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  1. Registration approved -- chidabuela (isadora galjour) [igaljour@hotmail.com ] (USA) replied: Nigel
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  3. I've never been much fussed about the mode of delivery. That Orvonton commission was commissioned to reveal a revelation... maybe the use of a disinterested 3rd party (sleeping subject) was deemed to be "least unsettling to the natives"? Brings to mind those "first contact" away missions in Star Trek Next Gen. Think how careful, and gentle, they had to be Nigel
  4. Why the concern about "most people"? Social evolution works by someone making a start... Wanna be a trend-setter? Feel free! Nigel
  5. The free iPhone version fits in small pockets
  6. I'm still wondering about this business of "asking someone to pray for us". Nigel
  7. Take another look: see Michael's Spirit of Truth? This makes you closer to Jesus than Mary was during her mortal life. Worth thinking about. Also, this business about "intercessory prayer"... why would you want anyone to pray for you? Do you think Dad or Michael could ever forget about you, or fail to understand? They are in love with you, and literally with you, through thick and thin. Nigel
  8. Registration approved -- vmapunde (Varaidzo Mapunde) [v.mapunde@yahoo.co.uk] (UK) replied: Nigel
  9. As a scientist, I like to tease things apart to see how they work, and how they inter-relate; especially when considering the four absolutely distinct domains of qualified reality. Remember those "three kinds of light: material light, intellectual insight, and spirit luminosity" (9.10, 0:6.8). Think how each type of light serves as currency in the economy of its domain. In this sense, is love literally the currency of the personal domain? Nigel
  10. And then there is the interesting question of what happens when you move superuniverse space at single velocity with respect to its (absolutely ultimate) background? "Space is measured by time, not time by space." (1439.4, 130:7.6) Local "rates of flow of time". An interesting way to measure local spaces? Nigel
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  13. While doing some artistic Zen motorcycle maintenance way back, I got to wondering: if two enlightened souls from different cultures should meet, what facts about the universe could they share? Sure, as persons they could share essential truths. But as humans, what value (for the other) would each other's meanings have? Such unique trails, such varied experience... What if they came to share some kind of "vocabulary of concept" ? Then the UB appeared, like a link we did not know was missing Nigel
  14. Hi Alina, You touch one of my favourite UB features: in addition to revelation, the breathtaking coordination (and evolution) of vocabularies! Nigel
  15. Registration approved -- msabani (Michael Sabani) [msabani@gmail.com] (USA) replied: Nigel
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