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#29867 Holy Week on Urantia

Posted by Mary Holley on 27 March 2013 - 02:11 AM

Growing up from jump street I only saw God and Jesus as my friend and God as a loving Father in Heaven....and later when i was instructed on the Atonement Doctrine and how Jesus was sacrificed to appease an angry God...that I got angry and mentally that is when I left the church...Oh to my delight and confirmation when I read the words of the Urantia Book...such joy, such peace.

#27232 Merry Christmas Everyone!

Posted by Bradly aka/fanofVan on 24 December 2012 - 09:48 AM

While we may celebrate this most thrilling of all planetary moments in another season, the world celebrates our Lord and Creator Son's final bestowal this time of year and all who love Jesus are joined together in this celebration of His birth among us. I too am embarrased by the commercialism and fantasy to take advantage of this special time....however, many, even perhaps most, of the believers in Christ on Urantia do remember the reason for the season and are drawn to hope and love and family and community and join in common prayer for our fellows who feast on despair and presents instead. Let us be joyful and triumphant and kind and forgiving one to another as we reflect on Him and our future by His example and grace. Peace to all.

(1351.5) 122:8.1 All that night Mary was restless so that neither of them slept much. By the break of day the pangs of childbirth were well in evidence, and at noon, August 21, 7 B.C., with the help and kind ministrations of women fellow travelers, Mary was delivered of a male child. Jesus of Nazareth was born into the world, was wrapped in the clothes which Mary had brought along for such a possible contingency, and laid in a near-by manger.

The Incarnation — Making Two One

(1331.1) 120:4.1 And so certain unworthy children of Michael, who had accused their Creator-father of selfishly seeking rulership and indulged the insinuation that the Creator Son was arbitrarily and autocratically upheld in power by virtue of the unreasoning loyalty of a deluded universe of subservient creatures, were to be silenced forever and left confounded and disillusioned by the life of self-forgetful service which the Son of God now entered upon as the Son of Man — all the while subject to “the will of the Paradise Father.”

(1331.2) 120:4.2 But make no mistake; Christ Michael, while truly a dual-origin being, was not a double personality. He was not God in association with man but, rather, God incarnate in man. And he was always just that combined being. The only progressive factor in such a nonunderstandable relationship was the progressive self-conscious realization and recognition (by the human mind) of this fact of being God and man.

(1331.3) 120:4.3 Christ Michael did not progressively become God. God did not, at some vital moment in the earth life of Jesus, become man. Jesus was God and man — always and even forevermore. And this God and this man were, and now are, one, even as the Paradise Trinity of three beings is in reality one Deity.

(1331.4) 120:4.4 Never lose sight of the fact that the supreme spiritual purpose of the Michael bestowal was to enhance the revelation of God.

(1331.5) 120:4.5 Urantia mortals have varying concepts of the miraculous, but to us who live as citizens of the local universe there are few miracles, and of these by far the most intriguing are the incarnational bestowals of the Paradise Sons. The appearance in and on your world, by apparently natural processes, of a divine Son, we regard as a miracle — the operation of universal laws beyond our understanding. Jesus of Nazareth was a miraculous person.

(1331.6) 120:4.6 In and through all this extraordinary experience, God the Father chose to manifest himself as he always does — in the usual way — in the normal, natural, and dependable way of divine acting.

(1622.23) 144:5.24

Our perfect and righteous heavenly Father,

This day guide and direct our journey.

Sanctify our steps and co-ordinate our thoughts.

Ever lead us in the ways of eternal progress.

Fill us with wisdom to the fullness of power

And vitalize us with your infinite energy.

Inspire us with the divine consciousness of

The presence and guidance of the seraphic hosts.

Guide us ever upward in the pathway of light;

Justify us fully in the day of the great judgment.

Make us like yourself in eternal glory

And receive us into your endless service on high.

#24203 The religion of Jesus or the religion about Jesus?

Posted by Nigel Nunn on 22 September 2012 - 02:19 AM

Hi Howard509,

Does anyone see this tension between the Jesus section's simple emphasis on the Fatherhood of God and brotherhood of man and the rest of the Urantia Book's highly complex and elaborate belief system?

Before the revelators could reveal their revelation about what and why we are, they had to sketch out a frame in which thought adjusters and personality make sense. For me, the UB is simply a description of the way things are, as seen from some other higher frame. There's no need to let the view confuse or distract us from the important things. Remember, "the Universal Father, as a Father... "

As far as the Universal Father is concerned--as a Father--the universes are virtually nonexistent; he deals with personalities; he is the Father of personalities." (164.1) 15:0.1

For me, this is the fifth epochal revelation: the revelation about our relationship with the spiritual realities conspiring to see us launched safely from this finite/womb, able to engage Dad's reality a non-trivial way. Part 4 simply adds some beautiful motivation: we too can live abundantly.

So no, I see no tension.


#29437 The Concept of God

Posted by Bradly aka/fanofVan on 12 March 2013 - 06:57 PM

Absonite...if I may suggest, I doubt there is much disagreement between your view and Alina's, except vernacular. Alina is daring in her caring in her contributions here as a second language and it helps to focus on her relevant and descriptive quotes she always provides to help us contextualize her thoughts and words. Next, it would amaze you, perhaps, if you would try reconstructing or rearanging verbs, nouns, adjectives, etc. and see how meanings can be inflected or misconstrued. I think her chosen text speaks certainly enough and does not deny everyones' ability to conceive the Father...albeit inadequately, incompletely, falsely, etc. but not as He is. Just my take on this. I can assure you Alina has an ever growing concept of Father and shares it here freely.


#29231 Growth and Progress?

Posted by Alina on 02 March 2013 - 01:43 PM

One of the main, or most important of the causes of growth without progress, is the distortion under which mortals live:

(1118.1) 102:0.1 TO THE unbelieving materialist, man is simply an evolutionary accident. His hopes of survival are strung on a figment of mortal imagination; his fears, loves, longings, and beliefs are but the reaction of the incidental juxtaposition of certain lifeless atoms of matter. No display of energy nor expression of trust can carry him beyond the grave. The devotional labors and inspirational genius of the best of men are doomed to be extinguished by death, the long and lonely night of eternaloblivion and soul extinction. Nameless despair is man’s only reward for living and toiling under the temporal sun of mortal existence. Each day of life slowly and surely tightens the grasp of a pitiless doom which a hostile and relentless universe of matter has decreed shall be the crowning insult to everything in human desire which is beautiful, noble, lofty, and good.

(1118.2) 102:0.2 But such is not man’s end and eternal destiny; such a vision is but the cry of despair uttered by some wandering soul who has become lost in spiritual darkness, and who bravely struggles on in the face of the mechanistic sophistries of a material philosophy, blinded by the confusion and distortion of a complex learning. And all this doom of darkness and all this destiny of despair are forever dispelled by one brave stretch of faith on the part of the most humble and unlearned of God’s children on earth.

(1118.3) 102:0.3 This saving faith has its birth in the human heart when the moral consciousness of man realizes that human values may be translated in mortal experience from the material to the spiritual, from the human to the divine, from time to eternity.

#29227 Growth and Progress?

Posted by Alina on 02 March 2013 - 09:09 AM

Hello All! :)

Growth and progress.

According to UB growth does not always indicate progress. But what is the difference?
I believe that growth can be uneven, can be disproportionate, in which case there would be no real
progress. no?
So, What should we do to make our growth becomes real progress? both in the intellectual, material, social, scientific, mental, spiritual?
What are the factors that influence and what should we do to encourage both individual and collective progress?
For me, here is the core of all viscitudes seriously affecting life on Urantia.
Ideally. growth with progress.

How do you see?

Some quotes as guide:

Growth of the part and the whole

(1268.6) 116:1.1 The experience of every evolving creature personality is a phase of the experience of the Almighty Supreme. The intelligent subjugation of every physical segment of the superuniverses is a part of the growing control of the Almighty Supreme. The creative synthesis of power and personality is a part of the creative urge of the Supreme Mind and is the very essence of the evolutionary growth of unity in the Supreme Being.

(1275.6) 116:6.6 And as it is with the parts, so it is with the whole; the spirit person of Supremacy requires the evolutionary power of the Almighty to achieve completion of Deity and to attain destiny of Trinity association. The effort is made by the personalities of time and space, but the culmination and consummation of this effort is the act of the Almighty Supreme. And while the growth of the whole is thus a totalizing of the collective growth of the parts, it equally follows that the evolution of the parts is a segmented reflection of the purposive growth of the whole.

(54.5) 4:1.2 Can you not advance in your concept of God’s dealing with man to that level where you recognize that the watchword of the universe is progress? Through long ages the human race has struggled to reach its present position. Throughout all these millenniums Providence has been working out the plan of progressive evolution. The two thoughts are not opposed in practice, only in man’s mistaken concepts. Divine providence is never arrayed in opposition to true human progress, either temporal or spiritual. Providence is always consistent with the unchanging and perfect nature of the supreme Lawmaker.

Cultural progress

(578.2) 50:6.2 The development of civilization on Urantia has not differed so greatly from that of other worlds which have sustained the misfortune of spiritual isolation. But when compared with the loyal worlds of the universe, your planet seems most confused and greatly retarded in all phases of intellectual progress and spiritual attainment.

(578.3) 50:6.3 Because of your planetary misfortunes, Urantians are prevented from understanding very much about the culture of normal worlds. But you should not envisage the evolutionary worlds, even the most ideal, as spheres whereon life is a flowery bed of ease. The initial life of the mortal races is always attended by struggle. Effort and decision are an essential part of the acquirement of survival values.

(578.4) 50:6.4 Culture presupposes quality of mind; culture cannot be enhanced unless mind is elevated. Superior intellect will seek a noble culture and find some way to attain such a goal. Inferior minds will spurn the highest culture even when presented to them ready-made. Much depends, also, upon the successive missions of the divine Sons and upon the extent to which enlightenment is received by the ages of their respective dispensations.

Scientific progress

(1457.3) 132:1.4 The materialistic scientist and the extreme idealist are destined always to be at loggerheads. This is not true of those scientists and idealists who are in possession of a common standard of high moral values and spiritual test levels. In every age scientists and religionists must recognize that they are on trial before the bar of human need. They must eschew all warfare between themselves while they strive valiantly to justify their continued survival by enhanced devotion to the service of human progress. If the so-called science or religion of any age is false, then must it either purify its activities or pass away before the emergence of a material science or spiritual religion of a truer and more worthy order.

Religious Growth

(1094.3) 100:1.1 While religion produces growth of meanings and enhancement of values, evil always results when purely personal evaluations are elevated to the levels of absolutes. A child evaluates experience in accordance with the content of pleasure; maturity is proportional to the substitution of higher meanings for personal pleasure, even loyalties to the highest concepts of diversified life situations and cosmic relations.

(1094.4) 100:1.2 Some persons are too busy to grow and are therefore in grave danger of spiritual fixation. Provision must be made for growth of meanings at differing ages, in
successive cultures, and in the passing stages of advance.

(1087.6) 99:2.3 Religionists must function in society, in industry, and in politics as individuals, not as groups, parties, or institutions. A religious group which presumes to function as such, apart from religious activities, immediately becomes a political party, an economic organization, or a social institution. Religious collectivism must confine its efforts to the furtherance of religious causes.

Thanks in advance! :)


#26153 Why the Urantia Book?

Posted by JR Sherrod on 29 November 2012 - 08:27 PM

People need to know what it is first before becoming attracted to it. There should be Urantia Books in every major bookstore and study groups wherever there are study groups for other books like A Course in Miracles. I see no reason why a Unity Church, for example, shouldn't have a Urantia Book study group.

I agree with Rick Warren on this point; attraction works better BECAUSE... Attraction is a multi-sensory response to the display of actions, attitudes, faiths, and demeanor. I believe that the value of the Urantia Book is in the permanent changes in my behavior, in my attitudes, my faiths, and my aspirations. I have been a teacher of adults for many years, and I know what I'm saying.

When I am stopped by folks whom I have known for long times, and asked; "Why are you so happy, confident, cheerful, positive, certain, steady, unafraid, (or whatever)..." it is the golden opportunity to share what has been the source of such outward displays. I am asked, by other teachers in my church, (among others); "...how do you know...?" or "...where can I learn..." or some similar questions. I am ready with an answer up to the capacity of the questioner, and I freely share. I have not been accused of preaching false doctrine or of apostasy, nor have I upset my brother or sister seeker of truth or spirituality. I try to give suck to babes; feed milk to the tender & weak; and only offer meat to those prepared to eat!

I discovered the Urantia Book in a retail bookstore; and I have placed TUB in libraries. I always seek out the book in whatever library I am in, just to note its condition (is it like-new, or is it well used, for instance). I have cultivated a few folks who are beginning to study with me, and it is a grand thing to see their eyes light up when they suddenly "get it" concerning some one or another topic.

These experiences have happened because of a personal attraction to someone (me, in this case) who is living life confidently and joyfully because of what has been learned by reading TUB and putting it into practice. I am nowhere as "deep" or "well-versed" in this book as many others; but that simply does not matter! We who seek God are progressing, and progression is changing us, and constant change, even in the face of adversity, is life! I am confident I have ALREADY survived, so I live joyfully in the kingdom, and my growing spirituality is "fragrant" to others - which is attracting to them; and I point them ultimately to God.

Jesus changed the whole course of human history on this little sphere, and is changing humanity on ten million spheres - and he left not one written word! The Gospel of Jesus of Nazareth was most effectively spread word-of-mouth, and shared by living it. So too, are the Urantia Book's teachings going to be spread by those who live them and have joy & confidence in the face of doom, despair, and calamity.

As I said, this is my thinking, and why I have confidence, joy, and direction in my life.

#24210 The religion of Jesus or the religion about Jesus?

Posted by Bonita on 22 September 2012 - 06:00 AM

Howard, like you, I love the Jesus papers. Without Jesus my life would be nothing. But I think you're making the typical error of thinking, one that TUB warns us about:

19:1.5 For example: The human mind would ordinarily crave to approach the cosmic philosophy portrayed in these revelations by proceeding from the simple and the finite to the complex and the infinite, from human origins to divine destinies. But that path does not lead to spiritual wisdom. Such a procedure is the easiest path to a certain form of genetic knowledge, but at best it can only reveal man's origin; it reveals little or nothing about his divine destiny.

Spiritual wisdom requires that you begin to get a glimpse of the fact that you are a universe citizen and start to understand the organization of your universe home. TUB was given to us as a prelude to being welcomed into the greater universe with every expectation of the lifting of quarantines which will bring us even greater freedoms and responsibilities. We must understand our universe from the top down. But if you're not ready for that, if you prefer to keep to the fourth revelation, there is absolutely no harm at all in thinking that way. TUB is for the more adventurous of mind and for those who want to know more about Jesus' origin and our divine destiny with him. TUB shows us the bigger picture, the goal, the next step . . . for those with enough courage to take it.

19:1.6-12 The true perspective of any reality problem—human or divine, terrestrial or cosmic—can be had only by the full and unprejudiced study and correlation of three phases of universe reality: origin, history, and destiny. The proper understanding of these three experiential realities affords the basis for a wise estimate of the current status.

When the human mind undertakes to follow the philosophic technique of starting from the lower to approach the higher, whether in biology or theology, it is always in danger of committing four errors of reasoning:
1. It may utterly fail to perceive the final and completed evolutionary goal of either personal attainment or cosmic destiny.
2. It may commit the supreme philosophical blunder by oversimplifying cosmic evolutionary (experiential) reality, thus leading to the distortion of facts, to the perversion of truth, and to the misconception of destinies.
3. The study of causation is the perusal of history. But the knowledge of how a being becomes does not necessarily provide an intelligent understanding of the present status and true character of such a being.
4. History alone fails adequately to reveal future development—destiny. Finite origins are helpful, but only divine causes reveal final effects. Eternal ends are not shown in time beginnings. The present can be truly interpreted only in the light of the correlated past and future.

Therefore, because of these and for still other reasons, do we employ the technique of approaching man and his planetary problems by embarkation on the time-space journey from the infinite, eternal, and divine Paradise Source and Center of all personality reality and all cosmic existence.

#29236 Growth and Progress?

Posted by Bradly aka/fanofVan on 02 March 2013 - 07:47 PM

Loving this. While researching more specifics on this, I wanted to suggest that there is a primary factor within all the elements listed for growth to further progress the whole. And that is motivation of individual AND social behaviour, far too much behaviour based on simple fear and anxiety. Humans are motivated exponentially more by fear than by hope of gain (and neither is a high motivation) and this is perpetuated by most of the elements listed - government, commerce, industry (think military industrial complex and pharmaceuticals for example), religion, and our "culture" is created by a media driven frenzy to fit in, be bizarre, be cool, etc. and glamorizes false gods and priorities. Fear in the individual is a great burden and slows or can even prevent progress in the spirit but it is apparent that our institutions promote and profit from fear. Such fearmongering is fundamentally preventing our growth, regardless of progress in other ways and areas.

One of the biggest casualties of fear, and another contributor to retardation is lack of cooperation and trust between the various elements. Science and religion remain embroiled in this polarized view of even basic physics and the creation. Consider a six oar row boat or a six horse tandem team and consider further the potentials of each element working as a coordinated, cooperative, and trusting team - and the multitude of "progress" comedies and horrors without such. Fraternity is taught to be a critical ingredient in this recipe of elements and fraternity cannot come in a world seeped in fear and driven daily by its ruthless whip. To me this is the crux of the matter or fulcrum point upon which rests great leverage and potential. Imagine what our world might be like in even two generations of less and less fear and more and more fraternity, eh?

Thanks Alina....been thinking on this and talking to my wife about. Had to let you know I am enjoying. B)


Posted by Bradly aka/fanofVan on 24 July 2012 - 08:53 AM

Glory Road

Oh how long I have wandered...

Thrashing through the brush and weeds,

Looking for the way from here to there to anywhere

Not Here.

Taking any trail found....

No matter where it might lead,

Every little copse and spring discovered


Looking for what I do not have....

But need and long for with whole heart,

Moving forward...I hope


Suddenly I trip and fall...

Over a giant blue book not there a moment ago,

I land face first stunned

On the Glory Road!

What's this I cry out?

Where did this super highway come from,

Look at all the traffic,

Believers all laughing arm in arm

Skipping up the widening thoroughfare

Toward towering peaks

Floating above the clouds.

Peace and tranquility replace confusion and despair!

God's call and direction

So obvious now.

What of the others still lost I inquire?

Worry not says a Voice

For every little trail in the wilderness

Brings all my children to


Peace. :rolleyes:


Posted by Carolyn on 26 March 2013 - 01:35 PM

Dear Alina, Bradly, Pike, Meredith, Rick, Bonita, and Rev Dr Red,

Missed the memo from yesterday posts. I shall begin here with Alina's last post to tell her how much I love her quote UB p.162.5. Well positioned in the continuing thread. Thank you for your intelligent commentary.

Bradly: What a well thought out post you have made to all with love. Thank you.

Pike: I have been reading here since 2007. I have been reading almost every day. I read in silence for years now. I discovered one day while posting that I knew nothing about TUB worth expressing to long time readers. I began to read, read, read. Recently I felt a bit more capable as I complete my 10th read. Still not up to speed with Bonita, Alina, Bradly, Meredith, Rick, or you. Peace!

Meredith: We KNOW each other so no need to respond.

Bonita and (mr) Red: I had no idea you were trying to communicate with me. That is the memo I missed. In answer to you both:

A conversation face to face is my best way to communicate. I can "talk water up hill." Just ask anyone of my friends and family. Often I talk so fast and switch topics faster that family, even my dear husband, lose the thread. Typing was difficult on the old non electric typewriter because I would leave out words all the time. My brain runs faster than my typing. But my last excuse to you is writing is not my strong suit. Getting complex ideas from the brain to the paper by way of typing results often in being misunderstood.

Cults? "UAI forever" (never joined UAI until the $20 went when I joined the new Urantia Forum) I do not even know what they do. I do know what the Foundation does. I do know that. After that bit of knowledge, I claim idiocy. I know nothing.

However I was born 6th generation into a cult calling itself a church. For 20 years of my adult life I lived to the wire its teachings because it is also my culture. It is mine and my husbands (also 6th generation). My husband had spent his entire life in this church. I was just baptized at 8 years old but raised to make my own choices. In 1996 we left this church and that was not an easy thing to do. We were persecuted beyond belief. My husband was tried by a kangaroo court, judged, found guilty of nothing, and punished by even some of his family members. The fact that this cult calls this "an act of love" is terrible. But he had already found TUB, 10 years before, and there, he found the truth. Me, too!

I would imagine that I have not written this very well, but please try to follow my thoughts as they are sincere in their intent. No one believes more in the individual choices "to find the kingdom of heaven within" than I.

Peace be with you,