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  1. on chapter 2. with my 'meagerly spiritualized mind' I come to the conclusion that this chapter is just immensly beautiful and makes my heart beat louder.........hmmm Rita
  2. and then again - its an active undertaking this journey of ours, and needs the best of will we can muster ............ and we must .....................yield to the leadings of the spiritual forces in us........ I just like some of these lines ......... P.62 - §4 Our Father is not in hiding; he is not in arbitrary seclusion. He has mobilized the resources of divine wisdom in a never-ending effort to reveal himself to the children of his universal domains. There is an infinite grandeur and an inexpressible generosity connected with the majesty of his love which causes him to yearn for the association of every created being who can comprehend, love, or approach him; and it is, therefore, the limitations inherent in you, inseparable from your finite personality and material existence, that determine the time and place and circumstances in which you may achieve the goal of the journey of mortal ascension and stand in the presence of the Father at the center of all things. P.63 - §3 However Urantia mortals may differ …………………………and they are all equally privileged to seek intimate personal communion with this indwelling spirit of divine origin, while they may all equally choose to accept the uniform spiritual leading of these Mystery Monitors. P.63 - §4 If mortal man is wholeheartedly spiritually motivated, unreservedly consecrated to the doing of the Father's will, then, since he is so certainly and so effectively spiritually endowed by the indwelling and divine Adjuster, there cannot fail to materialize in that individual's experience the sublime consciousness of knowing God ………………. P.63 - §6 The Father desires all his creatures to be in personal communion with him…………………….. Therefore settle in your philosophy now and forever: To each of you and to all of us, God is approachable, the Father is attainable, the way is open; the forces of divine love and the ways and means of divine administration are all interlocked in an effort to facilitate the advancement of every worthy intelligence of every universe to the Paradise presence of the Universal Father. P.64 - §1 The Father is not in spiritual hiding, but so many of his creatures have hidden themselves away in the mists of their own willful decisions and for the time being have separated themselves from the communion of his spirit and the spirit of his Son by the choosing of their own perverse ways and by the indulgence of the self-assertiveness of their intolerant minds and unspiritual natures. P.64 - §2 Mortal man may draw near God and may repeatedly (wow)….. forsake the divine will so long as the power of choice remains. Man's final doom is not sealed until he has lost the power to choose the Father's will. ……… Likewise is man's eternal destiny assured when Adjuster fusion proclaims to the universe that such an ascender has made the final and irrevocable choice to live the Father's will. Rita
  3. Back from a whirlwind of activities.......... P.62 - §1 If the finite mind of man is unable to comprehend how so great and so majestic a God as the Universal Father can descend from his eternal abode in infinite perfection to fraternize with the individual human creature, ............ then must such a finite intellect rest assurance of divine fellowship upon the truth of the fact that an actual fragment of the living God resides within the intellect of every normal-minded and morally conscious Urantia mortal. this just needs to be pointet out again and again! SInce the topic could be a hot potato it is best for a while to ponder the saying and the possible implications ourselves and rethink a couple of points in our Philosophy of life. What strikes me so untrue at times is when this personality circuit is assumed to function in all sorts of 'critters'. A kind of paganism maybe. I wonder how others would interpret that quality of life of a Father-spirit indwelt human and if they can discern when it is absent?? Rita
  4. good morning Australia and good eveing rest of the world................ dito to the 'thank you Divine counselor'- what a marvelous effort to find words to describe the sometimes undescribable. This DC's long sentences and double words are real tongue twisters at times. But he succeeded in portraing to us finite ones the vastnes of the Fathers realm. Bonita - I rememberd too. Pentecost - the coming of the Spirit of Truth....poured out over each and every one and Adjusters sigh with relief - finally .................some action happening and humans awake from their slumber. Now I will immerse into the Nature reality for a bit to marvel and adore the instigator and upholder of all things and beings. ciaou - Rita
  5. greetings all Just returned from our get together in Sydney. Our hosts have prepared a cozy and warm home for 8 of us to share Paper 4 and 5 - our toes .........and the rest were truly comfi! The display of such parental qualities of 'overcare' and 'providence' - as in: providing for stimulating and interlocking activities for the advancement and well being of their children........(free interpretation!) are surely God-like . .....................Personality, goodness, and numerous other characteristics, God shares with man........ Gee that is great - how else could we ever attempt to extend our faith-feelers if there wasn't a loving Father, sharing some genetic character traits and waiting to look us in the eye., if there wasn't one that resonates with our deepest desires. Funny thing - desires.....they just happen, persistently tug inside, consume our reasoning thoughts until we recognise our inability to 'do nothing' about it, to avoid them, and finally trust our 'human limitations' into the hands of the one that desired us first! A faith adventure indeed. And now, the windswept skie is clear and black and cold - exept the starry dots which remind me that their light has started travelling towards us when Australia was still under water . Rita
  6. thanks Howard for asking how studying the UB has changed my life. I have to stop and think - which is always a good thing! Learning from the Adjuster papers, that my own monitor has a template with which 'he' guides me to perfection made my heart skip. The idea of having a destiny and purpose sits very comfortably with me. Being in regular touch with my inner guide through prayer and 'sharing my life with the father' gives me the confidence to proceed each day with what I find 'needs doing'. Coming to a cross road and asking " what would Jesus do' - like Pike suggests - is another great way of going forward. I like to believe that the Universal mother is a practical creator and am happy to be part in that scheme. I use my free will to trust in the Fathers plan, both for me and the world, and find myself completely carried on eagels wings. Finding and reading the Urantia Book was a personal revelation for me at the time and has forever changed my perception of 'what it is all about'. The relations to my brothers and sisters and to my earthly existence have become a very concious undertaking. I was lost - but now I'm found. I found my calling, my purpose - not on the scale of Mother Theresa and other amazing personalities - but my own little part in the big scheme of things. I am complete and replete and am awfully glad that I have been set into a place of time and space to learn what is in front of me in a step by step manner. No stress, no hurry - just a quite, faithfull persitence! Life is good! Rita
  7. hello all what a topic! When reading a book about indigo children some years ago I had to put it aside pretty soon because there was no real value in any of it in my mind. Actually compared with other material in general ( not to mention the UB) it was an insult to my - surely limited - inelligence! Also, when looking up a 'Crystal child' on you-tube (on my sons suggestions) I was stunned and silently gob-smacked(!). Is that what people admire and call special gifts - a little more perception of some phenopmena that purely belongs into the material realm of our world. Isn't it rather a desire in us to believe in better things to come. Just observe these people actually functionning on all levels. I tend to agree with an earlier post of Nigel. When children grow up in a 'normal' way, without fear and plenty of confidence in their right to belong and contribute to their world then truly some marvellous reactions on their part can manifest. But what counts, I feel, is what these children, these peple of all ages, are actually doing with thier extended gifts of knowledge and perception. It is a bit like..............having a new kitchen.............. with a spiffiy italian stainless steel six burner affair, wide oven, digital controls and what not..........to merely cook a fried egg on and for the rest of the week get in 'take aways' to feed the family! still keeping an open mind and discerning heart Rita
  8. Dear Bonita and everyone really appreciated your way of studying the subject mater and loved the many thoughts you brought up. Had to read the posts over a few times and think about them. My last few weeks had me all in the grip of ' responding to daily living' and writing a reply got pushed further and further away! I have similar thoughts about using the term of 'loving Father in heaven' when ministering/interacting with those troubled fellow mortals. I am forever looking for words and examples that are part of our modern experience but yes - am hesitant and stop before mentioning anyting about a heavenly Father. Guess I'm looking also for a new way of packaging these truths. This leads very much to a more psychological approach - as you mentioned as well. Only by understanding the state of mind /attitude a person is in can we attempt to respond appropriately in order to try to 'enlighten' or present a new way of thinking. Sometimes I find it not even necessary to add or want to change a person's outlook because the way they present their 'worldview' is indication enough that they are on the way of finding out the greater truths themselves in their own fasion, in their own time. It's like trusting in the outworkings of the spirit. Jesus' technique of teaching keeps on being a great inspiration - most of all the way he instantly and completely accepted the people he 'visited' with. Self esteem and confidence are greatly enhanced when one feels accepted and it is much easier then to venture out and consider a new and enhanced way of thinking about something. Many thanks to every one again for participating in the Study Day - we'll do it again next year! Rita
  9. Hello all - finally I'd like to add a reply and many thanks to Rick for hosting the online study Group. When I read that passage the first time I got a real fuzzy feeling - Jesus was in Switzerland - yey! The Sydney Study group met on the Saturday and before reading the paper we looked at some maps of the region and marveled at extend and length of this Journey. Once in Italy they just walked - everywhere. Kind of hard to imagine, but somehow it makes me take notice. And also, I would love to know where exatly the travellers entered Switzerland and how it looked then. Mhmmmm - will have to wait till I can grab some historic visuals on the manison worlds. Rita
  10. Dear Rick and all firstly a great big thank you for organising these Forum pages so .....artistically. Le'ts hope that many more readers have been perusing this thread and gained valuable insights and blessings through this communal event. The FORUM is surely a great place to meet. In Australia we've had groups meeting - amongst others - in Perth, the Gold Coast, Canberra, Sydney and a little place in the country side of southern NSW called Merimbula from where this report hails. the participants were Paul, David, Pam and William. greetings - Rita The Towomba Study Group met on Sunday at Paul Ross’s flat in Merimbula. The four of us took turns reading paper 5, and we managed to finish the paper. It is some time since any of us has read this paper, and we were all reminded of how much of substance is portrayed in it. Our discussion centred on three main heads. The mystery of Personality attracted much discussion. We noted that even a being such as a Divine Counselor, the author of the paper, cannot unravel this mystery. That mortals of time and space can receive personality, and as a result experience freewill moral choice, is extraordinary. And that this allows us choice in all matters of survival indicates the Father’s faith in us. The nature of Spiritual Experience also produced much discussion. We noticed that we all seem to have somewhat different views of what it meant for each of us personally, and were intrigued to be reminded that spiritual experience is always personal—a personal interaction between a personal being and the Father himself, and that every such experience will reflect the difference of that personality from others. We also discussed the fact that the urge to seek God is innate in men. Once the adjutants of worship and wisdom are functioning then evolutionary religion gradually gives rise to minds capable of being adjuster indwelt, and when the Spirit of Truth is released then all normal minds receive adjusters. This marks the beginning of an era which may come to be dominated by revelation, an era whose beginning we hope to be contributing towards. All in all, an interesting discussion of an intriguing paper.
  11. Hello everyone I have been visiting this site now and then - what a great way to study the papers together. What has grabbed me from the 1. Chapter is the observation of the authors about the swinging motion of the cosmic energies - never finding them to behave shooting off randomly. So good! - what tells us that of control and order and also the retention of energies and whatever else is in the swirl . I just love the economy of the Infinite Spirit!! summery greetings from down under Rita P.128 - §5 ............................. If the master universe were not a series of elliptical space levels of lessened resistance to motion, alternating with zones of relative quiescence, we conceive that some of the cosmic energies would be observed to shoot off on an infinite range, off on a straight-line path into trackless space; but we never find force, energy, or matter thus behaving; ever they whirl, always swinging onward in the tracks of the great space circuits.
  12. Good Day all very interesting topic....... good reading! I would have to agree with the notion mentioned, that as the daily grind is very demanding on most of our citizens, the delving into and manipulating of genes etc. will have the support mostly on what is absolutely necessary in the prevention for horrible deformities. Saw a documentary recently about a skin deficency (can't remeber the name now) and am thinking also of distrophies of kinds. So, the direction of concentrating our efforts into sane and vigorous family-life is definately a good one. cheers Rita
  13. This looks great your approach already has a new 'whiff' about it. Just a tiny question - why do people discuss the Foreward when it is called the 'ForewOrd' happy travelling Rita
  14. Dear fellow readers it is a pleasure to share 'Jesus Thots' with you May there be many blessings at this Easter Holiday -time for all of you and your Families. love Rita
  15. Dear Carolynand all - this is really helpful to have the whole quote - how different the view becomes. Just to show that we always need to see sayings in the context and situation they were uttered. Certain phrases jump out especially - like - that we have in Jesus a sympathizing friend and an understanding counselor. WOW - we're not alone ever again. And also,what an example to repeat in our own lives with others. Anyway - what the whole story has reveald for me now is the family-cultura that pervaides so strongly with individuals. To conform is to secure to a certain extent the home-comfort, the peaceful agreement with the fold - no friction, no tension. But that kind of thing is holding us back from the unique choices we have to make when following our inner voice, the leading of tour very own Thought Adjuster. Such choices never are as difficult as when we cross the long adhered to rules of the tribe. Maybe to 'disown the past' means that we are taking the step of 'dying a death of transformation' , leaving the old skin behind, be reborn into the spirit of a new pattern, become helpless as a babe - solely depending on the truth we discern within. That is, as Jesus understood so well, very difficult and painfull for us humans, since all our striving reaches for security and familiarity and not for uncertainty in faith and utter stepping out into no-man's land. Makes me truly think how lonley 'the Frontier' can be at times. Rita
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