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UAI 2011 Leadership Symposium

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#1 Rick Warren

Rick Warren

    Rick Warren

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Posted 05 January 2011 - 09:08 AM


Forum Friends,

Below is the UAI's official invitation to this unique gathering. There is much more at UAI President's Website

Urantia Association International, 559 W. Diversey Parkway #351, Chicago, IL
60614 United States Website: www.urantia-uai.org
phone: 1-773-572-1180 email: uaicentraloffice@urantia-uai.org


Urantia Association International (UAI) has announced it will hold UAI
Leadership 2011 Symposium July 13-17, 2011 at Techny Towers in Chicago,
Illinois, USA. Whenever you hear about a new Urantia event, many of you may
ask yourself: What is this? Why should I attend? What will I get from this
event to justify the cost?

First of all, this Leadership Symposium is no ordinary event. It is not a
conference or even similar to any conferences you might have attended in the
past. This symposium is the first real and concrete effort of UAI to bring
leaders together to learn the most essential and important aspect of UAI's
mission and the purpose of the movement supporting it. It is an event that
will bring the leaders of our worldwide organization together. Not only
will it address itself to the governing boards of UAI associations, but also
the hosts of study groups are encouraged to participate for they are also
the real leaders of our worldwide movement.

I used the verb participate instead of attending for a good reason. This
symposium will require that attendees share in the experience of learning
about leadership. Each and every leader, no matter how big or how small
their contribution to the Urantia movement might be, is an essential part to
the achievement of the mission of The Urantia Book. And in this regard they
can also help other leaders become more effective by sharing their own
experiences. It is an event open to leaders only, to the ones who are
actually doing things to promote the study and teachings of The Urantia
Book, in some instances it might be dissemination, it might be creating or
helping create study groups, or being part of an association as one of its
board members or a founding member, or the myriad other tasks and projects
in support of the revelation readers are engaged in.

Whoever you are, if you truly have a desire to organize, initiate or improve
existing projects, if you are the host of a study group, if you want to
participate in UAI's mission, if you want to make a difference by doing your
share of the work so one day The Urantia Book will have accomplished its
mission, then this symposium is for you. In The Urantia Book, we are told
that teamwork is one of the most important things we need to learn, so
teamwork is what this symposium is about, learning how to work together.
Leaders are not loners; they are people that bring people together to
accomplish a goal through personal relationships.

If you are such a leader, you are invited and encouraged to attend UAI
Leadership 2011 Symposium. You will find registration and other symposium
information at the UAI leadership website at: www.uaileadership.com or you
can email the leadership team at: uaileadership@gmail.com.

As you might imagine, a lot of work and effort is being put into the
organization of this symposium. There are lots of tasks we need volunteers
to complete. Please take a moment and look at the accompanying Service
Opportunities and see if there is anything that fits your skills and sparks
your interest. We need your help.

If you need help with symposium expenses, please first work with you local
association to raise funds where possible. It is Urantia Association
International's distinct honor to inform you of possible sponsorships
available that could assist with the costs of acquiring a visa, travel, room
and board or registration to attend the 2011 UAI Leadership Symposium. UAI
cannot guarantee sponsorship, but we do encourage you to send in an
application for consideration if you need assistance to attend. We look
forward to assisting where feasible to help potential Urantia leaders to
experience, participate and learn at the Leadership Symposium in Chicago.
Participants will be expected to return home after an exhilarating growth
experience to teach and share what you have learned, to bear spiritual fruit
among your colleagues, to share the vision and inspire others to join with
you to accomplish UAI's mission. You will find registration and sponsorship
information at the UAI leadership website at: www.uaileadership.com or you
can email the leadership team at: uaileadership@gmail.com.

One of my favorite reworded sayings comes from a famous president: ³Do not
ask what this revelation can do for you, but what you can do for it?²

In spirit of brotherhood,Gaétan G. Charland
President, Urantia Association International

More about: The Leadership Symposium


UAI Main


#2 Rick Warren

Rick Warren

    Rick Warren

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Posted 05 January 2011 - 09:14 AM


The planning and development of 2011 conference is in full swing, and we need your help!

...In the universal regime you are not reckoned as having possessed yourself of knowledge and truth until you have demonstrated your ability and your willingness to impart this knowledge and truth to others.... P.280 - §0

2011 Volunteers Listings

Below are a list of tasks and positions where we would like some assistance. If you are interested please contact the individuals listed below the position. Also, if there are individuals who you think may be interested in any of these opportunities please contact them and let us know.

This event is transpiring into a great opportunity for all of us on the planning committee to grow in our understanding of leadership and our own leadership abilities so please come and join us. We need your leadership.

See a slide show and much more on the conference committee's website at [url="http://"%20target="]www.UAILeadership.com[/url]


International Liaisons

The international liaisons will be international UAI members (outside of North America) to help facilitate international participation in Leadership 2011. These persons will be contact points and coordinators to help facilitate involvement of international associations and members in the development of programming, recruiting of speakers, group facilitators and a cultural appreciation for different perspectives on leadership.
This position involves contacting and communicating with individuals via phone or email by acting as a link between the planning committee and the international associations.
Contact Susan Owen at [url="http://"%20target="]isbsecretary@gmail.com[/url]

Communications Chair

The purpose of this committee is to communicate the vision, purpose and details about the UAI Leadership 2011 and to generate enthusiasm and interest that will drive attendance of target participants.
The communications chair would be responsible for coordinating the activities of the communication plan. This position will require a time commitment of 2-4 hours a week and would require familiarity with website development, content, good writing and communication skills.
No technical skills for website development would be required only a good appreciation for website content and the desire to know and understand more on the subject of leadership.
Contact Phil Taylor at [url="http://"%20target="]ptaylor@sover.net[/url]

Website Content Coordinator

The UAI Leadership website will be the main communication vehicle for Leadership 2011. The coordinator will need to have an understanding and appreciation for the purpose and mission of UAI Leadership 2011 and be able to coordinate, write and develop content for the website. Website content will include links on leadership, reading materials, and other creative website content that will drive interest, and enhance understanding of the study of leadership. Some computer skills would be required to add content to an existing website.
Contact Phil Taylor at [url="http://"%20target="]ptaylor@sover.net[/url]

Website and Publication Writers

We are looking for individuals interested in writing articles for the website and publication in the UAI Journal and Tidings to help promote UAI Leadership 2011. Commitment can be as short as writing a single article to several articles. Articles will be focused on the subject of leadership and the leadership challenges that we face in the UAI. This is a great way to explore and develop a personal study of leadership.
Contact Phil Taylor at [url="http://"%20target="]ptaylor@sover.net[/url]

Program Development Assistants

These assistants would provide help with the development and coordination of the program prior to and during the event. They would work directly with the program committees in areas of research, development and coordination of the symposium programming. Much of this work would involve reading, research, development of ideas and historical studies about the early history of the Urantia Revelation.
Contact Sue Owen at [url="http://"%20target="]isbsecretary@gmail.com[/url]

On Site Volunteers

Assist and work with Leadership 2011 organizers during the event.
Contact Rick Lyon at [url="http://"%20target="]uaicentraloffice@urantia-uai.org[/url]

Worship Session Chair

The last day of UAI Leadership 2011 is a half day event that is devoted to group worship, spiritual brotherhood and appreciation for fellowship in service. The chair will be responsible for developing the programming, music, and activities for this event. The position would allow for a large degree of creativity in the development of this program.
Contact Susan Owen at [url="http://"%20target="]isbsecretary@gmail.com[/url]

Group Facilitators

The Leadership 2011 symposium will involve a different type of programming from regular conferences. The programming for this event will involve a 'group dynamic' where participants will be placed in working groups through out parts of the programming. The purpose of these working groups is to facilitate a greater appreciation for leadership and group cooperation. These groups will be used to explore, share and illuminate our leadership experiences during Facilitators will be needed to assist this process.
Facilitators with experience working in successful groups and who can understand the challenges that come with cooperation and group interaction will be very helpful. Facilitators will also be asked to work together in advance of the event to help develop the groups activities. This will also involve research, study and development of group facilitation processes.
Contact David Linthicum at [url="http://"%20target="]DavidLinthicum@chevron.com[/url]

Audio Video Recording

A lead coordinator and assistants will be needed to document key events in the symposium. Individuals with AV experience and equipment would be appreciated.
Contact Phil Taylor at [url="http://"%20target="]ptaylor@sover.net[/url]

Video Production

An individual with video production experience to bring together a documentary of photographic stills, music and voice recordings for an 1/2 hour long presentation will be needed to assist in the development of the programming. Creativity in art, music and video production would be an asset.
Contact Phil Taylor at [url="http://"%20target="]ptaylor@sover.net[/url]


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