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Posted 16 April 2013 - 07:02 AM

Bravo All!! Wonderful. Scott - I too seek the "group wisdom" of others in both the religious and secular worlds which I differentiate from the "majority view"...the group is not often aware of its own wisdom. The group dynamic effect is fascinating....take any group in relationship and then add and subtract new members and watch the dynamic change. Seek the leadership which appears...also in rotation. This dynamic relationship is illustrative of ever larger groups....right up to the planetary. I think our discernment is always challenged and our choices always unique when we become thusly aware.

What I mean is that as the definition of insanity is giving the same response (wrong) to the same choice over and over, that when we "learn" the lesson and move forward progressively, that we will learn that each choice is also within a different circumstance and with different persons and is thusly always found within a new dynamic for us to discern how to "approach" each the same but not that the response choice is always the same to the mature mind. Jesus gave a different response in many similar situations and gave truth differently to each....even his parables and lessons for the large group audience was masterfully given to appeal to each set of "ears". We have much to learn as tadpoles.

But believers learn in confidence and we do not fear our errors. And we seek out diverse situations, experiences, and minds to test our perspective and to enlarge it by the experience and wisdom of other minds. Prejudice is the death of progress except by consequential brutalities which change our prejudice. What Scott describes is the concious destruction or demolition or deconstruction of prejudice....which opens the mind to learning and growing. We must learn when and how to assert self for the benefit of another or all others but without the self as the object or even the source of our contributions....then we are in spirit assertion and not self assertion or ego gratification in our offerings in the dynamic at hand....personal or group.

Thanks to all. Such a lovely group dynamic here....and so much group wisdom to learn from.

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Peace be upon you."

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