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Tidings July-August 2012

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Posted 05 September 2012 - 02:23 PM

Hi everybody!!

You can read the Tidings right here:


Hope you enjoy your reading!!!


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Gaétan G. Charland............President’s Message

Paul Mathews....................Argentina´s First
National Congress

Carlos Leite Da Silva .........New Board for UAB

Mike MacIsaacEurope ......Conference in Berlin

Will Sherwood..................Los Angeles Mini-Conference

Gaétan Charland..............Visit to Chile

Share Beasley...................Jesus Birthday at Tampa

Rick Lyon ........................Speak up for The Urantia Book

Horacio Gamboa ............Our bodies



Dear members and friends of UAI,

I hope that for you, the residents of the northern hemisphere, have enjoyed your summer vacations and had the opportunity of attending a conference or a gathering of readers in the region you have visited. The Michael’s Birthday Celebration is one of those gathering not to be missed for it is a time of rejoicing and commemorating the final bestowal mission of our Creator Son as he inaugurated a new revelation on our planet. We should also do well to look back on those years when Jesus was walking this earth and learn from his example on how to disseminate and teach the enlarged truths that are revealed to us in The Urantia Book.

In the early days of the Urantia Brotherhood, I heard it was a customary practice at the beginning of a gathering of the Board, or regular members, to read the Publication Mandate so as to keep the focus on the most essential aspects of our mission. One of those wise directives reads as the following:

“You must again study the times of Jesus on earth. You must carefully take note of how the kingdom of heaven was inaugurated in the world. Did it evolve slowly and unfold naturally or did it come with sudden show of force and with spectacular exhibition of power? Was it evolutionary or revolutionary? Of course we could benefit greatly by reading the whole document if we want to learn more about how to advance our mission wisely. You can download a copy of the Publication Mandate by visiting the UAI’s website at: http://urantia-uai.org. Why is this so important? In today’s world of communication technology there is a danger of trying to do more than what is necessary to foster our mission. The truth will be more effectively disseminated when it will be alive in all of us and no amount of publicity or Internet strategies can replace the living truth as exemplified in the lives of the followers of Jesus.

Where and how can we learn those essential lessons? Reading The Urantia Book daily would be a good start, but practicing what we learn of its teachings would be more effective and no better place than a study group to start mastering this new way of life. But for study groups to be places where we can learn to integrate those new truths in our life, they need to be practical. We need to rethink how we do study groups; hosts and participants need to get out of their comfort zone if ever they are to address the part of our mission having to do with the training of leaders and teachers. As such, the members of the International Service Board are thinking about organizing a symposium totally dedicated to the hosts of study group. We will let you know about this upcoming event!

In late July, I traveled to Chile in order to officially nominate a complete new administrative board of five members for the Urantia Association of Chile. This association, like many in our growing worldwide organizations is going through a growing process and this is a natural phenomenon in the life of any organization. What this experience has confirmed for me, is that leadership is the most essential elements in any organization and without it, associations will stagnate and probably die a slow death. Without leadership, no plan for dissemination, for service to study groups, to publish a newsletter, to
organize conferences or gathering can take place. We can have all the money we want, all the books we can buy, if there is no one to lead, nothing happens. Not only do we need leaders, we need leaders who know where they are going, leaders who can focus on our mission, leaders with wisdom and a strong desire to serve the Revelation in any way possible.

In UAI we have a Charter and a set of By-Laws. These documents are there to help the leaders of our many associations keep focus on what we are about: we are primarily a service oriented organization, not a social club and as such we should attract members who strongly wish to serve and not only become a member for the sake of being a member. We see too often readers being members of more than one organization, for what purpose? Is it to serve and if so in what capacity? There are many ways to serve and leaders should offer the members of their respective association many ways to serve in order for those members to feel part of a team in the achievement of our mission. For this, leaders need to elaborate a plan that will include in its strategies the role each can play to achieve the goals that are set.

Another thing that keeps surfacing, where Urantia Book activities are taking place, is the ongoing incursion of channeling groups, or individuals involved in this questionable and sordid practice as The Urantia Book calls it. UAI has adopted a policy that is very clear about where it stands concerning this practice and leaders within our organization should abide by this policy and not be engaged in this practice or encourage any kind of activities of this kind at any organized Urantia Book happening. If you want to learn of this policy, consult our website at: http://urantia-uai.org. Dr. Sadler was very clear at how The Urantia Book came about as not being the work of many phenomena such as he described them on page 20 in a paper he wrote about The History of the Urantia Movement; you will find this document at this address: http://www.michaelsp....

If there is a real danger to the integrity of The Urantia Book and its movement, it is the ongoing intents and insidious efforts to associate The Urantia Book to the phenomenon of channeling. If we look at Jesus’ example as a way of life and for spiritual enlightenment, we should take notice that he always used very natural ways to communicate with our Father. Jesus never taught his Apostles or disciples any practices similar to channeling or anything having to do with contacting spirits of any kind except the practice of meditation, prayers and worship to contact the Father. Many genuine truth seekers will be turned away from The Urantia Book if they think it is associated with spiritism, mediumship or channeling. There is a lot that has been or could be written to disavow this practice but my intent at this time is only to warn you of this real danger.

As for the ISB, it is an ongoing work to juggle with the small amount of funds available for its many projects. One of those projects pertains to the new Website and its maintenance fees. This new Website should represent well our worldwide organization but especially provide our members and leaders with the tools necessary to help them be in the service of supporting study groups and any other activities fostering our mission. Such tools are an Intranet service to our many associations, forums for all languages, universal and self manage database and website front pages for all associations chartered by UAI.

The ISB is also in the process of working on the budget for 2013 and looking for ways to increase our funding. There is also an Ad-Hoc committee that was created for the purpose of evaluating the new website so recommendations can be made to the ISB and RC as to its design, funding and maintenance.

As for the RC, there is an election for the Study group chair on the way, so far we have received only one nomination for that position and by the time you read that message, probably the election for this position will be a thing of the past. There is also a request for a hosting country for the next international UAI conference. The date limit to answer that call is the end of September. The resolution for a request of additional funding of the website is pending until the Ad-Hoc committee makes its recommendations.

This is all for now, but keep in mind that next year there will be an election for new ISB members, so prepare your nominations.

In spirit of brotherhood, Gaétan G. Charland
President UAI

Full Edition with photos and art in five idioms: http://urantia-uai.org/tidings/


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