is subscribed to this forum.



  5. From what I heard Maurine had not been able to come back to the Portland study group since the February 11th celebration. Managed to connect with her by phone today. She is being attended by family and a hospice nurse. She had difficulty talking and breathing as her lungs are filling up. Her physical system may not last another week. Maurine once was secretary of Oregon Urantia Association.





  6. Here are some Urantia Book related videos--

    short quotations from the U Book, interviews with readers

    on the UB2097 channel on youtube:




    It is only a month old -- it's an experiment.

    If you don't mind, I placed in my channel a link to this forum.


    Recent videos:


    In celebration of Maurine, part 1:


    In celebration of Maurine, part 2:


    Dallas, blind UB reader:


    Esther & Dennis, a couple of readers:


    Is world peace possible? (UB quote):



    Best regards,


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