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Posted 29 December 2010 - 10:12 AM


Greetings Everyone!

The final issue of TIDINGS for 2010 is now available for viewing in 5 tongues. Below is the announcement from Susan with table of contents. Below that is the text from Gaetan's message. You can view the full issue with photos HERE

Make it a great new year! Rick Warren


Dear Friends of Urantia Association International,

It is with great pleasure that I announce the latest issue of the TIDINGS newsletter is now available on our website at:


Please note the table of contents listed below for your interest & convenience. We hope you will enjoy reading this newest edition, and gain inspiration from it!

Sincere Regards,
Susan Grzeskowiak ~ UAI Administrative Assistant

Table of Contents

Gaétan G. Charland - President’s Message

Gaétan G. Charland and Michelle Klimesh - UAI ISB and the Urantia Book Fellowship meeting

Cheryl Glicker - Why I Want to Attend the 2011 Urantia Leadership Symposium

Susan Owen - Service Trails—Part 3

Mo Siegel - The Silent Sermon

James Perry - VCR Mini-Conference

Phil Taylor - UAI Leadership 2011

Carlos Rubinsky, Luis Miguel Morales and Nora Sarlo - Urantia Association Argentina at Expo Natural Life

Normand Laperle - To Love is to Serve

Susan Owen - UAI Service Opportunities


It seems like the year is already at an end and we find out we did not have enough time to do everything we set ourselves to do for the present year. It is more and more a situation that the International Service Board (ISB) is facing as we move ahead with a deeper understanding of our mission and the work necessary to accomplish it. At the end of October ten members of the International Service Board and one member of the Judicial commission met face to face in Chicago for a period of five full days to assess and revise the ISB Strategic Plan and elaborate further on the organization of the Leadership Symposium which will take place next year in Chicago.

When we compared the results of the assessment of UAI’s situation of three years ago with where we are now, UAI is positively moving ahead in the realization of its mission. The number of study groups supported by UAI has increased to more than two hundred and it is still growing. This in itself is very good news, but our goals to reach the first one thousand mark is still a long way ahead and a lot of work still needs to be done to accomplish this task. As for the summary of the many reports provided to us by the RC, it should soon be published on the RC list and in TIDINGS, for all to read.

We also met for one full day with the members of the Executive Committee of the Fellowship, and this experience will surely contribute to better cooperation in areas of duplication and pave the way for a greater unity of purpose between UAI and the Fellowship. The main goal of that meeting was to get to know each other, learn of our structures and decision process. No formal agreement was signed but we did agree to meet again in the future. What we did learn from that meeting is that the statement of purpose of the Fellowship and UAI are nearly identical, so we have more in common than we believed we had. You will find a full report of what has transpired during that meeting in the pages of this publication.

On the business side of the RC, the budget is still being discussed and should soon reach a vote. This matter of business is always strenuous for it concerns the monetary demands by which UAI can organize and provide the material means and tools to our members and worldwide associations to accomplish its spiritual mission. This year’s budget is no exception to previous years; we are short on funds by roughly fifty percent, so many necessary projects will not be started and will have to wait for a greater expression of your generosity.

Regarding ISB business side, we did vote on a resolution that will be presented to the Representative Council pertaining to hiring a company to do some work on the UAI’s website. This company is owned by a member of the ISB. Our By-Laws state that when we want to contract work to an outside company that belongs to a member of the International Service Board that we look for approval from the Representative Council to hire this company. In this case, it is more profitable to contract this company than any other company. Much work needs to be done on the Internet — intranet project and the UAI database needs a major upgrade if we are to meet the growing demands for better communication with our members.

One major project we discussed while in Chicago was the organization of the Leadership Symposium. Things are going well and the website promoting this event should be online by the time you read this message. You should find information about the Symposium at this address:


You can also take advantage of this opportunity to fill in your registration and insure yourself a place at this unique and historical event. While some of you may think that the Leadership Symposium might not address itself to you, think again. There are more leadership skills in you than you might think. Do not let the word “leader” confuse you. Many people believe they have no leadership skills, while they do many things that would qualify them as leader. If you are the host of a study group, you have demonstrated some leadership skills, whether you admit it or not.

There are many types of leader, and while I do not claim to be an expert in the matter, I do know and recognize some basic qualities of leadership when I see them in people. Many readers of The Urantia Book have those qualities; they only need some nurturing for those to become a more dominant characteristic of their personality. This is why we believe strongly that the Leadership Symposium is for many of you. Anyone initiating a project, expressing initiatives, getting a few friends together even if it’s only for a potluck or social gathering it is expressing leadership skills. Anyone serving as a board member in any type of organization is also expressing leadership qualities and anyone being led by the Spirit is by example leading others to the light.

The publication mandate says, “An early publication of the Book has been provided so that it may be in hand for the training of leaders and teachers.” “The book is being given to those who are ready for it long before the day of its world-wide mission.” If this is not you, than who is it? You have certainly wondered many times why you found The Urantia Book. What is it you are supposed to do with it? Why it appealed to you and not your friends and family? If the world would be ready for The Urantia Book now, then most everyone would want to read it, but this is not the case. This is one reason it was put in your hands, because you have what it takes to fulfill its mission, you have those inherent leadership qualities in you that are necessary for the purpose of its mission. Will you harness your talents and become this shining light which will attract truth seekers? Join us next year at the leadership Symposium to uncover your potential.

As president of UAI, I will be traveling to Europe at the beginning of December to charter a new association in the Ukraine. I will use this opportunity to visit readers and members in Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Holland and should be back home in time for Christmas.

Have a wonderful Holiday Seasons and I’ll see you next year in Chicago.

In the spirit of brotherhood, Gaétan G. Charland, President UAI


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