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Urantia Book sales figures

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Posted 23 March 2013 - 11:29 AM

(1228.3) 112:2.8 All mortal concepts of reality are based on the assumption of the actuality of human personality; all concepts of superhuman realities are based on the experience of the human personality with and in the cosmic realities of certain associated spiritual entities and divine personalities. Everything nonspiritual in human experience, excepting personality, is a means to an end. Every true relationship of mortal man with other persons — human or divine — is an end in itself. And such fellowship with the personality of Deity is the eternal goal of universe ascension.

My question would be what exactly is a "true relationship"?? Is it what we think it is? I doubt it, whenever the authors add in something like "true" IMO its always something slightly more real than what we think it is. Also is the authors definition of "friend" the same as ours? I doubt that as well. IMO the authors have a different perspective on what relationships and even friends are than what we have.

Posted Today, 10:27 AM
I have since digressed from posting to the board if you have not noticed yet, but I do read the posts from time to time. I have had some changes in my life that consume much of my free time. It is all good though, after all, the internet is not the real world, anyhow!

I feel compelled to chime in on this topic. I do not believe that posting to boards is the fulfillment of cosmic love as portrayed in Ubook, unless it is used to communicate some project plan literally that contributes to the advancement of society in real time (e.g., getting together to feed the homeless, work at a shelter, protest unnecessary war, fight crime, etc.). However, what I have observed is participants, including myself, using the board to espouse a particular interpretation, or ideology for that matter, of Ubook; sometimes it is embraced and welcomed, and sometimes met with fierce resistance. That, to me, comes across more dogmatic than anything else. Still I don't think there is anything wrong with that kind of usage, but call it what it is. This board is no different, to me, than other religious boards of which I was a member. Again, that is not to say it is a bad thing, but call it what it is.

Until I get some free time on my hand to participate like I used to, I bid you all farewell in love and peace!


Yea I agree it is what it is. Its a place where we can all give our own interpretation of the urantia book and that can come off as dogmatic no matter if we are right or wrong about what we are saying. I think of forums like these as inkblot tests. Hahah or online journals to write our thoughts. The best way I found to post on these forums is probably to post the letters (IMO) as much as we can that way it doesn't come off as preachy.

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Posted 23 March 2013 - 02:36 PM

I am of the opinion that all parties and opinions here are in some measure true. Merely posting text or an opinion or reading may not be an act of service or a relationship builder or interaction. These forums can also be abused by bullies and radicals and doubters and stone casters and have a very self centered function for some. But those realities do not preclude nor prevent actual service and true relationship by those who are dedicated to present the sites and those who present the Revelation to new readers and eager students and nurture the Revelation's circle of believers and activists. And I assure you, I have new friends and friendly teachers, found and nurtured here and only here and I think true relationship and sharing and caring is demonstrated here daily. But it takes more time and attention. For, as has been said already, there's no vocal tone, no facial elasticity or expression, no body language, no eye ball to eye ball. I think though this is part of the future. In my professional life, I have very close relationships with many people I have never met in person but we work together and project together by phone and internet. I'm skyping more now and love it and hate it at the same time.

Interesting issue.
Peace be upon you."

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