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Jesus' Darkest Hour

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#1 Martin Culligan

Martin Culligan


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Posted 21 February 2012 - 03:21 PM

I wrote this to highlight how Jesus faced one of the darkest moments in his life and won. The first paragraph below shows his thoughts going through his mind near the last days of his life (sorry if this is a bit long) :P

182:3.9 The experience of parting with the apostles was a great strain on the human heart of Jesus; this sorrow of love bore down on him and made it more difficult to face such a death as he well knew awaited him. He realized how weak and how ignorant his apostles were, and he dreaded to leave them. He well knew that the time of his departure had come, but his human heart longed to find out whether there might not possibly be some legitimate avenue of escape from this terrible plight of suffering and sorrow. And when it had thus sought escape, and failed, it was willing to drink the cup. The divine mind of Michael knew he had done his best for the twelve apostles; but the human heart of Jesus wished that more might have been done for them before they should be left alone in the world. Jesus’ heart was being crushed; he truly loved his brethren. He was isolated from his family in the flesh; one of his chosen associates was betraying him. His father Joseph’s people had rejected him and thereby sealed their doom as a people with a special mission on earth. His soul was tortured by baffled love and rejected mercy. It was just one of those awful human moments when everything seems to bear down with crushing cruelty and terrible agony.

And to sum it all up

182:3.10 Jesus’ humanity was not insensible to this situation of private loneliness, public shame, and the appearance of the failure of his cause. All these sentiments bore down on him with indescribable heaviness.

This is where Jesus' thoughts wondered for comfort and to give him strenght

182:3.10 In this great sorrow his mind went back to the days of his childhood in Nazareth and to his early work in Galilee. At the time of this great trial there came up in his mind many of those pleasant scenes of his earthly ministry. And it was from these old memories of Nazareth, Capernaum, Mount Hermon, and of the sunrise and sunset on the shimmering Sea of Galilee, that he soothed himself as he made his human heart strong and ready to encounter the traitor who should so soon betray him.

As Rodan said once

160:4.12 Train your memory to hold in sacred trust the strength-giving and worth-while episodes of life, which you can recall at will for your pleasure and edification. Thus build up for yourself and in yourself reserve galleries of beauty, goodness, and artistic grandeur. But the noblest of all memories are the treasured recollections of the great moments of a superb friendship. And all of these memory treasures radiate their most precious and exalting influences under the releasing touch of spiritual worship.We might not live our lives and build those memories and relationships as we should, because of lazyness, indecision, gurdges and old scores we failed to settle in our minds. Much of our inability to deal with lifes problems is born out of our own minds and out petty fictitious grievances 188:5.10 When thinking men and women look upon Jesus as he offers up his life on the cross, they will hardly again permit themselves to complain at even the severest hardships of life, much less at petty harassments and their many purely fictitious grievances.

As they say "Keep it real"

#2 Nigel Nunn

Nigel Nunn


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Posted 21 February 2012 - 04:40 PM

"[...] strength-giving and worth-while episodes of life."

What a potentially wonderful reservoir of alternatives to
deadening drugs and mind numbing modern diversions!


#3 Pike aka Hrvoje Pajk

Pike aka Hrvoje Pajk


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Posted 22 February 2012 - 12:10 AM

the whole UB is impressive,
but chapters after Jesuses baptism are so special. on some parts my heart was so sad that it made me pray instantly.
and some people tend to forget what has Jesus lived through and he could just walk a way after getting his sovernty.
in the hardest moments in my life i allways turn to him.
on crossroads i allways ask myself : what would Jesus do?

peace be with you
Peace be upon you

#4 Bonita



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Posted 22 February 2012 - 11:28 AM

It is interesting to me that TUB says that reminiscing is restful. I understand the humor portion of the following quote; but honestly, I rarely find my memories particularly restful. I'm always amazed that I actually have any pleasant memories because my life has been particularly difficult. I find I have to really work at keeping a log of positive memories because the negative ones are so huge that they tend to get in the way. But it is definitely worth the effort. Fortunate for me, my Thought Adjuster keeps a record of all my worthwhile memories for me.

48:4.5 1. Reminiscent jests. Quips growing out of the memories of past episodes in one’s experience of combat, struggle, and sometimes fearfulness, and ofttimes foolish and childish anxiety. To us, this phase of humor derives from the deep-seated and abiding ability to draw upon the past for memory material with which pleasantly to flavor and otherwise lighten the heavy loads of the present.

47:4.5 Your Adjuster memory remains fully intact as you ascend the morontia life. Those mental associations that were purely animalistic and wholly material naturally perished with the physical brain, but everything in your mental life which was worth while, and which had survival value, was counterparted by the Adjuster and is retained as a part of personal memory all the way through the ascendant career. You will be conscious of all your worth-while experiences as you advance from one mansion world to another and from one section of the universe to another — even to Paradise.

#5 Midsoniter woman

Midsoniter woman


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Posted 22 February 2012 - 12:20 PM

I agree with Bonita. Memories haven't been much help. In my darkest hours, whenever I was stuck in something miserable, I would retreat into my imagination. My enormous fantasy life has kept me alive through some really bad stuff. But thanks to this chapter in the UB, I have made a permanent log of my happiest memories in life. I keep this log in my calender so that as I'm going about my day checking off my " to do list" I will always have my happy memories log close at hand. The UB instructs us to do this. We're supposed to train ourselves to do this.

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"If woman aspires literally to enjoy all of man's rights, then sooner or later, pitiless and emotionless competition will certainly replace that chivalry and special consideration which many women now enjoy, and which they have so recently won from men (Urantia Book, 938)."

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