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Announcement: Technical aids: ONLINE study: LIVE LINKS - How to open EXTRA windows

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Technical aids: ONLINE study: LIVE LINKS - How to open EXTRA windows
(I'm using Windows98-Mozilla Firefox. YOU are welcome to POST info as to how your system accomplishes the same thing, if different ~e)

QUESTION: HOW do we write our post, but at the same time look up what is already written in different sections here on the Urantia Book Forum?

ANSWER: before you even start writing, open an extra window of the Urantia Book Forum by RIGHT (or opposite) clicking (with your mouse) the main heading:

Urantia Book Forum, conversations with other readers <<(This is a LIVE LINK)
You should get the option: "open LINK in a new window" ..RIGHT CLICK, voila!

QUESTION: HOW do we have The URANTIA Book available for reference and copy/paste while writing our post?

ANSWER: Open a (third) window by RIGHT (or opposite) clicking the LIVE LINK already available under the heading:

Questions about the Urantia Papers

Questions about the Urantia teachings and general discussion.
THE URANTIA BOOK - Table of Contents <<(This is a LIVE LINK)

or put http://www.urantia.org/papers/toc.html <<(This is a LIVE LINK)
which is" The Titles of the Papers" in your Bookmarks for referral at any time, leaving it's own window open as you search and write in other windows.

NOTE: my mouse has a left clicker which is used for the arrow (cursor) and the right clicker which reveals options and tools. It also has a wheel in between that can be clicked to scroll slow or fast to read a long page without holding down the mouse.
The right and left clickers are adjustable in your own computer's programming which means that some people may have switched them to operate just the opposite.