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~Dissemination-Seeding the book around the world. We live in a crucial but short window of time when a fresh new revelation is rooting itself in the world's cultural soil. Each of us has a role if we want and create it, spreading God's "benign virus of love". And we can have a role in disseminating the text too---if so led.

~Also, studies of Truth, beauty and goodness. Never too soon to plan for our planetary destiny, the "age of light and life"

"...The worlds settled in light and life are so fully concerned with the comprehension of truth, beauty, and goodness because these quality values embrace the revelation of Deity to the realms of time and space...."

Believers are the richest people on Urantia, partly from having Jesus' whole story. Also from authortative revelatory statements on our Father, our friend and provider of all riches. How to spend it?!

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