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Proof of Heaven: Evidence of the Urantia Book?

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#1 Howard509



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Posted 04 January 2013 - 09:07 PM

Dr. Eben Alexander recently published Proof of Heaven. Like Howard Storm, Alexander was an atheist who, after having a profound near death experience, came to faith. Like Storm's account, there are specific details in Alexander's that correlate with the Urantia Book:


If more and more people come forward with NDE accounts that testify to there being multiple universes, each with billions of planets inhabited by intelligent life, will that prepare the general public for broader acceptance of the Urantia Book?

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience. -
Teilhard de Chardin

#2 Pike aka Hrvoje Pajk

Pike aka Hrvoje Pajk


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Posted 05 January 2013 - 04:31 PM


well I must say that this is today second article that I bounce upon in which scientific persons write about experiences and Ideas which corresponds to UB teachings.
Something is happening. :)
Peace be upon you

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Posted 05 January 2013 - 08:19 PM

' If more and more people come forward with NDE accounts that testify to there being multiple universes, each with billions of planets inhabited by intelligent life, will that prepare the general public for broader acceptance of the Urantia Book?''

IMO ... NO

Most People seem to be skeptical
of Such Stories , Unless They Also have
Had Similar Personal NDE Experiences .

The Same Seems to go for Other Types
Of Personal Spiritual / Religious Experiences
Told or Explained to Others .
Unless They Also have
Had Similar Personal Spiritual / Religious Experiences .
Even When Such Experiences are Told To , or By
A Loved one Or Close Friend that Can Be Trusted .
The Majority of People Cant Relate or Validate
Or Accept Anothers PERSONAL Experiences
as Valid Truth/s For Them .
Unless They Also have
Had Similar Personal Spiritual / Religious Experiences Also.
That They Can Relate to In Some Way .

Its Easy to Doubt and Be Skeptical When You
Havent Had The Same or Similar Experiences eh
Even IF You Have Had The Same or Similar Experiences
What Does IT Benefit Another By Shareing Such Stories?

Personal Spiritual / Religious Experiences
Are Just That PERSONAL .

Often Others Want or Feel the Need to Share
Personal Spiritual / Religious Experiences,
Yet Again ,
What Does IT Benefit Another By Shareing Such Stories?

The Same Goes For ...
Would or Does IT Benefit Another By Shareing
Your Personal , Intimate Sex Life With A Spouse . NO
Unless Your In Therapy lol

Although I Believe That Some NDE Experiences
And Many Personal Spiritual / Religious Experiences
Shared By Others Are or Maybe Somewhat % True and
Valid . It Is Often In The Attempt Of Shareing
Of Such Experiences That The Personal Interpretations
Are or Becomes Confused By Ones Own Mind .

Also Theres Been Many Medical and Scientific Studies
Done On NDE That Have Explained The Reasons and
The Way That NDE Effects The Mind and Body
and How It Can Come to Believe Such Phenomena.

Yet , Im Open to Believe That A Small % Percent
Of Such Experience May Be True Experiences.
Because Some of It I Can Personaly Relate To
By Several of My Own NDE Ive Had In My Life .
Over The Years Though Some of IT Ive Been
Able To Somewhat Explain Away As Possibly
Coming From My Subconscious and Subjective
Mind At Mischief , an yet some of It Seems To
Be A Unexplainable Phenomena , A Personal
Spiritual Experience that I Still Dont Really Understand .

Many People May Sincerly Believe That What They Believe
Is In Fact True and Truth/s
Yet ITs Not Always True and Truth/s
Or Only Relatively True .

After Personaly Experiencing GODs , Jesus Christ Michael,
The Holy Spirit , The Spirit of Truth an My TAs
Healing Light Of Love In My Life ,
And Reading And Studying the Urantia Papers
I No Longer Believe In A So Called HELL .

Except That WE Can Make Our Own Type
Of Hell on Urantia Threw / by Our Own Freewill
Choices IF WE Choose Evil , Sin an Inequity
AS a Choice WE Choose In Liveing Our Life .

Heres A Example of What Someone
Believes , That They Believe Is True .
A Long Story In Short , ...
My Sister Inlaw Believes In HELL .
And Several Years Ago Her Doctor Diagnosed
Her As Haveing A Inflamed Infected Appendix
That Needed to Be removed Asap
A Simple Standard Routine Procedure ,
Well , She went in the hospital and had the surgery
Done , A Few Days later she felt Sick and
Her Stomach , abdomen swelled up to the size
of a Basketball , She Was rushed back to the hospital
for Emergency surgery to find out what was wrong .
They Found that her Surgeon had messed up Big Time
and Had Accedently Cut Her Intestine During Surgery
and It Had Caused Internal Bleeding , Which then led to many
other Complications , Internal infections , Blood Transfusions
Her Lungs filled with infected blood etc ...
She Was in A Coma for Several Weeks , On Life Support
Special Respiratory Machines ,Many Drugs , and Medical Machines and stuff Ive Never seen before .
Threw Proper Medical Treatments an Lots of Prayers
She Survived , Thank GOD , Shes Doin Okay Now
Although loss of Blood to her brain , she now has some
memory an other brain function Issues as well as she
slurres her speech etc .

Anyhow about a year later she told her husband
About Her Memory Of Her Experience In The Coma NDE
That She Had and Clearly Remembers ,
She and Her Husband Told Me and My Wife About
Her Experience ,
She Explained it To Me Something like this ...
That She Was In A Dark Void Of Fire and Torment .
That Demons and Demonic Spirit Blobs Where
All Around Her Tormenting and Tortureing Her
an Others Constantly , That She Saw Small Babies
Being Eaten and other Horrible Things , She Said
That She Went To HELL.
She Said She Saw A Light In The Darkness and
She Prayed To Jesus For Help , an He Reached
His Hand In And Pulled Her Out Into The Light .
And That When She Came Back that she Was To
Change and help make things Better .

She Believes IN HELL
And She Believes That She Believes
That She Went There and
Was There .

I Still Dont Believe in Or Accept Such A Place
Or A Experience Of A So Called HELL.
That Our Loveing Father And Jesus Christ Michael
Would Create or Let Anyone BE At Such A Place
Or State Of Being , or Experiencing Such A So Called
Place Or State Of Being AS a So Called HELL .

I Tried To Explain to Her That Many Reasons
WHY I Dont Believe IN HELL ,
That GOD And Jesus Love Is Too Great
For Such A Place or State of Being ,
And Many Spiritual Reasons From The Bible
An The Urantia Book , And My Personal
NDE And Spiritual Experiences I Have Had ,
That Were Nothing Like Hers Or Even At ALL Similar .
Mine Were An Embrace Of Trust In The Light of Love .

Yet , We Agree to Disagree ,
She Believes In The NDE Personal Spiritual Experience
Of HELL She Had .

And I Believe In My Personal NDE Spiritual Experiences
Where Mine Were An Embrace Of Trust In The Light of GOD
And Christ Michaels Light Of Love .

Her Experiences and Mine Are Different ,
The Exact Opposite .

And Yet WE Both Believe In What WE Believe .

I Believe That Some Of My NDE Can Be Explained
Away After Reading Medical an Scientific Studies ,
Although Some Of IT Cant BE .

I Also Believe That Many of Hers Can Be Explained
Although Some Of IT Cant BE .

My Thoughts are that Much Of What She May Have
Thought She Had Experienced Was Due To
ALL The Stress and Trauma She Had To Her Brain
From The Lack of Oxygen , Heavy Amounts of Drugs
That Made Her Hallucinate while In A Coma ,
Her Subconscious And Subjective Views Of Her
Mind Were Attempting an Trying To Cope With The Situation .
And The Pain .
Maybe Feelings of Guilt of Things In Her Past ,
Or Other Issues Also etc

Yet What I / She Or What Anyone Claims
To Believe IS A True Personal NDE
Or Spiritual Experience IS Only Valid Or Partly
True or ONLY Relatively True FOR THEM .

So Then IT DOESNT And Shouldnt Have
ANY Personal Benefit To ANYONE Else
By Shareing Such Stories .

Thats My Point .

ANY Personal Spiritual or Religious Experience
Or Personal Revelation IS Just That

So Although So Called NDE Are Interesting Stories

Who Cares , ... IT Doesnt Matter
Or IS IT Valid To Or For Another As Truth/s
To Or For Them .


The ONLY Reason I Shared Some Of My
And Her Story ,
IS Simply To Show and Explain The
Many Various Contrasts About
What Others Believe That They BELIEVE .

'' Believe IT Or NOT ''

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