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TIDINGS ~ Latest Issue

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Posted 23 January 2012 - 05:18 PM

UAI Annoucement: Tidings Issue Oct-Dec 2011

Wednesday, December 28, 2011
From: Federico Folchi - Tidings Editor
To: "UAI list" uai@urantia-uai.org

Hello brothers and sisters:
I wanted to tell you that the Oct-Dec Tidings issue is ready. You can see it in this link:


In brotherhood, Federico Folchi


Gaétan G. Charland....................President's Message

Bernard Belarski........................With incredible tenderness

Kathleen Swadling.....................Report from ANZURA

Mike Macisaac...........................UB youth

Bernard Belarski........................Who is my brother?

Rick LyonSharing......................Our internet address on Facebook

Tamila Ragimova.....................VIII International Conference, Colombia 2012, invitation

James Woodward......................
Fast Start for Study Group Portal—Tri-Partisan Support Team Formed

Betty Lou Wallace.....................Baby Jeethuth

Rick LyonUAI...........................Central Office Service Report

Trevor Swadling.......................Operation Contact

Betty Lou.................................WallaceMiami Book Fair International

Sabino Souza............................ENALUBRA Meeting, Brazil

President’s Message:

The year 2011 was filled with many challenges and activities. This is true for many of us who have devoted much time to the Revelation and the activities supporting its mission. For the members of the International Service Board, the Leadership Symposium was the biggest challenge we had ever undertaken as a group and a team. Without the help of many of our members from the US, and especially from the Greater Lake Michigan Urantia Association, the task would have been nearly impossible.

Truly, the Symposium has been the highlight of all my activities for 2011 and I believe it was the same for many leaders who came from more than twenty-five countries around the world. Never in the history of the Urantia movement have we seen such a joyful gathering of souls, it was an inspiring and historical moment of time that was also made possible by the generosity of many of you because of your gifts of funds and time, many were able to participate in this event.

In addition to the Leader ship Symposium, the members of the ISB have been busy devoting some of our time to a very important project, the Study Group Portal. James Woodward has accepted the nomination of Captain of the team consisting of four members of each organization participating in this project. Those organizations are the Urantia Foundation, The Urantia Book Fellowship and the Urantia Association International. This team will be looking after the management of the portal to ensure it corresponds to the highest values of our mission. While James Woodward was filling the role of Study group Chair, he did a marvelous job of publishing a newly revised version of the Study Group Guide that you will find available on the Study Group Portal and also on the UAI website.

While the Study Group Guide has been made available in English since the Leadership Symposium, the translations in other languages are under way and you should soon see the French, Spanish and Portuguese version of the guide made available through download or paper format. Not only was the StudyGroup Guide revised, but the Conference Guide that was started a few years ago is also in its final phase of proof reading before being published. Our friend Vern Verass, the Communication Chair, has worked his creative potential and formatted the Conference Guide in a similar model as the Study Group Guide. It should see the light of day before the end of this year.

Interestingly, this new guide for conferences will not only address itself to the organization of international conferences, but also help national and local associations organize their own conferences. This guide can easily be a complement to study groups by offering their members to act as speakers and workshop facilitators. In the work, our new Dissemination Chair Bernie Belarski, has the task during his term, to publish a guide on dissemination that should not only include how to place books in libraries or prisons or how to approach individuals with the revelation, but also to include ways on how to disseminate the teachings of The Urantia Book as specified in our mission.

The Symposium was not yet over that our Treasurer and CFO, Mark Kurtz, was coaching the ISB members in the production of the budget for next year. This year, as opposed to the previous years, the figures in the budget were more a reflection of what we could achieve with the money we usually receive, instead of the money needed in order to achieve our mission. Many things had to be left aside and many thousands of dollars are still missing just to accomplish the bare essentials. As an example, the UAI database is in urgent need to be updated so it can meet the growing demands of many associations. The UAI website has been awaiting a facelift for many years so it can represent better the multi-cultural and multi languages of its diverse associations. The intranet—a long awaited project, is still waiting for funds so it can see the light of day and made available to all of our associations to archive their reports, activities and history.

These are only the most evident big projects; there are many more which could help the fostering of our mission. I left out many things that could be done in the area of education and training teachers. Another thing that is in our mind at the ISB are the members who will replace us in the years to come. We have to make sure that the ISB positions are open and available to any members from any country with or without money to travel so they can participate at this level of service and commitment. For this to happen, we will need greater generosity from you in the years to come so as not to have the position of the ISB filled only by people that are financially well off.

Coming next year, during the spring season, is the UAI International Conference that will be held in Medellin, Colombia. Not to worry, Colombia and its many cities are very safe now. I have traveled many times to Colombia during my term as president and I sincerely recommend you attend this conference in this beautiful country, a must see in South America. The facilities where the conference will be held are of the highest quality, so take this opportunity to have a memorable vacation. You will soon be able to register for this conference by visiting the UAI website or the Website of the Urantia Association of Colombia at this address: http://www.urantiacolombia.com/

This year the members of the Representative Council have been busy with many things, one of them the election of new ISB members, Caio Gabriel Donega from Brazil as Study Group Chair and Bernie Belarski from Australia as Dissemination Chair. The members already in place renewed the other positions open for elections. There was also a new policy for UAI, voted by the RC, that addresses the issue of channeling in the activities fostered by UAI. There was also the 2012 budget and being presented now is the creation of an endowment fund for UAI.

The ISB met at the end of October in Chicago for a whole weekend. During that time, a joint meeting was held with the

Fellowship and two projects were proposed as collaborative activities between the three main organizations, they are:

1. A joint calendar of events similar to the Study Group Portal, a website where each organization would post their yearly activities. The Fellowship accepted to be the prime organizer on this project.

2. A set of policies on choosing, registering and using domain names so as not to create confusion among readers and the general public and so preventing the wrong persons or organizations from using names similar to ours.

I could write a lot more about the activities in UAI, but in the articles of this edition, you will find what was significant for many during the last few months.

May the Holiday seasons and the New Year bring you peace, good health and spiritual happiness.

Good reading, Gaétan G. Charland
President UAI



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