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Posted 07 February 2012 - 05:47 PM

Forum Friends,

The UAI JOURNAL ~ Journal Editor Suzanne Kelly recently published and announced the magazine's lastest edition:


1 A History of the Contact Commission and Forum - Carolyn Kendall, USA

2 Editorial - Suzanne Kelly, USA

6 Leadership, God and Me - Line St-Pierre, Canada

8 Finding and Fostering the Next - Generation of Spiritual Leaders - Arnie Ondis, USA

11 The Art of Self-Mastery - Sheila Keene-Lund, USA

13 Patterns in Epochal Revelations and Principles for Leaders - Jeffrey Wattles, USA

17 Welcome to leadership, the sanctity of service - Rick Lyon, USA


Greetings fellow UAI Journal readers,

In this issue of the UAI Journal we will be highlighting the presentations from the Leadership Symposium that was held in Chicago in July. It was an exceptional Symposium where over 20 countries were represented. The speakers were dynamic, enlightening and inspiring. They included Carolyn Kendall, Gaetan Charland, Mo Siegel, Barbara Newsom, Linda Buselli, Jeff Wattles, Phil Taylor, James Woodward, Sheila Keen-Lund, Pato Banton, Robert Ezri, Line St. Pierre, Charles Laurence Olivea, Tonia Baney, Caio Donega, Kathy Wanemacher, Normand Laperle, Arnie Ondis, Betty Lou Wallace and Bill & Share Beasley.

As we do not have room for all of the presentations I have selected some of them for this issue and will share the others in the December Journal. Our first contributor is Carolyn Kendall with a presentation on
“A History of the Contact Commission and Forum”. Along with the video timeline she used during her presentation we were carried back through time and forward again. “The real purpose of the Forum emerged that day. Dr. Lena was out of town, and Dr. William spilled the beans. The group was informed that they were being invited to participate in the inauguration of a new Revelation. Their task was to write down all the questions that had ever perplexed them and mankind— questions about God, the cosmos, life after death, anything”. The video Carolyn used is available to purchase through the Foundation.

Our next contributor is Line St. Pierre’s “Leadership, God and Me” Line answers a very important question in her presentation when she states, “We learn in the family, at school, at work, everywhere. But how can we learn about God, his nature and how to do his will? The answer is simple but not magical, it requires efforts to organize our being and make a plan for our spiritual growth. Walking hand in hand with God.”

The third presentation from Arni Ondis, “Passing the Torch” is an essential read. Arnie has found the key to evolve the revelation when he states; “It is time to pass the torch to a new generation of leaders and to establish a pattern of sustainability for continual regeneration… To provide an integrated network of mentors and study groups that continually strives to meet the spiritual needs of the next generation by bringing the Urantia Revelation to them, by sustaining them in their spiritual development, and by developing their leadership potential.”

Next is the inspiring talk by Sheila Keen-Lund “The Art of Self Mastery” Shelia sums up her presentation with these words of wisdom; “As each of us makes the effort that it will take to ensure that our beliefs are truly aligned with the truths in The Urantia Book and that we are growing in our appreciation of revelation as the truly harmonizing influence in our lives, we will go about our business of disseminating The Revelation, teaching the truths, and fostering study groups. We will also inspire others to elevate their own religion. This is what being a leader is about.”

Our fourth article by Jeff Wattles, “Patterns in epochal revelations and principles for leaders” is a superb directive for us all, “the leadership recipe calls for three ingredients: great study of The Urantia Book, great contact with evolutionary knowledge, and supreme dedication to divine methods in the pursuit of high goals. I believe that, under the leadership of our unseen friends, we will eventually succeed with The Urantia Book.”

Our last article by Rick Lyon was the opening talk for the Leadership Symposium; I’m putting it last to reintroduce you to the event and to the energy of the speakers as they shared their vision of leadership and understanding of the teachings of The Urantia Book. UAI’s mission is to foster study groups and promote in-depth study of The Urantia Book. “Our goals are to produce teachers and leaders for the Fifth Epochal Revelation and to share these teachings with our brothers and sisters of Urantia. … We often talk about “our mission” but Mark Kurtz reminded me that this is not “our” mission. This is the mission of Christ Michael for he authorized The Urantia Book project, and all of us are participating in “his” plan in accordance with our Fathers will. Could there be anything more important than this? Could there be any greater opportunity on this planet than to serve as a leader of this revelation?” I have my answer, do you?”

Our final issue of this year will continue to highlight the presentations from the Leadership Symposium. Happy and Enlightened Reading!

Journal Editor: Suzanne Kelly

UAI Journal Archive In 4 Languages: http://urantia-uai.org/Journal/


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