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2011 UAI Leadership Symposium Report

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Posted 17 August 2011 - 08:56 AM


Forum Friends,

The Symposium was convened in Chicago July 15-17 2011.


From UAI co-founder Cathy Jones to UAI Members List:

Dear Friends,

I have been really busy since the Leadership Symposium but have been
anxious to let you know my feelings about the event.

It was wonderful! I was mentally and emotionally ready for this. It
has been just 6 months since Allen's passing, my trip to China and moving
into my new house and getting everything in order. Having already
re-started my study group and determining to re-invigorate the Arizona
association, this was my re-entry into the Urantia "action."

Seeing friends from 24 countries was thrilling. So many new people!
they were like starry-eyed to see so many people and to be in the country
where the Revelation was started. So many smiles and happy spirits.
The facilities were the best ever - everything in the same building. The
room I shared with Suzanne Kelley was 5-star - the food really good. The
morning meeting room was large and comfortable. The talks were fairly
short and fast moving. The afternoon break-outs were not too structured,
leaving time for getting acquainted.

Points of interest: a visit to the Foundation was available two
nights. Two buses were filled to capacity. I had not been back since '03
and was thrilled with the changes. The highlight for me was the waiting
room that was converted to a memorium to Dr. Sadler. As you walk in there
is a very large painting of him. His old roll-type desk looked as if he
had just walked away from it. The colors were warm and the furnishings
were in keeping with the era.

On the second floor the kitchen and dining rooms have been completely
remodeled - all bright and functional. Surprise - the adjoining office and
small bathroom that used to be Bill Sadler's office and the one I used the
years I was there have been magically transformed into a beautiful bedroom
and bath..

The "sitting room" has been refurbished in keeping also with the era
and the forum room - Oh my gosh! - what a beautiful, long board-room table
and chairs - enough to accommodate the entire board and associates.

There are more pending changes to the bedrooms, allowing a lot of space
for guests. All in all, it made me proud to see the improvements and know
that the building will be preserved and not sold. I am very happy to
support them in any way I can.

One visitor I met who was on my bus load was the great grandson of Dr.
Sadler - can't recall his first name but he is an active reader, a very
handsome and personable young man. His comment was he was thrilled with
and is a student of The Urantia Book just like anyone else. I assume he is
a grandson of Bill. Didn't get a chance to talk a lot.

Another person I met was named Allison. She was one of the singing
trio with Jane and Christina Seaborn Allison has been recovered for
several years but she had been injured in an accident and was unconscious
for five years. During that time her parents cared for her in their home
and she could not speak to them. I wasn't able to spend much time with
her but plan a phone visit. it was thrilling to listen to her describe the
beings with whom she communicated and seeing her eyes as she spoke. She
has written a book and travels around giving speeches about her experience..

One highlight was the concert given by Bob Salone and Christine
Seaborn, with a beautiful soloist that Bob brought. It was held in the
most gorgeous church inside the center. The ceiling was very high, making
the acoustics fabulous and the stained glass windows made the atmosphere
very worshipful. Bob and Christina have played at many conferences but for
me this was the most memorable.

I did give Rick Lyon a sample new members packet. It was good to see him.
He is doing a yoeman's job. I am so happy we have an office with a Chicago
address and to have a permanent administrator is so stabalizing for the
organization. Term limits is a good thing but having a permanent face is
good for continuity ;

We all got a frameable copy of the Publication Mandate. The essence of
the meeting was the importance of personal magnification and carrying the
spirit of the teachings of the Revelation. I was so thrilled and proud of
Gaetan at the closing meeting. He presented Carlos' beautiful study-group
depiction painting to Mo Siegel and a smaller copy as a token of
friendship to John Hales. His final words were that we must have just one
book .He showed strength and courage.

I salute the planners and workers who made this wonderful manifestation
of love possible.

In friendship, Cathy Jones


~ Symposium Report From Washington State Association member Ellen Gaynor:

The URANTIA Association International's Leadership Symposium at Techny Towers (near Chicago) was a huge success, where I met many people, including persons from Canada, Mexico, Columbia, Peru, Brasil, Great Britain, France, Ukraine, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Greece, Korea, Africa, Australia, and many more!

All joined for a true foundation of friendship, knowledge, and training for the biggest endeavor in the life of our planet: LIVING our Father's LOVING WILL more perfectly, especially in conjunction with each other through communication, cooperation and collaboration fulfilling God's plan as best as we can, together.

Many good relationships were forged, plans and experience shared, goals met and goals identified. All were invited to an evening at the URANTIA FOUNDATION to celebrate, enjoy a tour and meet the Trustees, Associate Trustees and Executive Director with delicious refreshments provided by Jen Siegal.

I expect there will be some great pictures to see soon, like those already at http://www.uaileadership.com where the event has been in planning for years. Acoustics in the Chapel for the splendid concert on Saturday night were outstanding, truly a rare experience of glorious music celebrating God and all children of God.

Each person there takes home a new perspective on how to learn and listen to God, and God in each other, as we work on behalf of the future shown us through the URANTIA revelation's enhancement and clarification of God & our place in the Universe of Universes. -



See Scott Brooks' minute long facebook video of attendees here:

Scott's comment:

...These faces are still shining in my heart after the UAI Symposium on leadership in Chicago last week.

Add yours!


James Woodward, Christilyn Larson and Paula Thompson hosted a two hour recap of the Leadership Symposium. There were several heart warming reports and reflections. Listen to the broadcast, recorded the week after, on the Cosmic Citizen "blogtalk radio", at this link:


Promo from the Cosmic Citizen's website:

This week's show will be especially interesting to Urantia Book students. The Urantia Association International (UAI) held a Leadership Symposium on July 13-17, 2011 at Techny Towers in Chicago. Multiple attendees will join the show to provide a recap of what happened at that event.

This symposium was an effort to bring leaders together to learn essential and important aspects of the mission and purpose of the Urantia Book. It was an event designed to bring leaders together, not only to address organizational governance, but also to help and support Urantia study group hosts, who are certainly dedicated leaders.

The symposium required that attendees share in the experience of learning about leadership. The concept being that every leader, no matter how big or small their contribution, is essential to the success of any mission. The hope was that these leaders would help each other become more effective by sharing their experiences.

In The Urantia Book, we are told that teamwork is one of the most important lessons we learn in this life. Leaders are not loners; they are people that bring people together to accomplish a goal through personal relationships.


And there was another radio show that had symposium participants offering insights and reflections. It featured James Woodward and co-host Ann Garner. Take this link to the "Symmetry of Soul" radio show, archived on July 19:



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