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childlike versus childish

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Posted 01 July 2011 - 12:17 PM

Anyways, I wonder what those finaliters are up to on transition
world one. And, what's it like to come from the sublime presence of
the Father on Paradise, and to be stationed on a sphere with babies
and toddlers!

is it absolutely beautiful and gorgeous, humbling and exciting and pleasant and happy, etc., to get to be and work with the lowest order of will creatures? just like humans enjoy a newborn, so do the finaliters enjoy us. 149:6.11 And it was to emphasize the value of sincerity and perfect trust in the loving support and faithful guidance of the heavenly Father that I have so often referred to the little child as illustrative of the attitude of mind and the response of spirit which are so essential to the entrance of mortal man into the spirit realities of the kingdom of heaven.

i act as a little child all the time and i don't see others doing this, but it is essential to fusion. 196:0.12 The faith of Jesus attained the purity of a child’s trust. His faith was so absolute and undoubting that it responded to the charm of the contact of fellow beings and to the wonders of the universe. His sense of dependence on the divine was so complete and so confident that it yielded the joy and the assurance of absolute personal security. There was no hesitating pretense in his religious experience. In this giant intellect of the full-grown man the faith of the child reigned supreme in all matters relating to the religious consciousness. It is not strange that he once said, “Except you become as a little child, you shall not enter the kingdom.” Notwithstanding that Jesus’ faith was childlike, it was in no sense childish.

this is my goal. 167:6.1 That evening Jesus’ message regarding marriage and the blessedness of children spread all over Jericho, so that the next morning, long before Jesus and the apostles prepared to leave, even before breakfast time, scores of mothers came to where Jesus lodged, bringing their children in their arms and leading them by their hands, and desired that he bless the little ones. When the apostles went out to view this assemblage of mothers with their children, they endeavored to send them away, but these women refused to depart until the Master laid his hands on their children and blessed them. And when the apostles loudly rebuked these mothers, Jesus, hearing the tumult, came out and indignantly reproved them, saying: “Suffer little children to come to me; forbid them not, for of such is the kingdom of heaven. Verily, verily, I say to you, whosoever receives not the kingdom of God as a little child shall hardly enter therein to grow up to the full stature of spiritual manhood.”

that last line is controversial. maybe jesus was being a little facetious because he was relating to his apostles how they thought it was suffering for these mothers to bring their children to him. but this line has led to child abuse.

do finaliters have to fight the urge to go, "coochie, coochie, coo!" or
some Paradise version of! And, "Awww, look at those cute widdow guys,
aren't they adorable!?"

We really are just babies there if you stop and think about it with a looooooooog way to

hopefully there's no patronizing or putting down anyone among mature spirits. 196:2.9 The Master looked upon men as the sons of God and foresaw a magnificent and eternal future for those who chose survival. He was not a moral skeptic; he viewed man positively, not negatively. He saw most men as weak rather than wicked, more distraught than depraved. But no matter what their status, they were all God’s children and his brethren.

we know that all people are eventual perfected high son finaliters regardless of their timely low status at present. 25:1.1 In the spiritual world there is no such thing as menial work; all service is sacred and exhilarating; neither do the higher orders of beings look down upon the lower orders of existence.

no coochie, coochie, coo! or Awww, look at those cute widdow guys,
aren't they adorable!? for adults, maybe for actual, mortal babies.

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Posted 22 July 2011 - 06:24 PM

Jesus didn't mean that you should act like a child at all with that phrase he is saying that you should view the universe with a simplistic faith like outlook like a child does. When we were kids we can remember looking at our parent's with a simple faithfull trust where we didn't over analyze or over complicate our relationship with them. When we do this with god we can concieve of his holliness threw simple faith when we don't overanalyze holliness.

To act like a child is being childish, Jesus and the apostles were strong men who at a time did physical labour. These men were nothing but manly man, they didn't go around acting like a kid. Childlike viewpoint though is different, it is like when you reminece about how everything just seemed better when you were kid. When you remember walking to the local store to grab candy as a kid after school you can remember how amazing that feel's in retrospect.The ability of a kid to soak in his surrounding's by being simple is something we loose on this planet. Mostly because we go threw a education system that does not help grow and harness the 3 cosmic intuition's and the 7 adjutant's.

In reality everything is one in God. God stretches the heaven's out and wear's them as a garment. Many of these things a child could grasp just by his simple trust like faith.

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