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Tidings November-December 2012

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#1 Fede



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Posted 07 January 2013 - 05:59 PM

Dear siblings

Just wanted to tell you that the November-December 2012 edition of Tidings is ready. You can read it here:


Enjoy your reading!

In brotherhood

Federico Folchi

Tidings Editor

#2 Rick Warren

Rick Warren

    Rick Warren

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Posted 10 January 2013 - 07:53 AM

Thanks for the reminder, Fede!

Below are the table of contents and the UAI President's message:

Gaétan G. Charland.......................President’s Message

Mark Kurtz...................................Endowment = Stability

Federico Folchi............................... UAAR New Board

Neal Waldrop..............................An Agenda for Innovation

Beatriz Arispe Valderrama........ Arequipa Book Fair

Line St-Pierre ...........................The study group experience

Verner Verass.......................... Theosophical Society Presentation


Dear members and friends of UAI,

The holiday season is upon us, many good things can come to our mind, such as celebrating the holidays with our family members, rejoicing with old or new friends or maybe reminiscing on past holiday seasons. We should also not forget in our rejoicing all the ones who have suffered great loss during the past year and make prayers for them that they may have many blessings in the coming year.

During this time I always reflect on what was accomplished by UAI in the current year and what needs to be done in the coming year to further progress in our work. As we move forward in the accomplishment of our mission, many new projects need to be initiated, old ones need to be sustained or ended. New associations need to be chartered while we need to keep supporting the ones already in place. To do all of this requires substantial amounts of human resources and money. Nothing in this material world can be accomplished without the necessary funds to support our many projects. Even Jesus, while on earth, had to rely on the generosity of his followers, disciples and Apostles to accomplish his mission.

During the current year, great improvements to our financial sustainability have been accomplished. Our Chief Financial Officer, Mark Kurtz, has initiated a project that should provide UAI with much needed financial stability in the future. Mark, with the help of some outside collaborators, provided UAI with an endowment fund. This project came to fruition after many hours of research and work on the part of Mark and is an accomplishment of love and dedication to the Revelation and its mission. You can read more about this in this newsletter.

What is important to note about this project, it is the belief in the importance of our mission that motivated Mark in his task to help UAI to pursue its mission. Without that strong belief, I doubt Mark would have been committed to do as much as he did and provide UAI with this very important gift, the “UAI Endowment Fund.” The other great thing about this gift is that all of us can be part of it by contributing what we can so it grows to an appreciable amount. Our participation will depend in part on how strong our beliefs are about The Urantia Book, its teachings, its mission to the world and UAI as an organization to help in the accomplishment of that mission.

To support the mission of UAI, early this year, another new initiative to help our organization acquire the necessary funds for its projects was created. We called this initiative the UAI yearly “$1000 plus Club.” So far we have 15 donors who contribute $1000 and more a year but that number is not enough. It needs to be increased to at least four times that number. Would you consider becoming a member of that Club? Think of it this way, part of that money could go to the endowment fund and bring revenues to UAI long after you would be gone on your way to higher spheres.

I know money is not a subject we like to talk about, especially when the only thing that mostly interest us has to do with the spiritual aspect of our engagement. On our world, one cannot go without the other. In order for our organization to manage itself decently, it would require at least $100,000 a year and so far our budget provide for only half of that. So many worthwhile projects have been pending for years on account of lack of resources. Our organization is growing in areas where financial resources are practically non-existant. If we are to help the Revelation take a foothold in those poor regions, then the ones who have these resources need to share with the ones who are less fortunate. Here are a few projects that need funding:
  • Dissemination, the sending of books to poor countries in Africa or South America and soon to countries in Eastern Europe and Asia.
  • Acquirement of a new database for UAI, so associations with lack of resources can have a tool to help and support study groups and manage the readership in their country.
  • Ongoing upgrade and maintenance of the new UAI Website soon to be on line.
  • Sponsorship of readers to attend training sessions in Chicago or international conferences.
  • Printing of study aids and various guides, such as the one for study groups in different languages.
There are a long list of those projects—too long for this message, but think of our organization as international in nature and you will get some ideas of its scope and requirements.

Last month the International Service Board (ISB) met in Chicago. It has become a tradition to meet every year and enjoy the inspiring surroundings of the Foundation. The services that we are provided are exceptional, thanks to the staff of the Foundation, especially Mike Wood. This year we reviewed the Charter and By-laws and we were helped in our task by one of the original creators of those guiding documents, Travis Binion. He was a wonderful help in giving us the history of those documents and guiding us in our work of revision. Some small and significant changes have been proposed and a list of them will soon be submitted to the Representative Council (RC) and the membership for approval.

We also voted to have a Symposium for hosts of study groups in 2014 in Chicago. We had planned to have it in 2013 but the venue was not available for the dates we had chosen and the time was a bit tight to organize such an event. We also discussed the next election for ISB candidates and the ISB will submit a resolution to the RC to propose a change to one term of one candidate. As for the Website Ad-Hoc committee, a set of recommendations has been agreed on and the list was sent to RC and ISB for approval.

As for the RC, they have received the call for nomination to replace ISB candidates at the next election, which will take place in March 2013. The Council has also received the list of recommendations for the new UAI Website from the Ad-Hoc Committee and at this time the vote has been positive. The Council is also voting on the Budget and this also seems to be going well and has not generated any questions and should be adopted by the time you read this message.
On my part, on the 7th of December, I travelled to Haiti for a period of five days met some readers and gave them some training on how to organize study groups and disseminate books in their country. We do not have an association in this country yet, but I believe it is more important that they create many good study groups before they spend any energy and time on creating an association.

That is all for the year just passed. I hope you’ve enjoyed the holiday season and may the New Year bring peace to your heart and more spirit in your life.
In spirit of brotherhood
Gaetan G. Charland
UAI President

UAI Main

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