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2011 UAI's Year In Review

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Posted 24 January 2012 - 11:33 AM

2011 Year In Review: Message from UAI Executive Director's Office

Tuesday, January 17, 2012
From: "UAI Central Office"

Hello to all UAI Governing Board members,

The purpose of this email is to communicate to you some of the accomplishments of our organization during 2011 and to encourage you to communicate the accomplishments of your local association with your members. It is my belief that the most important tool for leadership, for producing teachers and leaders of this revelation, and for fostering study groups and in-depth study of The Urantia Book is communication. You are going to hear me use this word a lot in the coming year - communication.

We, as leaders, should frequently and regularly communicate with our members and those that our members serve - the readers of The Urantia Book. The more we communicate the more people will want to be part of what we are doing and then step forward to do something. When we don't communicate people think nothing is happening or that nobody expects anything to happen. By sharing what we do and what others are doing, we motivate people to action and leadership.

In 2011, our biggest accomplishment was the UAI Leadership Symposium in Chicago. I don't think it is wrong to use the word"historic" to describe this event. 160 people from 24 countries gathered for leadership training in a format that was totally new for a Urantia related event. Generosity of donors surpassed all expectations. Nearly $60,000 in contributions for the symposium allowed us to sponsor 32 people from South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, and North America to attend this event. This was not a social conference but rather a training event. I think that for the first time many people really understood that what we are doing is an opportunity to do great things; they realized that all of us from these 24 countries are part of something very big and very important. I believe that the relationships formed during this event between people from distant countries, between UAI and Fellowship members, between young and old readers, have planted seeds that changed the world forever. Yes, there is a lot of bad going on in the world but I believe the Urantia community took one giant leap for mankind in 2011. We encourage all national and local associations to follow up on this leadership symposium by planning and hosting a leadership training event of your own in your area this year.

During 2011, UAI accomplished the following:

· Our UAI President Gaétan Charland visited readers in the Dominican Republic.

· Created a new interactive UAI Membership Application on the UAI website.

· Changes were implemented to significantly speed up our response to reader referrals.

· The Study Group Starter Kit was revised and professionally formatted to become the Urantia Book Study Group Guide.

· Translations of the Study Group Guide were begun.

· Urantia Association of Colombia was selected to host the 2012 UAI International Conference.

· A conference planning guide has been drafted to support event planning by local associations. Guide is being formatted.

· The ISB published the 2010 UAI Annual Report

· Significantly increased financial contributions from 2010.

· UAI created an endowment fund to provide for long term financial security and growth of UAI.

· The number of regular monthly financial contributors was nearly doubled in 2011.

· Produced our annual budget that was approved by the RC

· Annual contracts for the UAI Executive Director and Administrative Assistant were approved.

· Produced new format for the Statement of Financial Position and Statement of Income and Expense

· Bernie Belarski was elected to ISB Dissemination Chair replacing Mike MacIsaac.

· Caio Gabriel was elected to ISB Study Group Chair replacing James Woodward. James was appointed to as ISB advisor.

· Travis Binion’s terms expired for the Charter and Bylaws committee. That position remains open.

· Phil Taylor resigned from his chairmanship of the Conference Committee. That position remains open.

· Bart Gibbons was unanimously approved as UAI Assistant CFO

· Federico Solchi of Brazil has agreed to be the new editor of Tidings.

· Aida Diaz (Dominican Republic) and Anton Miroshnichenko (Ukraine) joined the ISB membership committee team.

· Several new members were added to the ISB Dissemination Committee team

· Worked with Urantia Foundation and Urantia Book Fellowship to develop and implement a universal study group portal

· The ISB met with members of the Fellowship General Council in October to discuss common issues. UAI proposed to

· Establish a Joint Calendar of events and a project to capture all appropriate internet domain names.

· An interactive electronic reporting form was created and implemented to facilitate association annual reporting.

· A serious virus attack upon our website took out our website, database, and our Spanish Forum down for several days. This was fixed and all the materials were recovered. It became obvious that upgrading our website and database must be a priority in 2012 and money to do this needs to be budgeted and approved.

· Work began to update the UAI membership and reader contact database. Considering replacing current database with up-to-date association membership management software for all associations to use.

· Work began to upgrade and revise the UAI website and create an intranet for association use.

· Proposed a new book fair participation policy pending approval by the RC.

· Work progressed significantly to harvest reader names and contact information for old records.

· Work was nearly completed on a revision of the UAI list rules and guidelines.

Please share this information with the members and friends of your association.

With love and friendship, Rick Lyon
UAI Executive Directoremail: uaicentraloffice@urantia-uai.org

website: www.urantia-uai.org


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