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No provision for spiritual self-examination?

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Posted 20 March 2013 - 06:43 AM

Here is Jesus on what we must do to be saved:

P1683:2, 150:5.5 In summing up his final statement, Jesus said: "You cannot buy salvation; you cannot earn righteousness. Salvation is the gift of God, and righteousness is the natural fruit of the spirit-born life of sonship in the kingdom. You are not to be saved because you live a righteous life; rather is it that you live a righteous life because you have already been saved, have recognized sonship as the gift of God and service in the kingdom as the supreme delight of life on earth. When men believe this gospel, which is a revelation of the goodness of God, they will be led to voluntary repentance of all known sin. Realization of sonship is incompatible with the desire to sin. Kingdom believers hunger for righteousness and thirst for divine perfection."

How are we to voluntarily repent of all known sin unless we are first able to realize what our sins are?

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience. -
Teilhard de Chardin

#22 Bradly aka/fanofVan

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Posted 20 March 2013 - 07:32 AM

The answer to your question lies within the quote: " Realization of sonship is incompatible with the desire to sin. Kingdom believers hunger for righteousness and thirst for divine perfection."

It is truly nothing more than alignment of mortal/material mind with spirit. Not an understanding or knowledge of facts or of oneself, but a sincere motive and the intention of abiding in the Way and Will of God. Sincerety of heart is not to be mistaken by Father and is always rewarded or acknowledged with progress in the spirit. One need not find sin nor sorrow greatly to repent from prior misconduct for the true heart will abandon sin like a burning building. If we experience the resulting choices of the free will combined with such a true heart, we can more easily and readily find our errors of tactic and strategy in our choosing and the mind can better discern meanings and values in the relationships and pattern intersections of the day. And we will more efficiently eliminate the anxieties and other mind poisens which cloud our perspective and notice the fruits which inevitably come by such a place in mind by such a soul. Jesus also taught us that sufficient unto the day is the trouble therein so it is foolish to lament the past or worry about the future as such worry just clouds the day's journey at hand. And He taught us to do right for right's sake....and not from any fear of loss or punishment. And also, that while men must judge men by their acts, Father measures and knows men by their intent and their heart. Sincere and goodly intentions will lead away from sin and bring light onto the shadows on the errors/evil of doubt, confusion, and new challenges to come.

I learned a long time ago something that Sister Alina referenced herein; if you are now at a place in life and mind that you find fragrent and fruitful, then it is foolish to lament or regret the past, as it is but the path to where we are now. And that path, every path, of the past is filled with experiences and relationships which still provide lessons about our motives and choices and how to discern the superior from the inferior. If you are not happy, fragrent, and fruitful, past mistakes and sins need forsaking, not examination, by a mind of hope seeking Father and His Way today.

My memories are of learning by doing....always a little clumsy, disjointed, and ineffective at first and this is true for some time until balance, grace, poise, efficiency, and effectiveness appear in any craft or skill or art form. This is why evil is not sinful but a natural erring while learning while doing. And this is why Father measures the sincerety of the heart and not the outcome of the effort thereby. The outcomes improve with experience and experience improves by error. There is no short cut. Including relentless and critical self examination. The pure heart cures all ills and brings fruit to all lives. Self importance should be the first thing discovered in any such "self" examination....do we then prove our own importance by further infatuation with ourself? The changes and lessons we need will be found on the pilgrim's path along the edges of conflict today and in the weed patches of material viccisitudes requiring our attention to find that harmonic balance between the material and the divine....in the land of morontia mind.

Peace be upon you."

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Posted 20 March 2013 - 07:51 AM

The words are "all known sin", which means that you would definitely know about it. If you don't know about it, it's not sin, it's evil and evil is merely a measure of imperfection of choice, a mischoosing. Here are the quotes again:

p 1660 Evil is the unconscious or unintended transgression of the divine law, the Father's will. Evil is likewise the measure of the imperfectness of obedience to the Father's will.
Sin is the conscious, knowing, and deliberate transgression of the divine law, the Father's will. Sin is the measure of unwillingness to be divinely led and spiritually directed.

p1429 Your Father in heaven, by endowing you with the power to choose between truth and error, created the potential negative of the positive way of light and life; but such errors of evil are really nonexistent until such a time as an intelligent creature wills their existence by mischoosing the way of life. And then are such evils later exalted into sin by the knowing and deliberate choice of such a willful and rebellious creature. This is why our Father in heaven permits the good and the evil to go along together until the end of life, just as nature allows the wheat and the tares to grow side by side until the harvest.

Do you know your own imperfections? Surely you know some of them, or at least one. Well, that's where you begin. Are you confused by them? Do they interfere with the balance in your life? Do you try to overcome them? Do you feel sorry when you fail to keep them under control? Do you sincerely ask for divine guidance to help you with your imperfections? Imperfections don't go away, they simply stop being acted upon by personality choice. Your power of choice becomes more dedicated to God's choice.

I can say from my own life that once I begin to conquer one imperfection, two more pop up that need to be worked on. I consider that a sign of growth. There's an endless stream of imperfections in me to overcome because I'm ten zillion light years away from perfection. If God revealed all of our imperfections to us at once, we would be absolutely devastated and most likely incapacitated . . . useless. God is not cruel; he is a gentle and kind teacher. One tiny step at a time. The idea of washing away all sin and evil in one great purifying event of salvation and rebirth is a bubbameister. Salvation is a gift and rebirth is just the beginning of a process of growth. We don't become perfect over night. It' a growth process, one imperfection at a time, one choice at a time, one decision at a time.

So, if you're living honestly and sincerely you must realize that you are already saved and that all you have to do is live wholeheartedly as a saved son of God and you will eventually become perfected, one imperfection at a time. It's a labor of love.

39:4.14 The keys of the kingdom of heaven are: sincerity, more sincerity, and more sincerity. All men have these keys. Men use them — advance in spirit status — by decisions, by more decisions, and by more decisions. The highest moral choice is the choice of the highest possible value, and always — in any sphere, in all of them — this is to choose to do the will of God. If man thus chooses, he is great, though he be the humblest citizen of Jerusem or even the least of mortals on Urantia.

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