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Fatherly, rather than Brotherly Love

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Posted 09 December 2012 - 02:43 PM

Hi Brad,

Your post reminds me of the social architect angels.

39:3.4-6 3. Social Architects. From the individual planets up through the morontia training worlds, these seraphim labor to enhance all sincere social contacts and to further the social evolution of universe creatures. These are the angels who seek to divest the associations of intelligent beings of all artificiality while endeavoring to facilitate the interassociation of will creatures on a basis of real self-understanding and genuine mutual appreciation.

Social architects do everything within their province and power to bring together suitable individuals that they may constitute efficient and agreeable working groups on earth; and sometimes such groups have found themselves reassociated on the mansion worlds for continued fruitful service. But not always do these seraphim attain their ends; not always are they able to bring together those who would form the most ideal group to achieve a given purpose or to accomplish a certain task; under these conditions they must utilize the best of the material available.

These angels continue their ministry on the mansion and higher morontia worlds. They are concerned with any undertaking having to do with progress on the morontia worlds and which concerns three or more persons. Two beings are regarded as operating on the mating, complemental, or partnership basis, but when three or more are grouped for service, they constitute a social problem and therefore fall within the jurisdiction of the social architects. These efficient seraphim are organized in seventy divisions on Edentia, and these divisions minister on the seventy morontia progress worlds encircling the headquarters sphere.

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#22 Bradly aka/fanofVan

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Posted 09 December 2012 - 02:53 PM

Creative intimacies:

The Corps of the Finality

(345.1) 31:0.1 THE Corps of Mortal Finaliters represents the present known destination of the ascending Adjuster-fused mortals of time. But there are other groups who are also assigned to this corps. The primary finaliter corps is composed of the following:

(345.2) 31:0.2 1. Havona Natives.
(345.3) 31:0.3 2. Gravity Messengers.
(345.4) 31:0.4 3. Glorified Mortals.
(345.5) 31:0.5 4. Adopted Seraphim.
(345.6) 31:0.6 5. Glorified Material Sons.
(345.7) 31:0.7 6. Glorified Midway Creatures.

(345.8) 31:0.8 These six groups of glorified beings compose this unique body of eternal destiny. We think we know their future work, but we are not certain. While the Corps of the Mortal Finality is mobilizing on Paradise, and while they now so extensively minister to the universes of space and administer the worlds settled in light and life, their future destination must be the now-organizing universes of outer space. At least that is the conjecture of Uversa.

(345.9) 31:0.9 The corps is organized in accordance with the working associations of the worlds of space and in keeping with the associative experience acquired throughout the long and eventful ascendant career. All the ascendant creatures admitted to this corps are received in equality, but this exalted equality in no way abrogates individuality or destroys personal identity. We can immediately discern, in communicating with a finaliter, whether he is an ascendant mortal, Havona native, adopted seraphim, midway creature, or Material Son.

(345.10) 31:0.10 During the present universe age the finaliters return to serve in the universes of time. They are assigned to labor successively in the different superuniverses and never in their native superuniverses until after they have served in all the other six supercreations. Thus may they acquire the sevenfold concept of the Supreme Being.

(345.11) 31:0.11 One or more companies of the mortal finaliters are constantly in service on Urantia. There is no domain of universe service to which they are not assigned; they function universally and with alternating and equal periods of assigned duty and free service.

(345.12) 31:0.12 We have no idea as to the nature of the future organization of this extraordinary group, but the finaliters are now wholly a self-governing body. They choose their own permanent, periodic, and assignment leaders and directors. No outside influence can ever be brought to bear upon their policies, and their oath of allegiance is only to the Paradise Trinity.

(346.1) 31:0.13 The finaliters maintain their own headquarters on Paradise, in the superuniverses, in the local universes, and on all the divisional capitals. They are a separate order of evolutionary creation. We do not directly manage them or control them, and yet they are absolutely loyal and always co-operative with all our plans. They are indeed the accumulating tried and true souls of time and space — the evolutionary salt of the universe — and they are forever proof against evil and secure against sin.

The intimacy lessons of the Material Sons and Daughters is beginning to sound like pretty basic training.
Peace be upon you."

#23 Bradly aka/fanofVan

Bradly aka/fanofVan


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  • Interests:Gardening, sustainable agriculture/micro-farming, history, philosophy, behavioral psych, economics (quit laughing), the blues, learning from children.

Posted 09 December 2012 - 05:22 PM

Religion in Human Experience

(1094.1) 100:0.1 THE experience of dynamic religious living transforms the mediocre individual into a personality of idealistic power. Religion ministers to the progress of all through fostering the progress of each individual, and the progress of each is augmented through the achievement of all.

(1094.2) 100:0.2 Spiritual growth is mutually stimulated by intimate association with other religionists. Love supplies the soil for religious growth — an objective lure in the place of subjective gratification — yet it yields the supreme subjective satisfaction. And religion ennobles the commonplace drudgery of daily living.

(1096.1) 100:2.4 Spirituality becomes at once the indicator of one’s nearness to God and the measure of one’s usefulness to fellow beings. Spirituality enhances the ability to discover beauty in things, recognize truth in meanings, and discover goodness in values. Spiritual development is determined by capacity therefor and is directly proportional to the elimination of the selfish qualities of love.

1100.5) 100:6.3 The marks of human response to the religious impulse embrace the qualities of nobility and grandeur. The sincere religionist is conscious of universe citizenship and is aware of making contact with sources of superhuman power. He is thrilled and energized with the assurance of belonging to a superior and ennobled fellowship of the sons of God. The consciousness of self-worth has become augmented by the stimulus of the quest for the highest universe objectives — supreme goals.

(1101.3) 100:6.8 Even evolutionary religion is all of this in loyalty and grandeur because it is a genuine experience. But revelatory religion is excellent as well as genuine. The new loyalties of enlarged spiritual vision create new levels of love and devotion, of service and fellowship; and all this enhanced social outlook produces an enlarged consciousness of the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man.

It's all about the love....between brotherly and fatherly love, one must need to achieve a "lover's" love? Before we can love all, we must learn to love one other intensely and completely?
Peace be upon you."

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Posted 25 February 2013 - 07:59 AM

Scott says:
Just because we won't be literaly be having sex doesn't mean that they don't have some technique that gives us some deep enjoyment, that we could relate to sex. Maybe we join tails like in Avatar haha.

:lol: I like this discussion. Usually people who have had a good experience with sex would have this kind of concern when they read about the post-mortal dynamics of the sex-life according to the urantia book. I had this same concerns when I read about this in the urantia book. To me, this shows that there is something of value about the whole act of sex that we humans want to retain even when we pass-on to other lives. Its a progresive career for us and I believe just as other human activities will be adequately provided for to give us even better and higher satisfaction and value, sex, and for that mater its benefits and mode of indulgence will equaly be catered for in our future endeavors. ^_^ At least that's what the revelators tell us, right!
I think i've come across interesting notes in a UB forum where someone gave the analogy of a child refusing an invitation to Disney land because she's having so much fun playing with her toys at home. She has no idea what awaits her! Some of us find ouselves in this situation when it comes to sex (sometimes even, food and the likes) in the post-mortal life. I say " we have no idea what awaits us!". I believe so strongly that in our ascension career, whatever that will be taken away from us, will be adequately replaced with something that when we take a look at, will simply "blow our mind".
This topic in the UB was hard for me to accept at first glance but it later "sunk-in well" Comparing this to what i was told in the Bible/Preachers/Christians when I asked - "What will we be doing when we get to Heaven" Guess the answer - "All we'll be doing is to Praise the Lord, all day. in fact, there'll be no night there. So we'll be Praising Him forever" :lol:

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