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Forum Rules

Welcome to the Urantia Book Forum!

Visitors can view posts but only those registered can initiate a topic and reply to posts. Please note that this is a moderated forum, and that moderators will remove inappropriate posts.

The Urantia Book forum started out as a private forum in late 2005 for members of Urantia Association International (UAI). We opened our doors to the public in December 2006.

Subscription requires two validations -- by the subscriber and by an administrator. If you have any difficulty with registration, or with logging in to your account, please send an email to the forum moderators or administrator:

Forum Moderators forum_moderator@urantia-uai.org
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This bulletin board is provided as a service by:
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Please read the following Guidelines carefully:



The Urantia Book Forum was created for study, discussion and dissemination of the teachings of The Urantia Book, and to foster contact between readers. The Forum is also intended to be an information resource for UAI activities and projects. Some Forum categories are open to the public, and some are open only to members of Urantia Association International (UAI). UAI member-subscribers wanting access to the private section of the Urantia Book Forum should contact the forum moderator or admin (see above). Please include your real full name and association membership.

Forum moderators affirm the obvious need to maintain the utmost in responsible, on-topic, and cordial communication among subscribers for the mutual benefit of all. We sincerely hope that all that transpires on the Urantia Book Forum will clearly relate to and be reflective of the overall caliber and tone of The Urantia Book.


1. Civility. Dialogue is expected to be civil and respectful. Profanity is not permitted. Since we are communicating with diverse people of different cultural backgrounds, civility can be subjective and a common standard for civility may be difficult to define. However, if each forum member acts as a son or daughter of God, he/she will not present a problem to the forum moderators.

2. Personal attacks. Attacks upon the character, personality, heritage, beliefs, motives, or actions of any persons are unacceptable.

3. Group attacks. Attacks upon the purposes, policies, plans or procedures of any group or organization are unacceptable.

4. Disallowed Material. Posting of material unrelated to the PURPOSE of the Forum is not permitted. Humorous anecdotes (in good taste) and poetry are allowed. Petitions for donations to a group or a person not in immediate danger and/or advertising of products are not permitted.

5. Material not in The Urantia Book. Material not found in The Urantia Book, but relevant to the topic under consideration, may be quoted. Human authorship is assumed and referencing should include the published source where the quote may be found in context.

Posting of any content which implies direct or explicit communication with celestials or former mortals; or, which presumes to contain exact knowledge about the survival potential or the post-mortal status of specific individuals; or, which presents specific factual information concerning extra-terrestrial or spiritual realms which cannot be referenced in The Urantia Book, is not allowed.

Presenting examples of such activities and materials is permitted exclusively for the purposes of example pursuant to discussion of the effect that such materials, expressions and/or associated individuals, groups and organizations may have on matters related to the Fifth Epochal Revelation.

6. Proselytizing. Personal experiences and information from sources other than The Urantia Book may be presented, provided they are presented in the spirit of study and not with the intent--explicit OR implicit--to convert list members to a particular practice or belief system. This prohibition includes church type sermons and channeled experiences.

7. Ditto Posts. There is a limit to the number of messages allowed per day. Short posts that echo sentiments of agreement/kudos without adding substance thereto are discouraged. Forum members are asked to consider a private acknowledgement to a fellow member. Brief posts that clarify or add ideas and information to a previous post are encouraged!

8. Long posts. It is recommended, as a courtesy to others, that forum members endeavor to constrain the length of their posts to one or two thousand words in deference to those who would like to know the points being made but are limited by time, equipment, or inclination. Warnings will not be issued for posts exceeding the recommended courtesy limit.

9. Re-posting. Posting for non-members or suspended members is not allowed.


By subscribing to the forum, each forum member agrees to abide by the guidelines and rules of the forum. If you are uncertain about a potential violation, get clearance from a Moderator forum_moderator@urantia-uai.org in advance, and it is likely to reduce the number of surprise warnings.

1. For a first violation in any six month period, unless the violation is blatant, the violator shall be issued a reminder OR warning based upon the type of infraction.

2. For the second violation or the first blatant violation in any six month period the violator shall be suspended for one month.

3. A third violation or a second blatant violation within any six month period shall result in a six month suspension.

4. The fact that a warning has been issued to a specific person, along with the reason therefore, may be made public on the forum. A private reminder will be sent directly to that forum member without public notice.

5. If a forum member is suspended for one month, he/she is automatically reinstated 30 days later. If a forum member is suspended for six months, he or she must request to be reinstated. Please contact a Forum Moderator forum_moderator@urantia-uai.org or, Forum Admin forum_admin@urantia-uai.org The request may or may not be granted.

DISCLAIMER: Any interpretations, opinions, conclusions or representations, whether stated or implied, are solely the responsibility of that individual and do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of the Forum membership in general nor do they necessarily represent the views, opinions and policies of Urantia Association International.

Urantia Book Forum Guidelines in portable document format (PDF). Click here.