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national sovereignty

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Posted 09 July 2011 - 03:05 PM

134:6.7 War is not manís great and terrible disease; war is a symptom, a result. The real disease is the virus of national sovereignty.

we need to lessen our nationalism.

134:6.8 Urantia nations have not possessed real sovereignty; they never have had a sovereignty which could protect them from the ravages and devastations of world wars. In the creation of the global government of mankind, the nations are not giving up sovereignty so much as they are actually creating a real, bona fide, and lasting world sovereignty which will henceforth be fully able to protect them from all war. Local affairs will be handled by local governments; national affairs, by national governments; international affairs will be administered by global government.

for now we have a weak u.n., but someday it will be strong.

134:6.10 The individual will enjoy far more liberty under world government. Today, the citizens of the great powers are taxed, regulated, and controlled almost oppressively, and much of this present interference with individual liberties will vanish when the national governments are willing to trustee their sovereignty as regards international affairs into the hands of global government.

vanish is strong and fast word here. taxes when people are not guaranteed a job, in fact have to just hope that someone will let them work are necessary so i'm not sure what this oppressive statement above is about.

134:6.11 Under global government the national groups will be afforded a real opportunity to realize and enjoy the personal liberties of genuine democracy. The fallacy of self-determination will be ended. With global regulation of money and trade will come the new era of world-wide peace. Soon may a global language evolve, and there will be at least some hope of sometime having a global religionóor religions with a global viewpoint.

i can see global regulation of money and trade improving the situation tremendously, a real cooperation among the countries would bring joblessness down to a very small amount i would guess. the global religion of everyone truly believing in the personal trinity and only trying to do the will of the universal father would bring a tremendous amount of goodness to this world.

134:6.12 Collective security will never afford peace until the collectivity includes all mankind.

including the third world nations in this is going to take some time.

134:6.13 The political sovereignty of representative mankind government will bring lasting peace on earth, and the spiritual brotherhood of man will forever insure good will among all men. And there is no other way whereby peace on earth and good will among men can be realized.

and someday representative government isn't even necessary. 52:7.5 Life during this era is pleasant and profitable. Degeneracy and the antisocial end products of the long evolutionary struggle have been virtually obliterated. The length of life approaches five hundred Urantia years, and the reproductive rate of racial increase is intelligently controlled. An entirely new order of society has arrived. There are still great differences among mortals, but the state of society more nearly approaches the ideals of social brotherhood and spiritual equality. representative government is vanishing, and the world is passing under the rule of individual self-control. The function of government is chiefly directed to collective tasks of social administration and economic co-ordination. The golden age is coming on apace; the temporal goal of the long and intense planetary evolutionary struggle is in sight. The reward of the ages is soon to be realized; the wisdom of the Gods is about to be manifested.


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Posted 22 July 2011 - 05:23 AM

There is some instrumental value for the existence of nation states and partial national sovereignty that they usually have.

As long as you don't have a better instrument for reaching the maximum good (intrinsic value) you know, then you'd better to keep what you have. Once you get a hold of the really better one, let the old and inferior go, but not earlier.

You may remind me of the United Nations. But is that really a better instrument?

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