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Donations Support UAI Mission and Purpose

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Posted 25 August 2008 - 09:20 AM

Hello readers of The Urantia Book worldwide,

My name is Mark Kurtz. I want to invite discussion and consideration of your support for the mission and operations of Urantia Association International (UAI) as we accept the challenge of disseminating The Urantia Book teachings worldwide.

UAI is totally dependent on your generous financial support for our dissemination, outreach, and reader service projects. We are dedicated to helping individuals (especially our younger generations) to become the future teachers and leaders of this revelation, to global seeding of the book, and to assisting all readers in the creation of the thousands of study groups that the revelators instructed us to create. We live in a material world, so therefore material aid is needed for our spiritual mission.

UAI is actively expanding our Global Seeding Project. This project responds to requests for assistance in obtaining Urantia Books and materials in many languages; often from new readers in areas where book distribution is difficult or expensive. This dissemination project also assists with conferences and book fairs such as the very successful book fair in Buenos Aires a few weeks ago that distributed many books to our friends in South America. The Dissemination Committee, which is part of UAI International Service Board (ISB), reviews all requests for grants or aid for distributing books. The ISB handles the day-to-day operations of UAI and puts into action those projects and activities that you support with your prayers and money. As The Urantia Book is discovered in more and more countries and cultures, there will be more requests for assistance and reader services. UAI needs your support in order to meet this increasing demand from new readers for the wide variety of services that UAI provides. We are able to assist readers and provide support individually on a person-to-person level with our worldwide organization of national and local associations that make up UAI. UAI works hand in hand with the Urantia Foundation in Chicago in this and many other areas.

Your financial support is also needed to operate the Central Administration Office which is an important focal point for our international operations. Our Executive Administrator is key to maintaining a central registration and cooperative team culture in UAI. The UAI Central Office provides a consistent and reliable point of contact for readers seeking assistance. A database of readers is maintained so that when a new reader decides to seek out other readers in their area, we are here to provide that service to them. We serve all readers around the world as best as we may be able.

I like to imagine readers wrapping themselves in the middle of the three concentric circles, the Banner of Michael, which I understand represents the Holy Trinity---our Paradise Father, the Eternal Son, and the Infinite Spirit. This keen imaginative relationship is real in spirit with one who wants to be Godlike and wants to help Urantia progress to attainment of future Light and Life that for which we all hope. We do this as individuals and as an association learning to work in teamwork for the benefit of all mankind. The Urantia Book tells us that teamwork is very important for our personal growth and individual progress. UAI provides opportunities for people to serve this revelation at levels that are usually not available to us as individuals. We serve and support the individual by living the teachings personally and as an association of readers disseminating the great teachings found in the book to a spiritually hungry world. We would do well to commit our time and money to this great Revelation and to continue the efforts of the Revelatory Commission in bringing truth to this disrupted world Urantia.

We invite you to join with us as a team of UAI, our Celestial friends, and you as we actively work to bring the message of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man to this planet. You CAN change the world by sharing these teaching with your family and friends and with your generous financial support for Urantia Association International.

Here is how you can help:

  • Regular monthly contribution. This can be automated through your banking resources such as Bill Payer or Online Resources or mailed directly each month.
  • Monthly credit/debit card contributions. Just send us a letter with your written authorization and information or telephone our Central Office and we will do the rest.
  • Monthly contributions through PayPal by opening an account and authorizing debits to your bank card.
  • One-time donation via check, credit or debit card, or PayPal in any amount you choose. Visit our website: www.urantia-uai.org for a quick and easy way to send your contribution by PayPal. You may also mail a check or money order or call the UAI Central Office to contribute by credit card.
  • International bank transfer. Contact the Central Office for bank transfer
The UAI Central Administration Office address is:

Urantia Association International
559 W. Diversey Pkwy #351
Chicago, IL 60614-7640 UNITED STATES

The UAI office phone is 773-572-1180. The FAX number is 773-572-1181. Both in the United States.

The UAI office email is uaicentraloffice@urantia-uai.org.

We encourage you to become one of our regular monthly contributors. It is awesome to see this kind of dedication. Most people find it is easier to give small amounts regularly with less impact on their budget. Like you and me, UAI needs a regular dependable source of income so that we can better plan and budget for our various service projects. Some of us have the means to contribute a lot and some of us can only contribute a little. All are greatly appreciated. Please contribute whatever you can whenever you can.

Thank you for supporting UAI in the most important project of our world today - revealing God to man and bringing man closer to God.

Mark Kurtz,

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