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Why do some mortals receive more advance TAs than others?

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Posted 11 March 2013 - 07:55 AM

It should be remembered that regardless of our Adjuster's experience....the universe is designed for and all celestials and diety are totally focused on and motivated to accomplish the moment of fusion between the Adjuster and the mortal's morontia mind. The Highest and lowest creatures united into finaliter service in eternity. Every adjuster in every mind of such potential is highly motivated. There is no indifference nor aloofness in their ministry or mission. Thus, we are blessed and thereby guided into truth, beauty, and goodness. If we would only want the adventure and partnership as much as they, the outcome is a certainty in their hands. Only our resistance prevents it....regardless of the experience level of the Adjuster. They are well trained and prepared for the mind of the mortal of indwelling....it is our mind that needs "adjusting", not theirs.

1. Development of Adjusters

(1195.2) 109:1.1 There must be a comprehensive and elaborate plan for the training and development of virgin Adjusters before they are sent forth from Divinington, but we really do not know very much about it. There undoubtedly also exists an extensive system for retraining Adjusters of indwelling experience before they embark upon new missions of mortal association, but, again, we do not actually know.

(1195.3) 109:1.2 I have been told by Personalized Adjusters that every time a Monitor-indwelt mortal fails of survival, when the Adjuster returns to Divinington, an extended course of training is engaged in. This additional training is made possible by the experience of having indwelt a human being, and it is always imparted before the Adjuster is remanded to the evolutionary worlds of time.

(1195.4) 109:1.3 Actual living experience has no cosmic substitute. The perfection of the divinity of a newly formed Thought Adjuster does not in any manner endow this Mystery Monitor with experienced ministrative ability. Experience is inseparable from a living existence; it is the one thing which no amount of divine endowment can absolve you from the necessity of securing by actual living. Therefore, in common with all beings living and functioning within the present sphere of the Supreme, Thought Adjusters must acquire experience; they must evolve from the lower, inexperienced, to the higher, more experienced, groups.

(1196.1) 109:1.4 Adjusters pass through a definite developmental career in the mortal mind; they achieve a reality of attainment which is eternally theirs. They progressively acquire Adjuster skill and ability as a result of any and all contacts with the material races, regardless of the survival or nonsurvival of their particular mortal subjects. They are also equal partners of the human mind in fostering the evolution of the immortal soul of survival capacity.

(1196.2) 109:1.5 The first stage of Adjuster evolution is attained in fusion with the surviving soul of a mortal being. Thus, while you are in nature evolving inward and upward from man to God, the Adjusters are in nature evolving outward and downward from God to man; and so will the final product of this union of divinity and humanity eternally be the son of man and the son of God.

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Peace be upon you."

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